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    First Leaked Image of the 10198 Tantive Rebel Blcokade Runner

    Check out the new leaked image of the LEGO Star Wars 10198 Rebel Blockade Runner. This is the first image that gives us a general idea of what the set will be like.

    Leaked Image: LEGO Star Wars 10198 Rebel Blockade Runner (

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    Check out the latest edition of LEGO Club TV ! This time, its features an interview with designer Jens Kronvold Frederiksen on the ToysRUs Exclusive LEGO Star Wars 7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser. The interview talks about how the minifigures are made and the functions they choose to put into this set !

    LEGO Star Wars TRU Exclusive 7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser ( has selected LEGO City and 3 Star Wars sets on sale at 25% off. This is an unadvertised sale on their website so be sure to call your store prior to visiting. View all the items currently on sale right here.

    7673 MagnaGuard Starfighter $37.49 (reg.$49.99)

    7674 V-19 Torrent $44.99 (reg. $59.99)

    7680 Limited Edition The Twilight $74.99 (reg.$99.99)

    LEGO Star Wars 7680 The Twilight (

    * Also, most of the new LEGO Star Wars sets are now for sale at the USA ToysRUs Website.

    The new LEGO Star Wars 2009 Set Index is now available at Toys N Bricks ! With all new format and additional details for each set, we think this set index will be much better than previous versions. Also, we’ve update other set indexes including availability and the new indiana jones sets as well. So check it out today !

    LEGO Star Wars : Clone Wars Logo (

    [EURO] LEGO 7747 Wind Turbine Transport NOW Available !

    -all new LEGO City 7747 Wind Turbine now for sale in Europe

    [USA & CAN] New LEGO Summer Catalog now Available !

    -check out the online catalog (USA only) !

    [EURO] LEGO Star Wars “Dark Side Magnet Set & 10th Anniversary Stormtrooper Magnet NOW Available !

    -the highly sought after chrome stormtrooper magnet is now available for sale in Europe

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    Featured News : July 4 – 10                          

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    Its finally available ! The previously exclusive limited edition LEGO Star Wars Chrome Silver Stormtrooper at LEGOLand California USA is now available at LEGO Shop @ Home in uK and europe ! This set is retailed at $5.20 GBP. The latest magnet set is also available as well retailing at 8.79 GBP ! Most LEGO Stores now have these items in stock, but is currently being listed as a backordered item.

     LEGO Star Wars 852715 Magnet Set: Darth Vader, Snowtrooper and Shadow TrooperLEGO Star Wars 852737 10th Anniversary Stormtrooper Magnet (

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    Check out the LEGO website for the latest clone wars comic – lego style ! The number 14 comic is titled “A Clone Trooper always obeys orders” and is now available for fans to view it !