LEGO NinjaGo Brickmaster Book - Available July 2011

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LEGO NinjaGo Brickmaster Book - Available July 2011

Post by mrfootball » Thu Apr 07, 2011 11:40 pm

The new DK LEGO NinjaGo Brickmaster Book is coming this July 2011 (release date is July 18 for Amazon)!  You can build 15 models from the 150 bricks provided. There's also 2 minifigures included. Thanks to forum member mrfootball for the news.

Note: The new LEGO City Brickmaster Book is also available for pre-order for the same price.

Pre-Order Now: $19.79  | £14.24

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Article Link: ... july-2011/
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Re: Ninjago Brickmaster Book

Post by natelite » Fri Apr 08, 2011 4:30 am

Way too many red ninja packs. Pass.

I think for semi action slash historical theme like ninjago, they should drop the bad non human vs good human theme. When you have competition like the ninjago spinners between kids, stick to somewhat historically accurate stuff, like maybe samurais vs ninjas. Make it somewhat neutral - like all healthy competition. Too much of good vs evil will cause the kids to question why he lose. Not good. Whereas neutral competition teaches kids that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. The important thing is you try harder next time.

As for (semi) historically accurate theme, it'll actually help kids to learn history through playtime. May spur enough interest in kids to dig up history books to learn about feudal japan and maybe japanese culture. Right now, there's very little educational value to ninjago.

Also, parents maybe more inclined to buy theme sets for kids if there's educational value in there. You could probably sell books on ninjago. Like an encyclopedia or something. Aka did you know ... Char A was inspired by an actual shogun in feudal japan for eg.

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Re: Ninjago Brickmaster Book

Post by legitimatealex » Fri Apr 08, 2011 8:42 am

I don't think that NinjaGo is supposed to be even closely related to anything historically accurate. I think they threw that out the window when they made a cartoon about it. NinjaGo is also completely unrealistic in pretty much every single way. I mean that skeleton is driving some sort of 4 wheeler. A skeleton is driving that 4 wheeler. They really gave their shot for the historical Samurai/Ninja thing back in '98 when it was a castle theme.

As for some sets that a little historically accurate, I am all for that. I really wish LEGO would delve into some historical themes about actual events and actual people. I'd love to see a historical ancient Greece, Egypt, Roman, Celtic, Germanic theme. Find me here on the internet.

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Re: Ninjago Brickmaster Book

Post by legogod » Fri Apr 08, 2011 10:49 am

I got excited seeing the Atlantis sets awhile back. What drew my attention on the box of Angler Attack was the tiny sunken column. These types of bricks are perfect for making ancient columns of awe inspiring buildings. Now that they're being molded perhaps we'll see some historical architecture in the future. Wouldn't it be cool to have the architecture series head down history lane? And there would be alternate building instructions: 1. What it looked like brand new after being built. 2. What it looks like today.

It would be cool if Lego ran a promotion with these and for a LIMITED TIME each of the history Architecture sets had a big red label on the box:
NOW with more rubble pieces!

Oh well. Never hurts to dream.

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Re: Ninjago Brickmaster Book

Post by Luciant » Sun Apr 10, 2011 8:30 pm

Saw the Ninjago BM book on Pre-order when I originally looked at Pre-Ordering the PoC set (which I didn't... i will find those at more than 10% off.... i don't know where or how... but I will... B&N Roulette discount methinks).

Also want to mention that there is also a City Brickmaster Book set to be released in June as well I believe (now that, I did pre-order for the Wifey).
legogod wrote:And there would be alternate building instructions: 1. What it looked like brand new after being built. 2. What it looks like today.

"The Colosus of Rhodes"

Here is what it looks like then: (pretty CGI picture)
Here is what it looks like today: (Picture of flat land, no discernable building structure).

lol... ok ok, I admit, I have a sick, twisted sense of humor. :twisted:
I have mixed feelings about new releases: I can't wait to see and get the new sets... but I can't figure out where I'm gonna put them or store them.

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