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    LEGO Shop at Home United Kingdom has revealed two new hard to find LEGO Chima sets. They appear to be not widely available as they’re only available for sale at LEGO Shop at Home so far. The sets are available for immediate dispatch.

    70147 Sir Fangar’s Ice Fortress – £59.99

    Attack Sir Fangar’s Ice Fortress to reclaim the precious CHI!

    Worriz and Gorzan, with his fire CHI power vehicle, must battle their way into Sir Fangar’s Ice Fortress to reclaim the CHI. The Saber-tooth leader is forging weapons for the other awoken ice warriors in the weapons room, so they will need all of their skills to succeed. Move fast before the Saber-tooth warriors flip the bridge or activate the stairs trap. Evade shots from the ball shooter and avoid capture in the ice prison. Seek out Sir Fangar on his throne and grab the CHI!

    LEGO Chima 70147 Sir Fangar’s Ice Fortress - Toysnbricks

    70135 Cragger’s Fire Striker – £34.99

    Chase down Vornon and attack with Cragger’s Croc-tastic Fire Striker!

    Vornon has stolen the CHI, so give chase with Cragger’s snapping Fire Striker. Place the Croc leader at the controls and accelerate. When you get the Vulture warrior in your sights, skid to a halt and attack. Open the croc-style mouth of the tank and fire up the ball shooters. But hang on – who’s that lurking behind the ice flowers? Vornon has lured Cragger into an ambush and Stealthor is targeting him with the catapult!

    LEGO Chima 70135 Cragger’s Fire Striker - Toysnbricks

    They also have these two LEGO City Arctic sets that are not yet available for sale in North America yet.

    • 60062 Arctic Icebreaker – £79.99
    • 60064 Arctic Supply Plane – £49.99

    In addition to these LEGO City Arctic sets, the Summer 2014 LEGO Star Wars, Friends and Chima sets are now available for sale in the European market.

    LEGO City 60062 Arctic Icebreaker 60064 Arctic Supply Plane - Toysnbricks

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    The LEGO Simpsons Minifigures are one of the most popular Series minifigures. LEGO Shop at Home now has them on backorder. Amazon (USA) had them for a while, but they were always above MSRP. Fortunately, they now have the Simpsons minifigures instock for $3.99 each. The Simpsons House is also back instock for $199.99 as well.

    Some of the hot releases and must haves for June include the following:

    LEGO Movie 70816 Benny’s Spaceship – $99.99

    *Other Movie sets: Super Secret Police Dropship and Emmet’s Construct-o-Mech

    LEGO Movie 70816 Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! - Toysnbricks

    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76022 X-Men vs. The Sentinel – $49.99

    *Other Guardian of the Galaxy sets: The Milano Spaceship Rescue, Knowhere Escape Mission and Starblaster Showdown

    76022 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes X-Men vs. The Sentinel - Toysnbricks

    LEGO Ninjago 70728 Battle for Ninjago City – $119.99

    *Other Ninjago set: X-1 Ninja Charger

    LEGO Ninjago Battle for Ninjago City 70728 - Toysnbricks

    *The summer 2014 LEGO City Arctic, Ultra Agents and Technic themes are not yet available for sale at Amazon. They do however have the new LEGO Hero Factory sets.

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    Unique New LEGO Sets for June 2014

    Aside from the regular new theme releases like Friends Series 5 Pets, Agents, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ninjago, Technic, City Artic & Trains, there’s also a bunch of other new unique products at LEGO Shop at Home. Until June 15, 2014 (or June 30th for Europe/UK), you can also get a free exclusive 40108 LEGO Balloon Cart Polybag when you spend $75/£50. The set goes great with the new Fairground Mixer exclusive set.

    40112 Friends Model Catwalk

    • $14.99 US / $17.99 Canada / £10.99 UK
    • This set can apparently even hold onto your cellphone. There’s a stand at the back which fits perfectly for playing music!

    LEGO Friends 40112 Model Catwalk - Toysnbricks


    31026 Bike Shop & Cafe

    • $89.99 US / $109.99 Canada / £64.99 UK
    • If your looking for a smaller alternative to modular buildings, this set may just be for you! With plenty of details, this is one of the better Creator sets that was released this year

    Creator 31026 LEGO Bike Shop and Café - Toysnbricks

    2000414 Serious Play Starter Kit

    • $36.99 US  / $36.99 Canada / £23.99 UK
    • One of the new products LEGO has to offer, this set features a random selection of pieces. A perfect gift for people new to LEGO or just about any LEGO fan!

    2000414 LEGO Serious Play Starter Kit - Toysnbricks

    5002916 THE LEGO MOVIE Unikitty Key Light

    • $13.99 US / $16.99 Canada / £7.99 UK
    • There’s a variety of these new lights ranging from headlamps and keychains and you can choose from Super Man, Batman or Cat woman

    5002916 THE LEGO MOVIE Unikitty Key Light - Toysnbricks


    40118 Buildable Brick Box 2×2

    • $16.99 US / $19.99 Canada / £12.99 UK
    • Perfect for storing little items and accessories. There’s even a little minifigure doing a painting!

