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Please remember that Store Pricing topics should be placed in the "Retailer Discussions" Forum. If you find new LEGO products (and not on sale), please post in the "LEGO Availability" Forum.
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LEGO Sales & Deals Forum Guidelines

Post by Toys N Bricks » Mon Jan 31, 2011 5:17 pm

Special thanks to forum member sweener for the ideas and bringing it to our attention. Please read and follow the guidelines listed below when creating a new topic. Don't forget to update your profiles with your location as well!

*The deals in this forum are either national or available online to everyone living in the United States.

Your title should include
  • Region (If only for a specific region), store, item, and price
  • Ex: ToysRUs 20% off ALL LEGO City & Pharaoh's Quest
  • Ex: [North West] Fred Meyers 50% off Select LEGO Toy Story
Your topic should include
  • Store Name
  • Sale Date (If applicable)
  • Website and/or Location (City and State or Province)
  • Set Name(s) and/or Set Number(s)
  • Sale Price(s) and/or Discount
  • Quantities Remaining (if applicable)
  • Special Notes (Location if not in normal toy section, additional coupons, etc.)
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