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    LEGO Shop at Home UK, Europe and Oceania countries will be offering LEGO VIP’s early access to this year’s Black Friday (Brick Friday) promotions and sales and deals! Valid today only on November 23, 2013. Discounts and promotions will be activated after you log in to your LEGO VIP account.

    *The normal Cyber Monday and Brick Friday LEGO sale for this year will be from November 29th to December 2nd.


    United Kingdom 2013 Black Friday LEGO Promotions (November 23rd only)

    • 10% off all orders of £100 or more 
    • Free Limited Edition Christmas set with orders of £50 or more
    • FREE Delivery on all orders of £25 or more.
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    They will also be offering the following LEGO products discounted by the percentages shown below.

    LEGO UK Black Friday 2013 Sales - Toysnbricks

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    For today, November 22 only, Toys R Us America will be offering LEGO Galaxy Squad 70707 CLS-89 Eradicator Mech for $22 (reg.$39.99). Savings work out to be 45% off. Limit 2 per customer. Remember you can also get a free LEGO Christmas Tree polybag when you spend $20 or more in-stores as well! Thanks to forum member Nepenthe7 for the heads up.

    LEGO Galaxy Squad CLS-89 Eradicator Mech 70707 - Toysnbricks

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    Its a few bucks higher than the last sale that occurred a few weeks ago, but if you did miss the deal earlier, Toys R Us America has Palpatine’s Arrest back on sale for $62.99 (reg.$89.99). Savings are still decent at 30% off. Offer is valid in-stores only and you must use this coupon as well. Thanks to forum member gfeigelstock for the news.

    LEGO Star Wars 9526 Palpatines Arrest - Toysnbricks

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    This week from November 22-28, Toys R Us Canada will be offering the LEGO Sales. Spend $30 or more on LEGO (excludes Games & Friends) and you can also receive a FREE LEGO Creator Christmas Tree polybag set. As always, free shipping when you spend $100 or when you purchase 3 or more LEGO sets for online purchases.

    Savings range from 14-20% off. The majority of the sets work out to be about 16.6% off.

    • 20% off ALL LEGO LEGO Licensed Storage and Display Cases
    • $25 off – Star Wars Jabba’s Sail Barge (reg.$149.99)
    • $20 off – Star Wars Jedi Defender-Class Cruiser (reg.$119.99)
    • $15 off – Star Wars Jek-14 Stealth Starfighter (reg.$89.99)
    • $15 off – Creator Aviation Adventures (reg.$79.99), Super Heroes Quinjet Aerial Battle (reg.$89.99), Chima Worriz Combat Lair (reg.$89.99)
    • $10 off – Ninjago Garmatron (reg.$49.99), City Heavy Lift Helicopter (reg.$64.99)
    • $7 off – Super Heroes Iron Man Malibu Mansion Attack (reg.$49.99)

    2013 Holiday Price Match Policy

    Like previous years, Toys R Us Canada will once again be offering their usual price match guarantee PLUS an additional 10% for the holidays.

    LEGO Creator Aviation Adventures 31011 - Toysnbricks

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    LEGO Creation: Batmobile (1989)

    Check out this cool LEGO creation from forum member Batman! Got an awesome LEGO MOC? Share it with us in our LEGO Creations Forum.

    [MOC] Batmobile (1989)

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    The 2014 January LEGO Legends of Chima set pictures are now here, thanks to again. Three different lines of products will be released for Chima including a new one known as LEGO Legends Beast. These sets feature a minifigure along with an animal (beast) which you can say is a little similar to the Star Wars Microfighter sets. Though, these Chima Legend Beast sets seem more realistic in carrying the minifigures. The other product lines (Speedorz and sets) will also see five new sets as well.

    Legend Beast

    • 70123 LEGO Lion Legend Beast
    • 70123 LEGO Eagle Legend Beast
    • 70123 LEGO Gorilla Legend Beast
    • 70123 LEGO Crocodile Legend Beast
    • 70123 LEGO Wolf Legend Beast

    LEGO Legend Beast Chima 70123 70124 70125 70126 70127 (Pre)

    Speedorz 2014

    • 70136 Chima LEGO Banana Battle
    • 70137 Chima LEGO Bat Attack
    • 70138 Chima LEGO Websprint
    • 70139 Chima LEGO Hover Jump
    • 70140 Chima LEGO Spine Duel

    2014 LEGO Chima Speedorz (70136 70137 70138 70139 70140)


    • 70128 Chima LEGO Braptor’s Wing Striker
    • 70129 Chima LEGO Lavertus’ Twin Blade
    • 70130 Chima LEGO Sparratus’ Spider Stalker
    • 70131 Chima LEGO Rogon’s Rock Flinger
    • 70132 Chima LEGO Scorm’s Scorpion Stinger

    2014 LEGO Legends of Chima Sets (70128 70129 70130 70131 70132)

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    The Dutch site at also has pictures for 2014 January LEGO Technic sets! What are your thoughts on them?

    • 42021 LEGO Technic Snowmobile
    • 42022 LEGO Technic Hot Rod
    • 42023 LEGO Technic Construction Team
    • 42024 LEGO Technic Container Truck
    • 42025 LEGO Technic Cargo Plane
    • 42026 LEGO Technic Black Racing
    • 42027 LEGO Technic Desert Racer
    • 42020 LEGO Technic Helicopter with Double Rotor

    2014 LEGO Technic Sets (42021 42022 42023 42024 42025 42026 42027 42020) Pre

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    LEGO Friends Series 4 Pictures

    LEGO Friends Series 4 Animal Sets 41041 41042 41043 (Pre)

    The remaining 2014 LEGO Friends Series 4 Animal sets and pictures are now available, thanks to

    • 41041 The Little Paradise Turtle
    • 41042 Temple Tiger
    • 41043 Penguin Playground

    We’ve seen a blurry image of 41056 Heartlake Satellite Wagon before, but here’s a better quality one.

    LEGO Friends 41056 Heartlake News Van (Pre)

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