[USA] 2019 New LEGO Star Wars Battle Packs On Sale

In addition to the LEGO Movie 2 sets and Star Wars A New Hope Death Star Escape on sale, Amazon America also has a couple of other new LEGO Star Wars sets discounted too. As always, free shipping on orders above $25.

LEGO February 2019 Store Calendar

The February 2019 LEGO Brand Retail Store Calendar features primarily the LEGO Movie 2. There are days where you can swap your LEGO Minifigures or Movie 2 Trading Cards at your local LEGO Store.

Between January 16 and February 24, you can receive a pack of LEGO Movie 2 Trading Cards with a purchase of $15. You can get 3 packs with a purchase of $40. VIP members also get free Awesome Collector Album and a special foil trading card with a purchase of $15.

Note that the monthly freebie promotions are no longer listed on the LEGO Calendars.

[USA] New LEGO Movie 2 Sets & Star Wars A New Hope Death Star Escape On Sale

The new LEGO Movie 2 sets are just recently released and they are already on sale at about 20% off! They’ve been on sale for a couple days already.

They also have the new LEGO Star Wars A New Hope Death Star Escape on sale for $24.86 (reg.$29.99) as well.