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FBTB will be holding a raffle where you could win 8038 The Battle of Endor plus a bunch of chrome figures and other goodies. Each ticket costs a mere $2.00 USD. 50% of the first 100 donations will go towards the cost of the set and the other 50% goes towards the charity. After the first 100 donations, 100% of the donated amount will go towards the charity. For complete details, and to make your donation, CLICK HERE !

January 2010 – The end of LEGO Bionicle

Its now official. January 2010 will be the last wave of new LEGO Bionicle sets. Below is the official announcement.


In reviewing the business across all of its play patterns and properties, the LEGO Group faced a tough question: should we take on a new creative challenge in the world of buildable figures that we pioneered in 2001?

BIONICLE re-invented the way consumers think of and play with the LEGO system. Through many chapters of compelling story and innovative product development, BIONICLE became a very strong property and an important part of The LEGO Group’s business. We think there is a significant opportunity to grow the buildable figure category, but it will take a more flexible platform that appeals to a wider range of ages through a variety of different entry points than BIONICLE has proven to deliver.

The easy decision would be to stick with a known entity in BIONICLE; but as history has proven, The LEGO Group achieves its greatest success by embracing the uncertainty that innovation brings. After all, BIONICLE almost never launched because it was such a big risk to the company’s way of doing business.

Because you have been such an important part of building the BIONICLE franchise and have been among its most valued fans, we are writing to tell you that the six BIONICLE Stars launching in January will be the last BIONICLE sets for the foreseeable future. Beginning in summer 2010, The LEGO Group will debut a new, more flexible buildable figure property created by the same people who brought you BIONICLE. At the same time, we are also expanding the category to appeal to a younger audience through an established third-party property, starting in January.

Since its beginning, BIONICLE has reflected the union of great product and a compelling story. Although there presently are no plans for more sets, the BIONICLE story is not ending. will remain an active site, with new story content updated by long-time BIONICLE writer Greg Farshtey. In addition, LEGO Group hopes to work with you, the fans, to continue to grow and expand the BIONICLE story universe.

This was an extremely difficult decision for all involved. But as seen in the tales of the Toa, striving for success in any mission requires imagination, new ways of thinking, and the willingness to take risks. We hope you will share the same level of enthusiasm we have for our plans for the buildable figure category.

We invite you to remain a part of the BIONICLE universe—a universe you have helped to build, and that we are confident that you will continue to build—in the future. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the BIONICLE and LEGO brands.

LEGO Bionicle Vorox 8983 (

With our very best regards,
Jan Faltum, Global BIONICLE Director
Lincoln Armstrong, Senior Brand Manager, BIONICLE Team Member since 2002

[USA] $92 8039 Venator Crusier is now having the LEGO Star Wars 8039 Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser on sale for $92 (reg.$119.99). Order now ! Pricing for the Venator has constantly been changing on Amazon.  Also, the 10195 Republic Dropship is now $213.63 as well.

LEGO Star Wars : Clone Wars 8039 Venator-class Republic Attack Cruiser (

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[CAN] ToysRUs Selected 2010 sets now Available for order is now having selected 2010 LEGO sets available for sale online.  Included are Power Miners, Atlantis, Space Police, Technic, Creator, Bionicle, and Racers.

Power Miners

Magma Mech: $27.99

Fire Blaster: $12.99

Space Police 3

Raid VPR: $13.99

Smash n Grab: $27.99


Helicoptor  on sale now $19.99


Fire Station: $109.99

Fire Boat: $69.99

Atlantis Typhoon Turbo Sub: $34.99

Technic Helicopter: $22.37  (reg. $27.99)

LEGO Power Miners : 8188 Fire Blaster (

LEGO 10199 Winter Toy Shop – Now SOLD OUT !

Update – The 7687 City Advent Calendar is now sold out as well in USA and Canada as of November 23.

Within months of its initial release, the LEGO exclusive 10199 Winter Toy Shop is now sold out in the USA and Canada for Its currently on backorder in Europe until December 18.  Even with its limit of 5 per customer, this set is in high demand !

LEGO 10199 Christmas Winter Toy Shop (

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