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    [USA] Target LEGO Sale: March 25-31

    Now that most of the good stuff (and last week’s stackable sale) is gone at Toys R Us, here’s what Target will be offering for this week. Really not the greatest, but they do have the Ambulance and Ninjago Starter set for 25% off which is a great deal. These 2 sets are available instores only, but there are sets with 5-47% off available on-line. Thanks to forum member dho7622u and staff atmail35 for the news.

    • $15 for City Ambulance 4431 (msrp $19.99) 25% off – instore only
    • $15 for Ninjago Starter Set 9579 (msrp $19.99) 25% off – instore only
    • $18 for Creator Propelor Adventures 7292 (msrp $19.99) 10% off
    • $18 Duplo Creative Sorter
    • $12.99 Friends Stephanie’s Convertible (msrp $14.99) -13% off

    Other online deals – see forum for more

    • $21.50 Creator Cool Cruiser (msrp $39.99) 47% off
    • $19.99 Friends Butterfly Beauty Shop (msrp $24.99) 25% off

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    [USA] ToysRUs BOGO 50% off ALL* LEGO

    March 25 Update: Last week’s sale that was “stackable” with this week’s BOGO has now been fixed and no longer valid.

    9:42 pm Update: Most of the online exclusives are out of stock now.  They do however have 4 Marvel sets available for pre-order including Wolverine’s Chopper (thanks sidersdd).

    9:28 pm Update: Pet Shop is now out of stock.

    This week from March 25-31, Toys R Us United States will be offering BOGO 50% off ALL LEGO construction sets. However, it excludes Star Wars, Superheroes and Friends themes. Maximize your savings up to 25% off by purchasing sets of equal value. Keep in mind that many sets have markups in them.

    If your really quick right now, you can stack it with last week’s sale too! That gets rid of most of the markups (or even better if they’re at MSRP already). Great buy on stuff like LEGO online exclusives and many of them are instock right now.

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    Series 7 Minifigures 8831 Review

    Eurobricks whitefang has gotten hold of a box of LEGO Series 7 Minifigures 8831 early and has written a wonderful review on the minifigures. Good news as it appears there will be 3 sets in each box again. Head on over to Eurobricks to check out the LEGO review! Thanks to forum member UnknownUser for the news.

    LEGO Series 7 Box Distribution (60 minifigures in each box)

    • 3 Swimming Champions
    • 3 Aztec Warriors
    • 3 Bunny Suit Guys
    • 3 Brides
    • 3 Ocean Kings
    • 4 Bagpipers
    • 4 Daredevils
    • 5 Galaxy Patrols
    • 4 Tennis Aces
    • 5 Jungle Boys
    • 4 Hippies
    • 4 Computer Programmers
    • 4 Valkyries
    • 5 Evil Knights
    • 3 Rocker Girls
    • 3 Grandma Visitors
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    March 27 Update: Price has went back up to €109 now.

    March 26 Update: Amazon is now out of stock, but they are still accepting orders at the €89 price. (thanks SpaceViking)

    If you hold off and didn’t buy it yesterday, Amazon France has once again reduced their complete boxes of 60 LEGO Series 6 Minifigures. They are now available for €89 (down from €98,9 from yesterday). Thanks to forum member Edmond Dantes for the heads up.

    Very good deal even for those living outside of Europe! After factoring shipping, 16.4% tax discount, and currency conversions, each minifigure works out to be only ~$1.8 each in the US (reg.$2.99 US / $3.49 CA). Thats 40% off US retail or 49% off for Canada!

    Translation Support: If you have trouble understanding French, you can read our brief translation guide on how to checkout at Amazon France. You can also use Google Translate or the built in translator on your browser (i.e Google Chrome) to help you navigate through the Amazon France site.

    New Price for each Box

    • USA/Canada: €74,42 + €7,68 = €82,1
    • Outside of Europe: €74,42 + €23,63 = €98,05
    • Europe: Base price (~1-2%) and shipping may vary depending on your country
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    This week from March 23-29, the Real Canadian Superstore will be offering 20% off select LEGO city. This includes the LEGO City 4437 Police Pursuit set for $15.97 (reg.$19.99).

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