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    The LEGO Superheroes Marvel sets have just been made available for sale at LEGO Shop at Home USA and Canada. Spend $99 or more and you’ll get a free LEGO Tote bag as well! Tote bag is available online only, while supplies last.

    Links below are for the US site. If you are from Canada, please click here to see the new Superheroes sets.

    If your from the UK/Europe, the sets along with Series 7 Minifigures are also available (as mentioned last week). You can get free shipping and a tote bag on orders above £75 as well.

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    This week from April 8-14, Toys R Us America will be offering $10 off when you spend $50 or more on LEGO construction sets. Excludes Star Wars, Superheroes, Ninjago, Friends, Technic and “Unbeatable Price” items. For online purchases use coupon code 951885. Thanks to forum member sidersdd for the news.

    *Do note however that most items have markups in them including the dino set shown below.

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    Earlier during February, we’ve teamed up with Eurobricks, Brickset, The Brothers Brick and other fan sites in an attempt to get this Western Town Modular creation into LEGO Review Status. Once it gets hits 10 000 supporters, there’s going to be a chance that it will be made into an actual LEGO Cuusoo set!

    Its now standing at a little over 6500 supporters so we’re getting quite close now. All we need is just 3500 more supporters. So if you like this creation and want it to be made into an actual set, support it now!

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    LEGO Marvel Poster

    If you haven’t heard yet, is reporting that LEGO and Disney will be giving away 2 million copies of LEGO Avengers Posters featuring most of the LEGO Superheroes minifigures. They will be available at select movie theatres on the opening day of the Marvel Avengers Movie on May 4, 2012. Additional details to follow soon. Thanks to forum member tong for the news.

    LEGO Marvel Poster

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    [Canada] ToysRUs LEGO Sale: April 6-12

    This week from April 6-12, Toys R Us Canada will be offering the following LEGO Sales. Online orders above $100 will qualify for free shipping. Thanks to forum member Legobrandon for the news.

    • 20% off ALL LEGO Spongebob
    • 25% off ALL LEGO Licensed ZipBin storage cases and playmats

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    April 6 Update: Fire Temple sold out at the £49.99 price. The Burrows is still available at the discounted price.

    Amazon UK has the discontinued LEGO Ninjago 2507 Fire Temple back instock for £49.99 (reg.£91.99). If you missed out last time, now would be the chance to get it! As always, extra 16.7% off tax discount if you live outside of Europe. Thanks to forum member fouzie for the heads up.

    If you are from US/Canada, this effectively works out to be £46.61 after shipping and tax discount. Thats roughly ~$74 USD (reg.$119.99 USD) which is almost 40% off for US or 52% off for Canada! Shipping and tax discount calculations can be found from our post earlier during February.

    They also have the discontinued LEGO Harry Potter 4840 The Burrows on sale for £39.99 (reg.£61.99) which works out to be 35% off in UK savings. This set is getting quite hard to find and the good news is that it ships worldwide too. You can check their Bestsellers LEGO Sales List for more great deals!

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    [MOC] Isla Da Muerta

    Check out this cool LEGO creation from forum member Pepper! To submit your comments and to view additional pictures of this creation, please click here.

    Got an awesome LEGO MOC? Share it with us in our LEGO Creations Forum!

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    Just a friendly reminder that our LEGO Microbuild Contest is coming to an end very soon! If you want to get a chance at wining a brand-new copy of the LEGO Town Hall Modular set or a Cars 8638 Spy Jet Escape and 3 other mini sets, be sure to submit your entry by April 15, 2012 at 21:00 PST.

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    The LEGO Ninjago 9442 Jay’s Storm Fighter set is now on sale again for $19.97 (reg.$24.99) at Amazon. Free shipping when you spend $25 and no tax to most states.

    Other Ninjago deals includes 9443 Rattlecopter for $24.99 (reg.$29.99) and Spinjitizu Starter set for $12.48 (reg.$19.99). More of their hottest LEGO deals can be found here.

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    As promised early, we will now be offering a real giveaway to makeup for the joke we made a few days ago. In this raffle, we will be giving away 8 LEGO Friends 30101 Mia’s Skateboard polybags. There will be four winners in total and each winner will receive 2 Mia’s Skateboard polybags.

    Raffle is open until Sunday April 8, 2012 at 21:00 PST. Open to all countries that can accept mail. Details on how to enter are available in our forums.

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