New Forum Member Registrations No Longer Accepted

Toys N Bricks is no longer accepting any more new forum member registrations. There’s a huge backlog of registrations and until we can figure out our next steps, we are not taking any more new forum members. As such, you may have noticed that activity in the forums have significantly declined.

Only existing forum members that have registered before July 31, 2017 have exclusive privilege access to the forums. All other new forum member registrations registered after this date will not be accepted. We appreciate your interest in our forums and regret any inconvenience this may have caused. Thank you for your understanding.

Due to the number of messages we’ve been getting regarding the forums, we’ve developed an FAQ below. If you still have more questions, please feel free to get in touch. (:

Forum FAQs

  • Why is my account not being activated?
  • We appreciate your interest in the Toys N Bricks LEGO Forums. However, we are no longer taking any more new forum member registrations. Only those that have registered before July 31, 2017 have exclusive privilege access to the Toys N Bricks LEGO Forums.
  • Why are you not taking any more registrations?
  • We always like to welcome new forum members from all different backgrounds to join us. Currently however, we do not have the resource or time to maintain the forums like in the past so we cannot accept any more new forum members. Please understand that we are slowly coming back online after being away for a long period of time. We are currently working on many other things which includes developing a new site.
  • I have an account that was registered before July 31, 2017 but I forgot my login info. Could you help me locate my username and reset my password?
  • Please visit this page to reset your password. If you forgot your username or need further assistance with your password, please provide us with as much information as possible (i.e potential username or emails that you have registered with us) and send us an email. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to retrieve your account, but we will try our best.
  • I don’t have an account but I want to view the forum comments. Is there any way that I could view them?
  • Unfortunately, only those that have registered before July 31, 2017 have exclusive privilege access to the Toys N Bricks LEGO Forums. However, rest assure that Toys N Bricks will always publish the hottest news so you won’t miss out on anything.
  • What will happen to the existing Toys N Bricks LEGO Forums?
  • The Toys N Bricks LEGO Forums have been here since our beginnings. We understand the importance of it so it is not going anywhere. Articles will continue to be published in the forums. Existing forum members can continue to use the forums like before.

Happy April Fools

We hope you had a Happy Easter filled with lots of fun building. Yesterday was April 1st meaning it was April’s Fools day as well.

We did consider closing the website in the past and it almost became a reality. But don’t worry, we’ve made the decision that Toys N Bricks is not going anywhere. We’re working on the new website whenever we have time so please stay tune. As always, thank you all for your continued support in us. (:

Toysnbricks Shutting Down – Thank You for 9 Years (2009-2018)

It is with sadness that we announce that will be shutting down. Many alternatives have been thought over and to determine whether to continue the site partially with articles every now and then, redevelop it or shut it down. It takes a tremendous amount of work and personal time to run this site. Its not an easy task. We have set very high expectations for ourselves where our commitment is to run a high quality site with high quality content. It is very depressing to look at how outdated and worn out the site is. Its like an urban decay.

When the site was first started in 2009, we were very excited with everything that was related to LEGO. We looked for every single LEGO news item to share with the community and was never tired with looking for the various LEGO news, creations and sales. However, as the years went by, we just didn’t have the passion, momentum and drive to continue running it. Messages and questions were not being responded to and development has stopped. Many parts of the site is broken and falling apart. We were planning to start winding down operations in 2016 and eventually shut it down in 2017. As such, you may have noticed that the site was no longer maintained or kept to a standard like in the earlier years. Yet, we still kept the site without much maintenance.

After a long and careful consideration, we have made a painfully difficult decision to just shut everything down. We’re heartbroken that it has to end this way.  The website will be taken offline in the next few weeks but our Facebook and Twitter pages will be up for a little bit longer.

Thank you to everyone that has supported us over these past nine years including our loyal readers and forum members. You are all great and wonderful people and we’re confident that you will all do great things and contribute well to society. Work hard, stay true to your core ethical values, stay away from bad influences and protect yourself from troublemakers. Each of you can make an impact to positively change the world and make it a better place for the next generation. See you all another time! (:

Dark Side Evil Forces Inbound

Quick! Crewmates, we need your help. Build a mini LEGO Star Wars Spaceship/Fighter so that we can use it to defend against the dark side.

Finish and submit your build to this forum topic no later than April 3, 2018. You have 2 weeks. Use no more than 100 LEGO pieces. Standard contest rules apply. The winner will receive three retired LEGO Star Wars polybag sets:

-8031 V-19 Torrent
-30247 ARC-170 Starfighter
-30240 Z-95 Headhunter

May the force be with you all. ;)

Storyline: Captain in Coma (Part 2) | S.O.S (Part 1)