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    Update: This appears to be the same T-shirt that was released 6 months ago for $11. However, it is now available for purchase again after the limited time run if you missed it earlier. (thanks gev)

    TeeFury has added a new LEGO T-Shirt on their gallery. It is a black T-Shirt titled as “Brick in the Wall”. Designed by moysche, the shirt is available for purchase at $18 anytime with no time limits.

    LEGO Teefury Brick in the Wall T-Shirt

    LEGO T-Shirt Brick in the Wall Teefury September 2014

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    The Helicarrier from the Marvel Avengers Movie has reached 10 000 supporters for LEGO Ideas. Congrats YoSub Joo! This is a giant creation as the total span of the ship is about 217 x 115 cm (85.4 x 45.3 inches). A total of 22,694 bricks were used. Do you think LEGO would approve such a massive creation as a LEGO Ideas set?

    LEGO Marvel Avengers Helicarrier – Potential LEGO Ideas Set

    LEGO Marvel Avengers Helicarrier - Potential LEGO Ideas Set

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    LEGO Shop at Home has recently just updated the availability status of the popular 21110 LEGO Research Institute set.

    We apologize, but this item is no longer available on Limited quantities may be available in LEGO Store.

    The set will no longer be available for sale online and you’ll most likely have to visit your LEGO Brand Retail store to obtain a copy. Forum member omalak reports from the Fairview Mall LEGO Store in Toronto, Ontario that the employee also mentioned that the stores are expecting to receive stock for the set. Unfortunately, this is going to be difficult for those that don’t live near a LEGO store. Thanks to forum member Marcus70 for the tip.

    21110 LEGO Ideas Research Institute - Toysnbricks

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    The LEGO Friends Heartlake Juice Bar is currently available for $23.56 (reg.$29.99) at Amazon.  Savings work out to be 21% off. LEGO Friends Heartlake High School is also down to $39.99 (reg.$49.99) which works out to be 20% off.

    41035 LEGO Friends Heartlake Juice Bar - Toysnbricks

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    LEGO Bricktober October 2014 Exclusive Mini Modular Sets 40180 40181 40182 40183 - Toysnbricks

    The customer service instructions page has revealed this year’s Bricktober 2014 sets! This year, instead of the minifigure magnets, they will be offering something new and that would be the popular modular buildings in miniature size. However, these are smaller than the 10230 Mini Modulars set so they’re not compatible. These will be exclusive to Toys R Us and like previous years, you probably would have to spend a certain amount at their store before getting one of the sets. (via neoape)

    LEGO 40180 Theatre (Instructions)

    LEGO 40180 Theater Bricktober 2014 ToysRUs Set - Toysnbricks

    LEGO 40181 Pizza Parlour (Instructions)

    LEGO 40181 Pizza Parlour Bricktober 2014 ToysRUs Set - Toysnbricks

    LEGO 40182 Fire Station (Instructions)

    LEGO 40182 Fire Station Bricktober 2014 ToysRUs Set - Toysnbricks

    LEGO 40183 Town Hall (Instructions)

    LEGO 40183 Town Hall Bricktober 2014 ToysRUs Set - Toysnbricks

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    October 2014 LEGO Store Calendar

    The LEGO Brand Store Calendar for October 2014 is now here! Major highlights for this month include a free exclusive Holiday set (part 1 of 2) with purchases of $99 or more. The holiday set includes 2 elf minifigures. In addition, LEGO will also be offering double VIP points. This would be a pretty good month to pick up some of the hard to find exclusive sets!


    • 1st – Get the NEW exclusive LEGO Santa’s Workshop
    • 1st – 31st: 2xVIP points
    • 1st – 31st: FREE Exclusive Holiday Set (1 of 2) with purchases of $99 or more!
    • 1st : Collect the new LEGO Minifigures series!
    • 3rd – 5th: LEGO KidsFest, Richmond, VA
    • 7th: Free Monthly Mini Model Build (Frankenstein’s Monster, fan-created model)
    • 10th – 13th: Grand Opening Celebration of LEGO Store, Flatiron District, NYC
    • 13th: Get the new LEGO catalog
    • 18th Join in a LEGO Star Wars Club Meeting
    • 20th – 26th: Help the LEGO Friends rescue jungle animals
    • 25th: Join in a LEGO Star Wars Club Meeting
    • 31st: Trick-or-treat at the LEGO Store for a LEGO treat!
    • Check out all-new seasonal sets at the LEGO Store and

    Thanks to staff vynsane for the calendar.

    October 2014 LEGO Store Calendar - Toysnbricks

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    The new 2014 LEGO Advent Calendars are now available for sale at Amazon. Free shipping on orders above $35.

    76056 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (reg.$39.99)

    2014 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 75056 Box - Toysnbricks

    41040 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar (reg.$29.99)

    LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 41040 - Toysnbricks

    60063 LEGO City Advent Calendar (reg.$29.99)

    2014 LEGO City Advent Calendar 60063 - Toysnbricks

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    LEGO 75060 UCS Collector Slave I Pictures

    LEGO Star Wars 75060 UCS Slave I Set Pictures

    A new LEGO Star Wars Expert Collector set has been revealed by just2good over at Eurobricks! This time, it will be the 75060 UCS Slave I set containing 1996 pieces and 4 minifigures. What do you think of the new UCS set? The minifigures definitely aren’t anything special as we’ve got better minifigures from the last 573 pieces Slave I 8097 set, which was priced at $79.99 USD / $99.99 CAD.

    LEGO Star Wars 75060 UCS Slave I Set Minifigures

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