    LEGO 40118 Buildable Brick Box 2x2 - Toysnbricks


    Of course, there are also lots of new LEGO product collections ranging from Creator, City Arctic, Technic and Minecraft. Unfortunately, there’s not much incentives to get them as you don’t really get any discount. Hopefully as time passes, LEGO will add a freebie into these collections like they did when they added a watch for some of the older LEGO Star Wars bundles.

    5004191 Marvel Super Heroes LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy Collection 76021 76022 76020 76019 - Toysnbricks

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    The official press release for the upcoming LEGO 10242 MINI Cooper is here! This set will be available for VIP Early Access starting on July 18th. Global availability will begin on August 1st, 2014. Additional pictures available on Toys N Bricks Flickr Photostream. Youtube Designer Video available here.

    10242 MINI Cooper

    Ages 16+.  1077 pieces.

    Take this MINI Cooper for a nostalgic drive down memory lane!

    US $99.99 – CA $119.99 – AU $149.99 – DE 89.99€ – UK £74.99 – DK 799.00 DKK *Euro pricing varies by country.  Please visit for regional pricing.

    Experience the iconic MINI Cooper first hand, with its classic lines, detailed interior and fun picnic theme. Take the iconic MINI Cooper for a drive! This beautifully crafted LEGO brick replica of the classic MINI Cooper Mk VII is full of authentic details, from the classic green and white color scheme with white wing mirrors and racing stripes, to the opening doors, hood and trunk, sporty fog lights, detailed engine and separate spare tire compartment. You can even remove the roof to access a tan colored interior with patterned seats, veneer-style dashboard, turning steering wheel, and moving gearshift and handbrake. And of course, no MINI Cooper would be complete without a picnic basket and blanket, the perfect accessories for a cozy day in the countryside!

    • Features opening doors, hood and trunk, spare wheel in separate compartment, detailed engine and 2 fog lights.
    • Accessories include a picnic basket, bottle and blanket for nostalgic picnic theme.
    • Authentic replica of the MINI Cooper Mk VII.
    • Classic green and white color theme with white wing mirrors and racing stripes.
    • Lift the hood to reveal the detailed engine.
    • Remove the roof and access the detailed interior.
    • Go on a countryside picnic with this iconic classic!
    • MINI Cooper measures over 4″ (11cm) high, 9″ (25cm) long and 5″ (14cm) wide.

    LEGO Expert 10242 MINI Cooper Box Art Back - Toysnbricks

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    Update: Check out the official press release with complete details on pricing, product description and videos here.
    Expert LEGO Creator 10242 MINI Cooper MK VII

    Mashable has posted the first images of the upcoming LEGO Expert Creator 10242 MINI Cooper MK VII set. According to their site, the set contains 1077 pieces. It will be available this Summer in August 2014 for $99.99 USD. Available exclusively at LEGO Brand Stores and LEGO Shop at Home. Thanks to Brickset for the news.

    LEGO 10242 MINI Cooper MK VII

    LEGO Creator Expert 10242 MINI Cooper MK VII

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    This coming Saturday on June 7, GameStop USA will be offering a one day LEGO special! The best deal would probably be the free LEGO minifigure (Western Emmet Movie Minifigure or Special Hobbit Bilbo minifigure) with any LEGO purchase. Don’t miss out! Thanks to forum member StClair for the heads up.

    • LEGO video games priced 19.99 are 2 for $29.99
    • Save $10 on select LEGO video games
    • Free Gamestop Exclusive poster by pre-ordering LEGO Ninjago Nindroids OR LEGO Batman 3
    • Free LEGO Minifigure with ANY LEGO purchase (pictured are Western Emmet and the special Bilbo that was offered in an exclusive offering in the past.. sorry I can’t remember the name for him)
    • Free LEGO Chima Card for IOS app with ANY LEGO purchase
    • Free Super Pack DLC with purchase of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 only)

    Gamestop USA LEGO Day 2014 June Sale Event

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    Forum user Morgan19 has alerted us to a new blog post at the LEGO Ideas blog detailing the results of the Winter 2014 Review!

    The next LEGO Ideas set, #008, has been announced, to be named “Research Institute” and available come August of 2014. Based on the proposal “Female Minifigure Set” created by Ellen “Alatariel” Kooijman, the set will feature three minifigure scientists, and presumably their research subjects in brick form.


    Interestingly, this marks the first time that a project has been approved for production after being held over from a previous review period, as well as the first time not one project that reached 10,000 supporters in the review period window will make it to the product stage.

    Read more in the forum!

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    LEGO Ultra Agents App (iOS/Android)

    There’s a new app from LEGO and that’s the new LEGO Ultra Agents app based on the new Agents theme for Summer. Forum member ncbarrett reports that the new ultra Agents app is available for iOS and Android and its basically a comic with games. Details for the app is available here.

    LEGO Ultra Agents App May 2014 - Toysnbricks

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