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    Get your order in before March 27 at 11:59pm EST (8:59pm PST) so your order arrives before Easter! LEGO Brand Stores and LEGO Shop at Home (US | Canada | UK) is currently offering Double VIP points along with a free LEGO Easter bunny Hut when you spend $35/£35 or more. Valid until the end of the month. This is a great time to pick up LEGO exclusives such as 10256 Taj Mahal, 76105 The Hulkbuster: Ultron Edition, 21313 Ship in a Bottle and 10260 Downtown Diner.

    A selection of new LEGO Sales & Deals have also been added including 20% off LEGO Star Wars Encounter on Jakku, a variety of LEGO Super Heroes, BrickHeadz and more. You can check them out here: US | Canada  For those living in UK, there’s only two LEGO Friends Accessories on sale which you can see here: UK

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    A couple of LEGO Ideas Projects have recently reached 10 000 supporters. Once they reach 10 000 supporters, LEGO staff would then choose which one could be a possible match as a potential future LEGO Ideas set. Congrats to everyone that made it to this stage!

    LEGO Modular Arcade by Astronaut Avila
    LEGO Treehouse by KevinTreeHouse
    LEGO SR-71A The Final Flight by JustOneMoreBrick
    LEGO Stitch by Legohaulic
    LEGO Embraer A-29 Super Tucano (Smoke Squadron) by Alex Paschoaletto
    LEGO I am Amelia Earhart by Alatariel

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    Wal-Mart Canada stores currently has a selection of LEGO sets discounted. Available in-stores only. You may wish to check your local Wal-Mart store to see if they have any specials. As always, prices and selection can vary depending on location.

    -30% off – LEGO Star Wars 75102 Poe’s X-Wing Fighter $70 (reg.$99.99)
    -25% off – LEGO Ninjago 70608 Master Falls $30 (reg.$39.99)
    -25% off – LEGO Ninjago 70609 Manta Ray Bomber $30 (reg.$39.99)
    -20% off – LEGO Ninjago 70611 Water Strider $40 (reg.$49.99)
    -20% off – LEGO Ninjago 70607 City Chase $20 (reg.$24.99)

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    A variety of LEGO sets are currently discounted at Amazon USA including LEGO Star Wars 75155 Rebel U-Wing Fighter for $59.95 (reg.$79.99). Savings work out to be 25% off. Free shipping on orders above $35.

    30% off – LEGO Batman Movie 70913 Scarecrow Fearful Face-off $10.49 (reg.$14.99)
    25% off – LEGO Star Wars 75155 Rebel U-Wing Fighter $59.95 (reg.$79.99)
    20% off – LEGO City 60182 Great Vehicles Pickup & Caravan $23.99 (reg.$29.99)

    More LEGO Sales can be found on their Bestsellers LEGO List.

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    Target USA LEGO Easter Sale March 2018

    This week from March 25-31, Target America will be offering a LEGO Easter Sale. Select LEGO Star Wars, Friends, City, Ninjago and Duplo sets will be discounted by 20% off. In addition, if you have a Target Red Card or Credit Card, you can save an additional 5% off. Combined savings would then work out to be 24% off.

    They also have all LEGO Games for Xbox One and PS4 on sale for $19.99.

    Rebuilding One Brick at a Time – Toys N Bricks is America’s Greatest Destination for the Latest LEGO News.

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    Costco stores in America currently has a selection of LEGO sets discounted for Easter. The sets listed below are all on sale for $14.99 each (reg.$19.99). Savings work out to be 25% off. Available in-stores only. Thanks to forum member tremere for the news.

    -LEGO 41333 Friends Olivia’s Mission Vehicle
    -LEGO 31076 Creator 3 in 1 Daredevil Stunt Plane
    -LEGO 60180 City Monster Truck

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    Toys R Us stores in America are set to liquidate their inventory and close their stores. Forum member Jeffrey shares with us that his local Toys R Us has now put on a store closing banner on Friday, March 23. Starting discount on construction toys are 5% off.

    There are also reports that some stores are returning their LEGO toys to LEGO directly. However, we’re not sure what exactly is going with Toys R Us and their suppliers. A lot of their suppliers want payment for their toys and some are demanding that they return the toys directly back to them.

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    The LEGO Star Wars 75192 UCS Millennium Falcon was released last year and LEGO was offering a limited edition collectible LEGO Star Wars VIP Card. This LEGO Star Wars VIP Card allows you to have a year of special access to a variety of benefits. These benefits could include promotions, gifts, special events and more. The card was mailed out to those that purchased the set. Below is an image of the LEGO Star Wars VIP Card. Thanks to forum member legodt for sharing.

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