66308 LEGO Star Wars 10th Anniversary Super Pack

This super LEGO set contains 3 sets and includes a total of 9 minifigures with 414 pieces !

– 7667 Imperial Dropship (3 Stormtroopers, 1 Shadow Stormtrooper)

   $9.99 USD / $12.99 CAD

– 7668 Rebel Scout Speeder (4 Rebel Troopers)

   $9.99 USD / $12.99 CAD

– 8017 Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter (Darth Vader with Lightsaber)

   $29.99 USD / $39.99 CAD

This has a $50 USD / $ 66 CAD value if you purchased these sets separately.

We are not sure of how much this entire 3 in 1 super pack set would cost as this is a special promotion.

LEGO fans claims they have found this set in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden toy stores. Not available in USA or Canada.

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ToysRUs Austria/Germany Star Wars Exclusive Chrome Vader Offer

EDIT: There are 10 000 darth vader’s randomly inserted into LEGO Star Wars Sets in USA and a lot bigger amount in the world such as Europe, Germany and Austria. (thanks to russell for pointing this out)

The chrome vader is currently being given out by ToysRUs in germany and austria when you spend a minimum purchase of $25 Euro.  You can also purchase them from ToysRUs for only $5 Euro. There have also been rumours that UK ToysRUs will soon receive this offer as well.

It seems like the chrome vader may not be that special after all considering they are now for sale instead of randomly getting one in a set.

Limited Edition Chrome Vader 10th Anniversary

[CAN] ToysRUs LEGO Sale Buy 2 and Save Event !

Starts Friday May 1st to May7. Pictures only show some of the items on sale.

Enjoy FREE Shipping on all orders over $49.99

This includes all new space police for pre-order as well !

ALL* $27.99 LEGO Items

Buy 2 for only $40 !

ALL*39.99 LEGO Items

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*excludes LEGO video games

Plus ! Choose from the following LEGO sets for only $99.97 !  Reg.$119.99

-Star Wars AT-TE Walker                  -Agents Mobile Command Center

-City Construction Site                      -City Police Headquarters

LEGO Shop May 3rd/4th Star Wars Exclusive Offer

May the Force Be With You!

LEGO Shop reveals part or maybe their entire exclusive offer on may3/4th for their “Star Wars 10th  anniversary exclusive offer” Its most likely going to be a LEGO Star Wars Minifigure Poster featuring all the star wars minifigures with a minimum purchase or purchase any star wars sets.

Their featured item for the anniversary offer is currently the darth vader’s tie fighter.

Learn more about it here : http://shop.lego.com/Promotion/?StarWars2009


[USA] amazon.com 25-43% off LEGO Star wars, indiana jones and MORE Sale Plus FREE Shipping

Amazon.com currently has a spring sale going on certain LEGO sets. Enjoy FREE Shipping as well. (USA only) Also, amazon does not charge taxes for most USA states.

Star Wars:

7673 Magnaguard Starfighter Reg. $44.99 Sale: $33.74 (25% off)

10186 UCS General Grievous Reg. $89.99 Sale: $51.02 (43% off)

10144 Sandcrawler Reg. $139.99 Sale: $104.99 (25% off)

Shown: 7673 Magna Guard Starfighter

Indiana Jones:

7626 Jungle Cutter Reg. $39.99 Sale: $29.99 (25% off)

Shown: 7626 Jungle Cutter


Bionicle Jetrax T6 Reg. $49.99 Sale: $37.49 (25% off)

Exclusive Eiffel Tower 1:300 Reg. $199.99 Sale: $149.99 (25% off)

Shown: Bionicle Jetrax T6