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    A LEGO Community with coverage of LEGO Sales, News, MOCs and Reviews. now has most of the LEGO Lord of the Rings instock and available for immediate dispatch (which is a couple weeks earlier than their original stated date). The 3 smallest sets won’t have any free shipping offer, but all other Lord of the Rings sets ships for free once your order hits $50 or more.

    It also appears that they will be carrying the exclusive limited edition 9476 The Orc Forge. Even more, they will be offering an exclusive Lord of the Rings poster when you buy this set. Offer ends June 2, 2012. Thanks to everyone who notified us with the news.

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    After months of promoting with other LEGO fan sites, marshal_banana’s Modular Western Town has reached 10,000 supporters on LEGO Cuusoo. Congratulations on this lovely creation! More details regarding this creation can be found here.

    Just a friendly reminder that the LEGO Store in Wauwatosa, WI will be having its grand opening this weekend! The T-shirt and minifigure set will be unique and exclusive to only this store. On the other hand, the store set will be available in other grand opening stores. However, it is in very high demand so we highly recommend that you head there at least an hour early before opening on Saturday (the earlier the better).

    *LEGO T-shirt will be available in small, medium, large and x-large (kids) sizes.

    LEGO Wisconsin Store Opening Gifts

    • Friday: Free LEGO Minifigure T-Shirt with a $35 purchase!
    • Saturday: Free Limited-Edition LEGO Store Set with a $35 purchase!
    • Sunday: Free Exclusive Minfigure Set with a $35 purchase!

    [Canada] ToysRUs LEGO Sale: May 11-17

    This week from May 11-17, Toys R Us Canada will be offering the following LEGO sales. Buy 3 or more LEGO sets and your order ships free. Thanks to forum member Noblebrick and Legobrandon for the news.

    • 20% off ALL LEGO City
    • 20% off ALL LEGO Creator
    • 20% off ALL LEGO Electronics

    Pretty good deal on the Red Cargo Train as that set is already below retail to begin worth (rare case at Toys R Us). Toys R Us price is $174.99 while LEGO charges $219.99. After 20% off from this week’s sale, it will end up to be $129.97. That works out to be 40% off!

    Mother’s Day Building Event (Instores only)

    On Saturday May 12 from 11 a.m to 2 p.m, you can head over to your local Toys R Us store to build a LEGO Picture Frame for Mom! Max 100 per store. For kids under 5, you can build a LEGO Duplo Heart. Max 50 per store.

    [MOC] First on the Moon

    Check out this cool LEGO creation from forum member bono1900! To submit your comments and to view additional pictures of this creation, please click here.

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