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    21021 LEGO Marina Bay Sands Hotel Review

    LEGO 21021 Architecture Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore - Toysnbricks

    Marina Bay Sands, a landmark that opened in April 2010 is an attraction that tourists visiting Singapore must visit. At the very end of this review, there’s an image of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel Complex from the official Marina Bay Sands website. In addition to being a hotel and casino complex, it also contains a shopping mall, a museum and their infamous skypark at the top featuring the infinity pool. Their shopping mall apparently even got boat rides inside!

    The LEGO Architecture series are miniature versions of famous architectural landmarks and LEGO has created one for Marina Bay Sands. This is a limited edition set so it won’t be widely distributed like the other Architecture sets. However, the set can be purchased at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel Gift Shop (Tower 2 Hotel Lobby) and ArtScience Museum Shop in Singapore and selected LEGO retailers in Asia, while supplies last.


    Set: 21021 Marina Bay Sands
    Theme: Architecture
    Release Date: December 2013 / January 2014
    Availability: Limited Availability
    Piece Count: 602
    Age Rating: 12+


    Singapore LEGO has sent us a special copy of the set. It comes with a collector box and inside, it includes a CD which contains a press release, as well as the actual box for the set.


    The actual box of the set, which I believe would be how it would be sold in the stores. There’s a limited edition label on the set. Also note that there’s both English and Chinese labeled on the box and instructions. The set is about the same size as the other recently released Architecture set – 21018 United Nations Headquarters. If it was widely distributed, the price point for this set should be around $49.99 USD / $59.99 CAD / £49.99 GBP.


    The back of the box provides additional info regarding Marina Bay Sands as well as the LEGO model.


    In the box, you get a nicely bounded instructions booklet along with a promotional leaflet advertising the other LEGO Architecture sets.


    The first few pages of the instructions provides more info about Marina Bay Sands, as well as the architect and the design process.


    During the building process, there are some cool facts about the building throughout the booklet. Its a great way to keep builders interested in not only the build, but the building itself. In regards to the build, you first build the entire base which is then followed by building the middle tower (back of the tower). After that, you build a connector that connects the other two towers. Upon finishing the back of the towers, you then proceed with the neon plates on the front of the towers. Finally, you finish off with the top of the building (skypark).


    The complete model (front view). There’s a name plate for the set and its printed!


    Back of the set.


    Here’s a look at the side of the set.


    Top of the set showing the “Skypark”. The infinity pool and vegetation can be clearly recognized here.


    Closer look at the set.


    Like most of the other LEGO sets, you get spare pieces. In this set, you get seven extra small LEGO pieces. You also get an orange brick separator in this set, which is handy when removing pieces stuck together (without breaking your fingernails).

    Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore

    Overall, its an excellent set that depicts the real building quite accurately. Its recognizable (for those that know Marina Bay Sands) and shows most of the details. This is one of the first limited edition sets in the LEGO Architecture series. Unfortunately, what this means is that it can’t be easily obtained unless you live in Singapore. Those living in Asia may also have luck in finding it at select LEGO retailers. However, if you do find it, I would highly recommend this set. Though, if its a gift for kids, it might not be a good choice, especially if they plan on playing with it as the LEGO Architecture sets are meant to be display toys.

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    Hungarian Toy Shop has revealed a list of some of the 2014 Summer Star Wars sets. The list is a rumor and prices are only estimates. A good chunk of the sets are remakes, but most of them were produced quite a while ago except the AT-AT (8129 AT-AT Walker from 2010). Nothing too exciting with another Snowspeeder since we’ve got several of those in Hoth Rebel Base, Wampa Cave and Battle of Hoth already. However, its nice to see remakes of Mos Eisley Cantina and Imperial Star Destroyer as its been a long time since we’ve had that. Quite a good wave for the summer. What do you think of these new sets? (via FBTB and Groove Bricks)

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    Shown below is the 2006 Version of the 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer. Hopefully with this new version, they will fix up the stability of the bottom of the ship (which they did in the 2009 Venator class Republic Attack Cruiser). Quite an optimistic wave for the summer. What do you think of these new sets?

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    A picture of a new LEGO Movie set was posted by Eurobricks user Carlos S. LEGO 70810 MetalBeard’s Sea Cow contains 2741 pieces which will make it one of the biggest LEGO Movie set so far. No price point or any other info has been released yet, but with the number of pieces, you can probably expect this to be around the $249.99-$349.99 USD range. Thanks to Patrick and Legolas for the news.

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