VIP Monthly Mini Model LEGO Store Builds Ending

LEGO Monthly Mini Model Store builds have been going for quite a few years and they have been quite popular. Best of all , they were free. However, they became VIP exclusives not too long ago. You also have to begin registering a month in advance before you can participate in the builds.

Unfortunately, March 5-6, 2019 will be the last free monthly mini model store build. Registration starts February 15, 2019. The entire LEGO Store Monthly Mini Model Build program is ending and there will be no more new models after this date.

2019 January LEGO Fighter Jet Monthly Mini Model Store Build Instructions

January’s LEGO Monthly Mini Model Build instructions are now here! If you missed the LEGO Fighter Jet Model build earlier, you can use bricks from your own collection to recreate the model. If you are missing pieces, you can also purchase them through the Pick a Brick Wall at the LEGO Store.

January 2019 Monthly Mini Model LEGO Store Build Fighter Jet Instructions