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    [USA] ToysRUs Free $5.99 LEGO Set Glitch

    This week from April 15-21, Toys R Us United States will be offering a free $6.99 value set when you spend $30 or more on LEGO construction sets. Really, its a $5.99 value set as Toys R Us just marked them up to $6.99. Whats more, they’ll be limiting the free set to only these 6 Racers/Creator mini sets.

    This is probably a very weak sale/promotion, but take note of the following glitch which I find very amusing. While it says you have to spend $30 or more on LEGO, it actually works even if its under $30. So yes, it works even on a $2.99 LEGO minifigure. You’ll end up paying $2.99 for $8.98 value of LEGO items which works out to be 67% off. However, there’s shipping charges (unless you spend $100) so it kills the deal.

    Anyways, its just funny that their IT department is still having problems with their sales/promotion systems. You would have thought that they would have pulled it together by now considering what happened last week with their $10 off glitch!

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    Forum member Firewolf informs us that is now carrying 3 new LEGO polybags. Price is $4.99 each. The superheroes polybag is now showing out of stock, but keep checking as it may be back instock later. If you happen to pass by a store, you may want to drop in too to see if they have them.

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    Forum member UnknownUser shares a LEGO Superheroes Review on the LEGO 6865 Captain America’s Avenging Cycle set. If you are a forum member, don’t forget to submit your ratings!

    LEGO Captain America’s Avenging Cycle (6865)

    Write a Review and share it with us in the LEGO Reviews Forum!

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    The hunt for LEGO minifigures starts again! Reports are coming in that Toys R Us and Fred Meyer stores are now carrying LEGO Series 7 Minifigures 8831. Official release date for the US market is in May 2012, but looks like Toys R Us and Fred Meyer are selling them early. You may want to head over to your local store to have a look! Fred Meyers is selling them for $2.99 while Toys R Us has them marked up to $3.49. Thanks to Donna and forum member Hotspur for the heads up.

    *For those that do not know, Fred Meyers is a supermarket retailer in Northwest Pacific with stores in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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    [MOC] Border Watchtower

    Check out this cool LEGO creation from forum member soccerkid6! To submit your comments and to view additional pictures of this creation, please click here.


    Got an awesome LEGO MOC? Share it with us in our LEGO Creations Forum!

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