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    Starting today (and until May 3, 2018), you can get free LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Pod with LEGO Star Wars Purchases of $60 or more. Until April 15, you can also get a free exclusive LEGO Minifigure Factory set with purchases of $75 or more. Valid at LEGO Brand Retail Stores and LEGO Shop at Home (US | Canada).

    *Note that both offers are stackable until April 15.

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    (via Kids Help Phone)

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    Matteo writes in to share with us his LEGO Ideas Simpsons Springfield Architecture Skyline creation. You can support his creation on LEGO Ideas right here. What a pretty cute little skyline don’t you think! (:

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    Reinforcements Have Arrived

    Yay!!! They have heard our S.O.S distress signal and reinforcement ships have finally arrived to help us fight the dark side! :D

    Thank you to everyone that enter our mini LEGO Star Wars contest. We got some really great looking Rebel LEGO Star Wars ships entries including:

    -LEGO Star Wars Mini CH-10 Patrol Ship by forum member Francfurters
    -LEGO Star Wars Starhawks Ship by forum member Mantisking
    -LEGO Star Wars Mini Ship by forum member ben

    The votes are in and the winner is….. Drumroll….. LEGO Star Wars Mini Chibi Venator-Class Star Destroyer by forum member Talantus. Congrats! That is a really neat little Venator-Class Star Destroyer.

    The winner will receive three retired LEGO Star Wars polybag sets: 8031 V-19 Torrent, 30247 ARC-170 Starfighter, 30240 Z-95 Headhunter. We will be in touch with you shortly regarding how to claim your prize Talantus.

    Storyline: Dark Side Evil Forces Inbound (Part 3) | Captain in Coma (Part 2) | S.O.S (Part 1)

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    Walmart has listed a never before seen LEGO Jurassic World set known as 75933 T.Rex Transport. Below is the description for the set. (via Brickset)

    LEGO Jurassic 75933 T.Rex Transport

    Track the Tyrannosaurus Rex in this big-action play set scene inspired by Jurassic World and return it to the transporter, featuring a single-seater truck, detachable container with opening and lockable side panels, and a mobile laboratory unit. This T. rex toy includes 3 minifigures and 2 dinosaur figures. Includes 3 minifigures: Zia and 2 guards, plus 2 dinosaur figures. Features a single-seater truck and a detachable trailer with a containment unit that has opening and lockable side panels, landing gear, plus a mobile medical unit and monitoring system with 2 transfusion leads. T. rex features posable limbs, head and snapping jaws. Weapons include a gun stud shooter and a shock prod. Unlock the containers side panels and stage a T. rex escape! Remove the mobile laboratory unit from the transporter and attach the leads to the dinosaurs to perform an emergency blood transfusion! This T. rex toy is suitable for ages 7-12. Truck measures over 3 (8cm) high, 5 (14cm) long and 3 (8cm) wide. Trailer with containment unit measures over 6 (16cm) high, 6 (17cm) long and 3 (9cm) wide. Tyrannosaurus Rex stands over 6 (17cm) high.

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    LEGO Ideas Creation Clockwork Aquarium

    Mark writes in to let us know of his LEGO Ideas Clockwork Aquarium creation. “It is hand crank clockwork Aquarium. the fish swim in an oval as the crab jumps and starfish spins.” You can learn more about his creation as well as support it over on LEGO Ideas.

    LEGO Ideas Clockwork Aquarium by mjsmiley

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    At Toys N Bricks, we value our moderators who help us ensure the forums continue to be a family friendly place where everyone is treated with respect. Even as a leader, we make mistakes and sometimes don’t know what we’re doing as we’re humans as well (though, we do learn and improve so that they don’t happen again). Despite our shortcomings, they still stuck and stayed with us for so many years. Thank you for tolerating us and keeping the Toys N Bricks community to continue to be a safe, respectful and family friendly environment. (:

    With that said, we’re proud to set our 1st annual Toys N Bricks Forum Moderator Appreciation Day today (April 10).

    Toysnbricks Forum Moderators
    Our three moderators have been here since our beginnings. Thank you for staying us for so many years despite the circumstances and what we’ve been through over the years. We cannot appreciate you enough for all that you do. Thank you so much.

    -8 years Brickbuilder0937: Joined: Aug 18, 2009 – Last Visit: Apr 09, 2018
    -8 years vynsane: Joined Feb 09, 2010 – Last Visit: Sep 21, 2017
    -7 years atmail35: Joined Oct 18, 2010 – Last Visit: Jan 24, 2018

    This year’s special nomination for the Forum Moderator Appreciation Day would be Brickbuilder0937. Brickbuilder0937 consistently visits the forums on a daily basis and cleaned up a lot of the forum spambots in the past. Brickbuilder0937, thank you for all that you do! We will be sending you a $25 LEGO Gift Card shortly. (:

    (p.s we’re getting really sleepy right now as its alright pass midnight so if we missed out on anything or got the details wrong, we’ll fix it later.)

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    Toys R Us Canada currently has a variety of LEGO Dimensions on clearance at $2.98 each. They are not available for sale online, but you can check availability for your in-store pickup. Thanks to forum member hatcher for the news.

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