More LEGO Star Wars August 2010 Sets

Before you know it, we’ll received another list of rumoured LEGO Star Wars sets due for release in August 2010. While we are still not sure if these are real or just a rumour, they seem to be pretty good sets.

LEGO Star Wars 2010 August sets:

-8093 Plo Koon’s Jedi Starfighter

-8089 Wampa Attack

-8095 General Grievous’ Starfighter

-8096 Palpatine’s Shuttle

-8097 Slave I

-8098 Clone Turbo Tank

Toy Story – LEGO 2010 sets revealed

The official Disney convention in Anaheim, California has revealed the upcoming LEGO Toy Story January 2010 sets. Looks like there won’t be a lot of pieces for these LEGO sets, but they are pretty cool. Check out these sets !

LEGO Toy Story January 2010 sets (

[CAN] ToysRUs LEGO Duplo & City Sale

Valid September 11 – 24 in Canada only.ToysRUs Canada Logo

ToysRUs has 3 LEGO sets marked down as advertised on their flier. While most of them aren’t really “sales”, its still better than getting them at regular prices.


7636 Combine Harvester $49.97 (reg.$59.99)


5605 Tanker Truck $34.97 (reg.$39.99) OR $17.98 at LEGO Shop

5634 Feeding Zoo $59.97 (reg.$64.99)

They also have the unadvertised V-19 torrent $5 off.

Star Wars

-V-19 Torrent $64.99 (reg.$69.99)

[USA/CAN] LEGO 6299 Pirates Advent Calendar – not available

Its now official. LEGO has confirmed that 6299 Pirates Advent Calendar will not be available for sale in the USA or Canada. Last year, we were lucky to get the Castle 7979 Advent Calendar due to a wrong distribution to the USA. A petition for the LEGO 6299 Pirates Advent Calendar seems to be the only chance for USA or Canada fans to get this set.

Thanks to legodad for the news

LEGO 6299 Pirates Advent Calendar (

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