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    Comic con is coming this July 22-26. Passes are now all sold out. But if you are lucky enough, there are these cool LEGO activities !

    5 foot tall Buzz Lightyear and life size Star Wars™ Captain Rex made completely of LEGO® bricks among the highlights at the LEGO Booth –

    Where? Showroom Floor
    LEGO Booth #2829 showcases large scale LEGO models, interactive building experiences, sneak peek looks at new products, exclusive sets for sale and much more.

    San Diego
    Convention Center
    111 W. Harbor Drive
    San Diego, CA 92101

    Displays:   First look at the LEGO minifigures from the upcoming Disney Toy Story and Prince of Persia  building set

    Plus these other visuals ! 1) 5’ 6” tall LEGO Buzz Light year 2) 10th Anniversary  3) LEGO Star Wars™ contests and backgrounds  4) Life size Star Wars™ Captain Rex 5) Never before seen LEGO
    products including the new LEGO Star Wars™ Tantive IV  starship 6) BIONICLE mural build 7) 
    LEGO Playtables and much more !!!


    July 22 Unveiling of these LEGO ! 
    1) LEGO Star Wars™ Tantive IV starship 2)
    5 foot 6 inch Buzz Lightyear Model 3) LEGO minifigures from Toy Story and Prince of Persia sets

    July 23 1:30-2:30 pm in Room 8

    Representatives from LucasFilm and art director for the LEGO Group will be discussing and unveiling the upcoming LEGO Star Wars: Visual Dictionary. They may also be showing exclusive minifigures and giving away free stuff !!!

    LEGO Star Wars San Diego Comic-Con 2009 BrickMaster Exclusive Set (

    And much more cool stuff at the Comic Con !

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    Go behind the scenes and see how a LEGO Indiana Jones Commercial is made ! In this video, you’ll see a whole new kind of adventure !

    LEGO Indiana Jones 7199 The Temple of Doom (

    [Site News] NEW LEGO Star Wars 2009 Set Index Now Available !

    -check out our newly updated set index !

    [USA] ToysRUs Unadvertised LEGO Star Wars & City Sets

    -selected LEGO city and star wars sets are now 25% off !

    First Leaked Image: LEGO Star Wars 10198 Rebel Blockade Runner

    -the first image of the upcoming Rebel Blockade Runner !

    LEGO Architecture & LEGO Board Games Site now available

    -all new LEGO website for these themes have launch !

    [USA & CAN] LEGO Shop at Home Phone Specials / Sales

    -see this week’s LEGO Phone Specials !

    Learn more about our weekly news here.

    Featured News : July 11 – 17                      

                                    Toys N Bricks (

    Starts Friday July 17 – July 30

    ToysRUs is having a Buy 1 get 1 for 60% off  for these 6 LEGO Racers Sets

    -Ferrari F1 Racers, Desert Challenge, Wing Jumper, Jump Riders, Ferrari Victory

    LEGO Racers 8126 Desert Challenge ( Racers 8168 Ferrari Victory (

    They are also having selected LEGO Bionicle Sets at 30% off !

    The LEGO Group has created a new survey to get feedback from LEGO fans across the world ! So help them out today by taking this survey !

    LEGO Shop now has weekly phone specials again !

    Starts July 15 – July 21. Here are the 6 items this week from LEGO Shop @ Home Phone Specials: All prices are in USD* (Canadians will still receive these sales but prices will be converted to CAD) Availability is at the time they receive your call. So call LEGO now !

    -852331 Vintage Minifigure Collection V.1 $9.98 (reg. $17.99)

    -Indiana Jones: 7623 Temple Escape $39.98 (reg. $59.99)

    -City: 4936 Doc & Patient $1.98 (reg. $3.49)

    -City: 7990 Cement Mixer $11.98 (reg. $16.99)

    City: 7241 Fire Car $1.98 (reg. $3.99)

    Duplo: Dino Trap $9.98 (reg. $24.99)

    LEGO Indiana Jones 7623 Temple Escape (

    USA & Canada

    Check out the new LEGO Architecture page at the LEGO website ! None of the sets are available for sale yet, but it does give us a better look at some of these sets. The architecture products consists of 3 catergories including landmark, architect and discovery series.

    LEGO Architecture Seeatle Space Needle Info ( Architecture John Hancock Center Info (

    Europe & uK

    Be sure to also check out the new LEGO Board Games site with more detailed information on the new theme. From parent’s guide, downloads and movies, you should be able to find all the information you need regarding the LEGO Board games there.

    LEGO Board Games Advertisment (

    During an interview in LEGO Club TV, you will see 2 mini hoth battle pack sets in the video.  But of course this is unconfirmed and nothing is set to stone. But chances are we probably will get new hoth battle pack sets in the future !

    New LEGO Star Wars Hoth Battle Packs ? (