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    November 2014 LEGO Brand Store Calendar

    The November 2014 LEGO Retail Brand Store Calendar is now here! There are some pretty exciting things to lookout for next month and that would include Brick Friday Specials (Black Friday) starting on November 28! They’ll also have be offering a free exclusive 2015 LEGO Wall Calendar with purchase of $75 or more from November 1st-December 31st and the Holiday Part 2 set from November 28-December 1st. Quite a short time frame for Part 2 of the Holiday set isn’t it considering Part I is available for all month long from October 1-31st.

    Thanks to staff vynsane for the calendar link.


    • Catch the all-new Ninjago Special Event on Cartoon Network, coming in November
    • Nov 1st – Dec 31st: Free Exclusive 2015 LEGO Wall Calendar with purchase of $75 or more
    • 1st – 2nd: BrickFair LEGO Fan Festival, Somerset, NJ
    • 2nd: Tune in to a brand new LEGO Friends special at 9am/8c on Disney Channel
    • 7th – 9th: LEGO KidsFest
    • 10th: Get the new LEGO Late Holiday catalog
    • 17th: Get the new LEGO Duplo Holiday catalog
    • 21st: Follow us on Facebook to see the next exclusive LEGO set
    • 22nd: VIPs visit the LEGO Store for special Holiday offers
    • 23rd: All-new episode of The New Yoda Chronicles 12pm/11c
    • 28th: Shop early on “Brick Friday” to take advantage of special offers
    • Nov 28th – Dec. 1st: Free Exclusive Holiday Set with a purchase of $99 or more

    November 2014 LEGO Store Calendar

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    Forum member tred912 received a free LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Electro Minifigure from the Amazing Spider Man 2 Movie at the LEGO Kids Fest in Virginia. Pretty neat minifigure isn’t it! Hopefully, we’ll see this minifigure more widely available as the secondary market already has these minifigures at pretty high prices (~$100+USD).

    LEGO Electro Minifigure Amazing Spider Man 2 Movie October 2014 Kids Fest

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    January 2015 LEGO City set images are now here, thanks to just2good again. What are your thoughts on these new LEGO City sets after seeing the images?

    60067 Helicopter Pursuit
    60069 Swamp Police Station
    60072 Demolition Starter Set
    60073 Service Truck
    60076 Demolition Site
    60081 Pickup Tow truck
    60083 Snowplow Truck
    60085 4×4 with Powerboat
    60086 City Starter set – 242 pieces
    60088 Fire Starter set – 92 pieces

    LEGO City January 2015 Set Pictures 60067 60069 60073 60076 60081 60083 60085 60086 60088

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    This week from October 5-11, Toys R Us America will be offering the Mini Modular LEGO Bricktober Theater Building set with purchases of $75 or more. Valid in-stores only.

    LEGO 40180 Theater Bricktober 2014 ToysRUs Set - Toysnbricks

    Unfortunately, like Toys R Us Canada, they don’t have any other sales which is quite disappointing. However, they do have a free building event coming up. On Saturday, October 11 from 12-2pm, you can build a free LEGO Star Wars Mini Rebel Ghost ship.

    ToysRUs USA Rebel Mini Ghost Ship Free Mini Build October 2015

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    Four of the 2015 January LEGO Agents Set Pictures have been revealed by just2good. What do you think of this new wave of Ultra Agents sets?

    70166 Spyclops Infiltration
    70167 Invizable Gold Getaway
    70168 Drillex Diamond Job
    70170 UltraCopter vs AntiMatter

    *No picture yet for 70169 4×4 Agent Patrol, 475 pieces, 4 minifigures, 4 Power Bricks

    2015 January LEGO Agents Set Pictures 70166 70167 70168 70170

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    This coming wave, 6 new LEGO Star Wars Microfighter sets would be released. just2good found 5 of the 6 microfighter images. They marked as Series 2 which is a little strange as I thought they already released 2 waves already. Shouldn’t this be Series 3?

    2015 LEGO Star Wars Microfighters Series 2

    75072 ARC-170 Starfighter – missing
    75073 Vulture Droid
    75074 Snowspeeder
    75075 AT-AT
    75076 Republic Gunship
    75077 Homing Spider Droid

    2015 LEGO Star Wars Microfighters Set Pictures 75073 75074 75075 75076 75077

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    2015 January LEGO Star Wars set images are now here via just2good. All of the box art will be based on the LEGO Star Wars Rebel series and will include the Disney logo. There will be a total of four battle packs, a few classics and some new Rebel Series sets. A total of 13 standard regular Star Wars sets would be released making it a pretty big release considering its the Winter wave. Usually, the summer wave has more sets and the sets are bigger (more pricier) for the Christmas season while the Winter wave has fewer sets and the sets are smaller (less costly).

    75078 Imperial Troop Transport
    75079 Shadow Troopers
    75080 AAT
    75081 T-16 Skyhopper
    75082 TIE Advanced Prototype
    75083 AT-DP
    75084 Wookiee Gunship
    75085 Hailfire Droid – Missing
    75086 Battle Droid Trooper Carrier
    75087 Anakin’s Custom Jedi Starfighter – missing
    75088 Senate Commando Troopers
    75089 Geonosis Troopers
    75090 Ezra’s Speeder Bike

    2015 January LEGO Star Wars Set Pictures 75078 75079 75080 75081 75082 75083 75084 75086 75088 75089 75090

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    ToysRUs Canada Bricktober Week 1 Sale

    Bricktober 2014 October Sales Events Promotions ToysRUs Canada

    Bricktober is now here! However, they will be offering a free “LEGO Streetview Build” set when you spend $75 or more. These are basically the mini modular buildings that were revealed earlier. They will also be offering a variety of different events as well. Thanks to forum member legume for the tip.

    40180 Bricktober Theatre
    40181 Bricktober Pizza Place
    40182 Bricktober Fire Station
    40183 Bricktober Town Hall

    For the first week, there’s actually no sale at Toys R Us unfortunately. Babies R Us at Toys R Us is however offering a free LEGO Duplo Apple polybag set when you purchase any Philips AVENT Toodler Cup. Valid October 3-16.

    BabiesRUs ToysRUs LEGO Duplo Apple October 2014 Sale Promotion

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