[REVIEW] 8206 Cars 2 Tokyo Pit Stop

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[REVIEW] 8206 Cars 2 Tokyo Pit Stop

Post by atmail35 » Sat Jun 11, 2011 4:05 pm


Set Name: Cars 2 Tokyo Pit Stop
Set Number: 8206
Theme: Cars 2
Year: 2011
Ages: 5-12
MSRP: $14.99 USD
Pieces: 147
Price per Piece: $0.1019
Minifigures: 0
Vehicles: 2

Description on Lego.com:
Prepare your pit crew for the World Grand Prix!

Time is running out to prepare for the world’s biggest race - the World Grand Prix in Tokyo! Help Luigi and Guido to tune-up their skills with lots of practice. Make sure that on race day, they will leave the other pit crews in the dust!
•Includes Luigi and Guido
•Features Japanese-style pit
•Measures over 5” (12cm) long and 4” (10cm) tall
•Cars all measures over 2” (5cm) long and 1” (2cm) tall
Box Front: It is very colorful and shows the set nicely. The Cars 2 Logo is prominently on the front as well as a more subtle Disney logo.


Box Back: My only complaint with the box is that it has the "push here to ruin the box" tab. :( I like to save the boxes and I think this sort of ruins the box. I suppose this should encourage me to recycle the box!


Bags: There are two numbered bags. Plus two smaller bags in each numbered bag. There is a sticker sheet. Bag #2 was stuck to the end of the box, as you can see there is part of the box stuck to the bag. Bag #1 contains the parts for Guido and Luigi and Bag #2 has the parts for the "scenery".

Interesting Parts: The parts for Guido and Luigi are printed. Luigi's headphones are frying pans :lol:

Instruction Booklet: The booklet fit pretty snug in the box and it wasn't damaged. It wasn't shrink-wrapped, but it was in perfect condition.

The instructions are basic and it does not have a "pick list", but it is fairly simple and doesn't really require it.

The build:The build was fairly simple. My 6 year-old only had trouble with the posts that held the flag and the little lamp on the "arch". I did apply the stickers. My main complaint is that the checked flags have stickers and only enough for one on side each. I found in our parts bin two printed checkered flags, so they exist, and I'm not sure why they didn't include them as printed parts. :?

Spare Parts: There are several 1x1 round plates included as spares, a few cheese wedges. Since I opted to use our printed flags, we have two extra white flags. This pic shows one white and one printed flag. Sorry for the glare, the cheese wedges are dark grey, the light blue, and black.


The Set: Time for a peeetstop! I think this set is really fun. Guido and Luigi are two of my favorite Cars characters.

Here is Guido, Luigi, and Mater (not included) cheering on Lightning McQueen (not included)!Image

My daughter said we should make our own sign for the extra white flags. I printed a "ready, set, go!" sign per her request (her choice of words). I would have used a clear label, but I could only find white.

It has 2 fun characters from Cars/Cars2.
A good number of printed pieces for the vehicles.
Overall it seems to be a decent value for the amount of play it could provide.

Too many stickers (8) to apply.
Two of the stickers could have been avoided if they used existing printed pieces.
The "scenery" pieces feel like sets from a movie...a bit one dimensional.
I think ths scale might be slightly off. Luigi is almost the same size as McQueen and Guido is a bit large.

Final Thoughts: I think this is a nice set for the money. The two cars are great. The "props" are ok. The gas filling "station" is cute. The stop/fuel sign comes off and can be put on either car for play. The checkered flag stand is very basic, and kind of lame. The arch has nice details, but would have been better without stickers.

I give it and 8 out of 10, mostly because I was disappointed in the amount of stickers and the fact that they could have provided printed checkered flags rather than stickers for that particular piece. My daughter still will have lots of fun with it (if I dont' steal Guido first ;) ).

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Re: [REVIEW] 8206 Cars 2 Tokyo Pit Stop

Post by lukeskywalker » Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:56 pm

Great review. I also do not like the way that TLG has switched to using stickers.

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