[CAN] Superstore LEGO Deals plus No Tax!

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Toys N Bricks
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[CAN] Superstore LEGO Deals plus No Tax!

Post by Toys N Bricks » Fri Apr 08, 2011 4:52 pm

The Real Canadian Superstore has some unadvertised LEGO deals again. Below is a list of some of the markdowned items. From April 8-9, purchases made on those 2 days will be tax-free as Superstore will pay it for you (5-15% depending on your province).
  • 23% off - Atlantis Sea Bed Strider $10 (reg.$12.99)
  • 20% off - Atlantis Angler Attack $20 (reg.$24.99)
  • 23% off - City Fire Off-Road Rescue $10 (reg.$12.99)
  • 23% off - City Police Helicopter $10 (reg.$12.99)
  • 20% off - City Prisoner Transport $20 (reg.$24.99)
  • 17% off - City Police Dog Unit $15 (reg.$17.99)
  • 20% off - Creator Transport Truck $20 (reg.$24.99)
  • 19% off - Kingdoms Outpost Attack $22 (reg.$26.99)
  • 20% off - NinjaGo Ice Dragon Attack $20 (reg.$24.99)
  • 20% off - NinjaGo Skull Motorbike $16 (reg.$19.99)
  • 20% off - NinjaGo Ambush $8 (reg.$9.99)
  • 23% off - Pharoah's Quest Golden Staff Guardians $10 (reg.$12.99)
  • 20% off - Pharoah's Quest Flying Mummy Attack $19.99 (reg.$24.99)
  • 20% off - Star Wars Imperial V-Wing Starfighter $20 (reg.$24.99)
  • 20% off - Star Wars Mandolarian Battle Pack $12 (reg.$14.99)
  • 20% off - Star Wars Clone Troopers Battle Pack $12 (reg.$14.99)

Article Link: http://toysnbricks.com/home/can-superst ... lus-no-tax" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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Royal Guardian
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Re: [CAN] Superstore LEGO Deals plus No Tax!

Post by Toronadian » Fri Apr 08, 2011 8:36 pm

Just for clarification, the police helicopter is the OLDER, smaller, version; not the newer big one that looks like the big fire helicopter. It's the only one I've seen at RCSS whenever I go there.

For the prisoner transport, I'm not sure if it's the newer or older model.

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Re: [CAN] Superstore LEGO Deals plus No Tax!

Post by Ice » Fri Apr 08, 2011 8:48 pm

Yes the police helicopter is the small one. The big one is an exclusive and only available at ToysRUs. The prisoner transport is the new one. The old one got retired a long time ago.

There were a bunch of Duplo Brick Buckets, Tiny Turbos, and Mini Creator sets like 5762 Plane on sale but those probably don't interest anyone so I didn't post about them.

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Re: [CAN] Superstore LEGO Deals plus No Tax!

Post by clock4me » Sun Apr 10, 2011 8:46 pm

I got myself the ice dragon and v-wing. No tax made it even better. Thanks for the post!

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