[USA/Canada] LEGO Shop Now Accepting Backorders on Several Previously Out of Stock Hard to Find Sets

Several of the LEGO Online Exclusives/Hard to Find sets are now accepting backorders after being out of stock for some time during the COVID Coronavirus Pandemic. Available at LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada). Most of them would ship within 60 days. Free shipping on orders above $35.

LEGO Exclusives Sets Accepting Backorders

  • 10270 Creator Expert Modular Building Bookshop
  • 10264 Creator Expert Modular Building Corner Garage
  • 10255 Creator Expert Modular Building Assembly Square
  • 75244 Star Wars UCS Tantive IV
  • 75192 Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon
  • 75159 Star Wars UCS Death Star
  • More LEGO Exclusives On LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada)

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