LEGO Blacktron 2 Aerial Intruder 6981 - from 1991!!

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LEGO Blacktron 2 Aerial Intruder 6981 - from 1991!!

Post by NicksBrickBuilds » Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:45 am

I know the big news on the street is the new Millennium Falcon. But as you can tell from the title, this isn't a review of that. I'm planning on getting it (at some point). But here's an awesome set from 1991 - the Aerial Intruder, 26 years old!

This was super awesome to build and to take a look at again. An impressive build considering, super durable and sturdy. Lots of "play" features without being "gimmicky" and tons of things to use with your imagination.

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