LEGO Ideas Projects – SpaceX BFR / Starship & Addams Family Mansion Reaches 10 000 Supporters

Two LEGO Ideas creations have recently reached 10 000 supporters. The first creation is SpaceX BFR / Starship & Super Heavy 1:110 Scale by Albinolan. The second creation is Addams Family Mansion Modular by afol777. Congrats to both and we wish you the best in the LEGO Reviews stage. Once creations reach the LEGO Reviews stage, it has the possibility of becoming the next official LEGO Ideas set!

SpaceX BFR / Starship & Super Heavy 1:110 Scale by Albinolan

Starship and Super Heavy Rocket signify the dawn of a new age in space transportation. Together they will fulfil all Earth orbit needs, as well as taking us around the Moon and to Mars.

Designed to be fully reusable, this two-stage vehicle comprises the Starship and Super Heavy Rocket booster. Formerly known as the Big Falcon Rocket or BFR, it is expected to take its first test flight this year, with first launch in 2020.

This collaborative project was created by “Saturn V Lego set” co-designer Valerie Roche(Whatsuptoday) and her “SpaceX – The Ultimate Collection” Co-Designer Matthew Nolan, along with fellow Lego fan designer Mark Nolan.

This 1:110 scale rocket includes a total of 2020 ordinary Lego bricks

  • Diameter: 10 studs, 8cm or 3.14 inches
  • Height: 132.5 studs, 106cm or 41.73 inches
  • Wingspan: 20.5 studs, 16.4cm or 6.45 inches

Addams Family Mansion Modular by afol777

After my original 2016 LEGO Addams Family Mansion received such great IDEAS fan support (10,000 votes!), I have created a Modular version keeping under the 3,000 part IDEAS limit. Although some reduction in detail was inevitable as the original had over 7,000 parts, the Mansion remains in its full glory. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed building it!

From the 1964-66 TV sitcom “The Addams Family”, this is the Mansion and family! The original project was an “end of series” anniversary tribute to the last new episode aired on April 8, 1966 – 50 years earlier!

The Addams Family was a group of fictional characters created by American cartoonist Charles Addams that includes Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Grandmama, Cousin It, Lurch and Thing. They lived in this Mansion at 001 Cemetery Lane.

LEGO 21317 Ideas Steamboat Willie Official Press Release

The LEGO Disney Mickey Mouse Ideas set has been officially announced! It is known as LEGO 21317 Ideas Steamboat Willie. The set contains 751 pieces and will be exclusively available at LEGO Shop at Home and LEGO Brand Stores beginning April 1, 2019. Price will be $89.99 USD / $119.99 CAD / £79.99 GBP / EURO 89.99 (euro pricing may differ depending on country). A youtube video is also available at the very end of this post.

Official LEGO Product Description – LEGO 21317

Disney Mickey Mouse fans will love this LEGO® Ideas 21317 Steamboat Willie building toy marking the 90th anniversary of the most famous cartoon character ever. Mickey Mouse made his screen debut in a 1928 black-and-white animated short film called ‘Steamboat Willie’, which was also the first Disney film to have synchronized sound. This LEGO brick version of the S.S. Willie features steam pipes that move up and down and paddle wheels that rotate when the boat is pushed along. The boat’s bridge has room for a minifigure and play-inspiring nautical details such as the ship’s wheel, life buoy and buildable bell. On deck there is a working crane to lift the ‘potato bin’ cargo aboard and this unique toy building set comes with new-for-April-2019 Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse minifigures, each with special silver-colored decoration, plus a parrot figure. An ideal LEGO set for kids and adults to recreate scenes from the original Mickey Mouse cartoon or simply build and display this striking monochrome model.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is LEGO-Ideas-21317-Steamboat-Willie-1024x855.jpg
  • Build and display this collectible LEGO® set or recreate your favorite scenes from the classic Disney Mickey Mouse cartoon, ‘Steamboat Willie’.
  • This unique toy building set includes 2 new-for-April-2019 minifigures: Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, each with silver-colored decoration, plus Mickey Mouse’s parrot figure.
  • The iconic Steamboat Willie boat features a black-and-white color scheme, hidden wheels, moving steam pipes, rotating paddle wheels, adjustable crane and assorted elements including the ‘S.S. Willie’ boat name sign, ‘1928’ year sign and a ‘potato bin’.
  • The boat’s bridge has space for a minifigure, a brick-built bell and assorted elements including the ship’s wheel and life buoy.
  • The 2 steam pipes move up and down and the 2 paddle wheels rotate when the boat is pushed along.
  • Accessory elements include Minnie Mouse’s guitar and music sheet.
  • This LEGO® Ideas creative toy building set comes with a booklet with building instructions, fun facts about the historic 1928 animated Disney short film ‘Steamboat Willie’, and information about this awesome retro set’s fan creator and LEGO designers.
  • Steamboat Willie toy boat measures over 5” (15cm) high, 10” (26cm) long and 5” (14cm) wide.

