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    Update: All sold out now. For those living outside of Europe, we would recommend contacting John Lewis regarding their VAT/tax since its not being removed during the checkout process. Literally, you shouldn’t have to pay 16-17% tax on it (the tax is hidden in the price of the item).

    If you are outside of the United Kingdom, no fear as these LEGO London Olympic minifigures are now available for direct international sale! They are sold by a Britain retailer known as John Lewis (similar to Sears/Macy’s) and the minifigures are also priced without markups at £1.99 (~$3.12 USD). Thanks to Adamson for the heads up.

    Shipping is very heavy for international shipments. However, the good news is that its only a flat £25 charge (~$40 USD). This means that you can order as many minifigures as you like for the same shipping price. 20 minifigures would work out to be about $5/minifigure, 60 minifigures would work out to be $3.67/minifigure, 120 minifigures would work out to be $3.33/minifigure and so on.

    LEGO London Olympic Minifigures

    Shipping Charges

    • United Kingdom: Free Shipping
    • Europe: £7.50
    • International: £25.00

    *International countries includes United States, Canada, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

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    I finally picked up the August Calendar.  Highlights:

    Pickable model is a “surfer” (note the quotes).

    Free LEGO Birthday Cake with $50 purchase. (Aug 1-10)

    50% off Super Soarer or Blue Roadster w/ a $75 Creator Purchase (Aug 1-31)

    August 7 – Monthly Model Build – Shark 5-7PM

    August 10 – Happy 80th Birthday to the LEGO Group

    August 18 – City LEGO Club Meeting

    August 22 – Special Summer Monthly Model Build – they will offer either the watermelon slice (from 2010), Lighthouse (from 2011) or Adirondack Chair (from 2011) says limit of 100 for children only, begins 5PM.

    August 25 – Friends LEGO Club Meeting

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    July 21 Update: Tower Bridge back instock for €152!

    Amazon Italy currently has the online exclusive LEGO Creator 10214 Tower Bridge on sale for €152 (reg.€219). They also got other great buys like Imperial Shuttle for €186,51, Medieval Market Village for €71,8 and Shuttle Expedition for €70,29. More of their hottest LEGO deals can be found here.

    In other news, it also appears that Amazon Spain now has the LEGO Star Wars Jabba Palace set at a pretty cheap price for €99,12. More of Amazon Spain’s hottest LEGO deals can be found here.

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    The LEGO Cuusoo Minecraft set is now available for sale at Price is $44.99 which contains a $5 markup. The set is still showing them as out of stock at LEGO Shop at Home so its still good to know that there’s an alternative source for this set. Thanks to forum member unclephn for the news.

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    Nancy writes in to let us know that the two Canadian teens who sent a LEGO man 24km above sea level made a recent visit to her grade 3/4 class in Toronto. You can check out her blog for more pictures. Below is also a neat video interview conducted by the kids.

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    Forum member dho7622u and melsig informs us that if you use your Mastercard, you can get $25 off $125. Use coupon code MC125. Valid today only until 8:00pm EDT or until 4000 offers have been redeemed. Since they’re offering a MSRP sale right now, you can actually get up to 20% off retail (assuming you make a $125 purchase).

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    Update 2: They also have Police Station for $72.09 (reg.$99.99) and Sith Infiltrator for $48.96 (reg.$69.99).

    Update: They also got the Black Pearl for $80.95 (reg.$99.99). Thanks chenwaa123.

    Forum member purplepirate informs us that currently has LEGO Star Wars Republic Frigate on sale for $83.96 (reg.$119.99). Savings works out to be 30% off. Don’t forget free shipping on orders above $49 as well.

    If you are a new Yoyo customer (or make a new account), you can use coupon code yoyo15new to receive an additional 15% off. After coupon savings, price works out to be $71.37 (reg.$119.99) making final savings to be 40% off!

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    For a limited time only, is offering big savings on ALL LEGO construction sets and board games. Their big savings literally means that ALL LEGO sets are back down to MSRP (with the exception of a few sets like polybags) as I don’t see any good deals. Its a shame that Palpatine’s Arrest MSRP is $89.99!

    Don’t forget they also still got the free Ninjago Hidden Sword polybag with purchases above $20 as well.

    From July 15-22, there is also an instore coupon where you can save up to 20% off. If the sets are on sale for MSRP, then the savings are not too bad (especially for new sets).

    • 20% off $75 purchase or more
    • 15% off $50-$74.99 purchase
    • 10% off $49.99 purchase or less

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    The LEGO Superheroes 30163 Thor and the Cosmic Cube polybag is now available for sale at Toys R Us United States. Price is $4.99. If you want Thor and don’t want to pay $49.99 for the Hulk Helicarrier set or $79.99 for Quinjet Aerial Battle, then $4.99 is not bad even with the $1 markup. Thanks to forum member starfire2 for the news.

    LEGO Thor and Cosmic Cube Set

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