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    I don’t know how this got past me, but it brings together two things I love: LEGO and the US National Parks. I actually found out about this project while in the gift shop at Mammoth Cave National Park in central Kentucky just a few days ago during my family’s annual road trip. They had a postcard-based ad for it at the checkout counter, so it’s really cool to see the USNPS getting behind the proposal!


    At the time of writing, the proposal has 5,708 supporters, so just a bit over half-way to fully achieving 10,000. If you haven’t already, please lend your support to this great idea so we can all bring a little piece of these incredible places home with us.

    Having been to about ten National Parks myself, I can imagine the daunting task of boiling down some of these incredible vistas into a small vignette, but so far the project creator, Gavin Gardner (AKA LegoRanger16) has done a great job with the three depicted above: Saguaro, Everglades, and Katmai as well as some additional vignettes revealed in the “Updates” section of the proposal, including the Independence National Historic Park (home to the Liberty Bell), Assateague Island National Seashore, Death Valley National Park, Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Clara Barton National Historic Site.

    What about you, have you been to a US National Park? Which one is your favorite, and how would you depict it in LEGO form?

    To support this proposal go to

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    Update: LEGO Ideas blog is reporting that the set will contain 479 pieces and will be available starting August 1. Price will be $59.99 US / EUR 59,99.

    After a seven-month wait since the announcement that The Big Bang Theory was selected for production via LEGO Ideas, the actual product is finally ready to be revealed!

    LEGO Ideas 21302, The Big Bang Theory

    Indulge your inner genius and build this LEGO® version of Leonard and Sheldon’s living room as seen in the hit American sitcom The Big Bang Theory! This set was created by two LEGO fan designers— Alatariel from Sweden and Glen Bricker from the USA—and selected by LEGO Ideas members. Featuring loads of authentic details to satisfy all The Big Bang Theory devotees and including minifigures of all seven main characters from the show, it’s ideal for display or role-play fun. Includes 7 minifigures with assorted accessory elements: Leonard, Sheldon, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy and Bernadette. $59.99

    The piece count is still not available, but I’d wager we’ll get that as well as a new video and more detailed pictures soon.

    LEGO Ideas 21302 Big Bang Theory Box Image Set

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    The LEGO Ideas Blog has posted the results of the second 2014 review period with a video and graphic. This time around only one project has made it to the product stage – Wall-E!

    Additionally, “Doctor Who and Companions”, a project held over for further review from the last period, has been given the green light for production.

    The rest of the ideas for this review period, including “Invisible Hand”, “X-Men: X-Mansion”, “LEGO Lightsabers: Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker”, “UCS AT-AT”, “Assault on Wayne Manor”, “Ghostbusters HQ” and “Hubble Space Telescope” were not selected or held over for further review.

    Tell us what you think of the results in the forum!

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    For a couple of weeks now, Nick Royer (A.K.A. HJ Media Studios) has been teasing a new Ideas project involving a ragtag group of spacefarers in a beat up old freighter. You can draw your own conclusions as to the influences (probably pretty quickly) but the end result is equal parts nostalgically familiar and incredibly unique.

    You may recognize the username and/or style of the proposal, but for those of you who need a reminder, Nick Royer is the creator of the incredibly popular “Space Troopers” (née “Space Marines”) project, easily one of the most supported non-IP-based proposals of its time.

    Read more in the forum or go support it on LEGO Ideas now!

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    Now that the release is imminent, The LEGO Group and the Community Engagement & Events team have seen fit to grant us at Toys N Bricks a sneak-preview copy to review for our community, so let’s all thank them for the opportunity and get on with the review!

    Continue reading in the forum!

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