*Additional images can be found at LEGO Shop at Home (US | Canada | UK). Just search the product number LEGO 21317 and you will see the listing.

Box Signing Events

There will also be various signing events around the world where fans can meet fan designer Máté Szabó and get their sets signed!

30th March, 2019 – Shanghai, China
Time: 10 AM – 2 PM
Location: The LEGO Store at Disneytown Shanghai (Store locator)

31st March, 2019 – Beijing, China
Time: 10 AM – 2 PM 
Location: The LEGO Store at Wangfujing Street

3rd April, 2019 – Orlando, Florida, USA
Time: 5 PM – 8 PM
Location: The LEGO Store at Disney Springs (Store locator)

6th April, 2019 – Paris, France
Time: 10 AM – 1PM
Location: The LEGO Store at Disneyland Paris (Store locator)

Kakapo LEGO Ideas Creation Reaches 10 000 Supporters

Kakapo, a parrot bird that resides in New Zealand reaches 10 000 supporters. This is a flightless bird and is currently endangered. Congrats to FlancrestEnterprises. More details about this creation can be found on LEGO Ideas.

The kākāpō (Strigops habroptila)is an iconic flightless, nocturnal parrot that is endemic to New Zealand. The kākāpō is critically endangered with a population of only 149 individuals.

I chose to design and build a kākāpō as I am passionate about New Zealand and its unique wildlife. Weighing in at whopping 251 grams, this build is made of 473 parts and measures 10cm x 22cm x 9cm (or 10cm x 22cm x 22cm with the wings fully extended).

  • Features posable wings and tail feathers
  • Free-standing
  • Great display piece, or fully swoopable if you’re into breaking rules
  • The eyes are printed tiles as found in the Brickheadz sets
  • The most partying parrot on the internet!

Pirate Bay and The Office NBC Achieves 10 000 Supporters on LEGO Ideas

The two latest LEGO Ideas projects to reach 10 000 supporters is Pirate Bay and The Office NBC. The Pirate Bay was created by Bricky_Brick and still has 755 days left. Its only been a month since it was listed! The Office NBC was created by theoffice_lego and still has 366 days left for the creation to gather supporters. Congrats to both creators on achieving this! You can learn more about Pirate Bay and The Office NBC on the official LEGO Ideas site.

Pirate Bay

It is time to return to the classics and what better than this super bastion built on shipwrecks, with traps like the pendular anchor that warns unexpected visitors and the dog and the monkey guardian. The food is delicious in our tavern, many pirates only stop to eat here. In this small pirate town we find a small farm with pigs and chickens, lobsters crabs and fish, also delight this area. A Modular set that includes 7 minifigures and 1 monkey, 1 scorpion, 3 crabs, 3 hens, two pigs, 3 parrots, a shark and a dog.

The Office NBC

This LEGO Ideas project is based on the hit-comedy TV show The Office, which aired from 2005-2013. As I watched the show over and over again, I began to wonder what it would be like to recreate the actual film set in LEGO form. Back in the fall of 2015, I decided to create a new LDD file and just experiment with the design of it. I originally had no intent on actually purchasing the pieces to build it, let alone submit it to LEGO Ideas. Well, over two years later here we are. Countless hours spent designing and tweaking every little detail, along with placing special orders that would take weeks to arrive. I’m excited to finally get to share this with you, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

2018 Second Review LEGO Ideas Results

The Second 2018 Review LEGO Ideas Results are now here! There are two winners out of ten possible entries that contains 10 000 supporters. These include Steamboat Willie and The Central Perk Coffee of Friends. Congrats to Máté Szabó and Aymeric Fievet! Both sets are expected to be released sometime in 2019.

The Third 2018 Review LEGO Ideas Results would be coming Summer 2019.

LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie by Máté Szabó

LEGO Ideas The Central Perk Coffee of Friends by Aymeric Fievet