[CAN] Walmart Unadvertised Clearance (YMMV)

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[CAN] Walmart Unadvertised Clearance (YMMV)

Post by Toronadian » Thu Feb 10, 2011 1:22 pm

I've been noticing that Walmarts are having some sort of clearance on just various older Lego sets. The pricing varies a little in between each Walmart though. Some sets have been at that price for a while (or from way before) and may have been out of stock but now suddenly they're back selling at that previous clearance price. I can't remember much but yeah here's what I remember:
Markville Mall location:
  • City Advent Calendar for $25 (ONLY ONE LEFT after I picked up one)
  • Some random Ben 10 sets for $10
  • Build-A-Zurg for $20 or $25 (is cheaper at Scarborough Town location if you can find one there)
  • Midi-Scale Imperial Star Destroyer for $30 (only one set but...if you can don't get it from this location...you'll see why)
  • Fire Helicopter for $30 (LOTS of them)
  • Gator Swamp for $50 (2 sets)
  • Quest Against Time for $50 (2 sets)
Scarborough Town Centre location
  • Midi-Scale Imperial Star Destroyer for $15 (this is why I said get it from here, everywhere else that has it on clearance still has it for $30; probably 6 left I think)
  • Lotso's Dump Truck for $10
  • Build-A-Zurg for $15 (cheaper than at Markville Mall but only I think 2 left?)
  • Gator Swamp for $50 (probably 5 of them)
Scarborough Supercentre location (Markham Rd/Steeles Avenue)
  • Tie Defender for $50
  • Creator Apple Tree House for $50 (probably 5 I'd say?)
  • Midi-Scale Imperial Star Destroyer for $30
  • Some Hero Factory rollbacks for $15 (regular is like $18 if I remember correctly)
  • Armored Assault Tank (AAT) (don't know of the price though)
  • Venice Canal Chase for $30 (ONLY ONE SET)
  • One of the cheaper Prince of Persia sets for $10
  • I think a couple sets of Quest Against Time again for $50
  • City Fire Station (the 2010 version) for $80 (ONLY ONE SET)
Eglinton/Warden location (to my surprise, very poor clearance selection)
  • Some smaller Hero Factory sets (can't remember price)
  • Gateway of the Squid (don't know price but likely on clearance since it was in that section; only one set left)

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