LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues (Available Fall 2009)

LEGO Indiana Jones 2 Video Game is set to be released this Fall 2009 and is currently being developed by Traveller’s Tales and will be published by LucasArts.

Based on the following 4 Indiana Jones Movies:

-Raiders of the Lost Ark                         -Temple of Doom

-Kingdom of the Crystal Skull                -Last Crusade 

LEGO Indiana Jones 2:The Adventure Continues (

This time, added features includes creating your own levels, share them with your friends or adding them to existing ones in the game ! Theres also all new animations and much more !


Learn more about it here.

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[EURO] Upcoming NEW LEGO Board Games to be released !

LEGO Board games will soon be available to EUROPE in the following countries: Germany, uK, Austria, Switzerland and Ireland. These games will be available to other parts of the world in 2010 but EUROPE fans will be able to get these sets coming this August 2009 !  LEGO will release 6 all new board games which builders build the board and dice adding a level of fun where one can play a new version of the game each time.

LEGO Board Game Rameses Pyramid (

Rameses Pyramid: (1 of the 6 board games)

In this board game, builders build the pyramid, which comes with Egyptian sphinxes and treasure buried inside. The objective of the game is to collect the crystals and climb the mini lego figures up the pyramid to win the “King Mummy” prize.

LEGO Board Games Micro Minifigures (

And here are the 18 LEGO “micro” minifigures that is to be released in the 6 board games.