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    Series 10 minfigures are now starting to appear at various retailers. Start checking your local stores and see if you can find Mr.Gold! The official release date is in early May (you can visit your local LEGO Store on May 6 to look for Mr.Gold).

    United States


    • Wal-Mart: forum member hatcher reports that Wal-Mart in Barrie, ON now has them available for purchase.

    LEGO 71001 Series 10 Collectable Minifigures - Toysnbricks

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    When 9526 Palpatine’s Arrest was revealed, it was a set that was highly sought after (mainly for the minifigures). But with the high retail price of $120 Canadian, it was a no to most people and already foreshadowed that a clearance is needed to actually move these sets. Even the US price at $90 is ridiculous for a set this size.

    And it looks like we’re right. This week from April 19-25, Toys R Us Canada will be offering 40% off on their exclusive 9526 Palpatine’s Arrest set. Its now available for $71.87 (reg.$119.99) which should really have been the regular price to start off with. Free shipping when you purchase 3 or more LEGO sets for online purchases. They also got these other sets discounted as well. Thanks to forum member sneaky07 for the news.

    • City 4202 Mining Truck $29.87 (reg. $49.99) 40% off
    • City 8069 Backhoe Loader $47.87 (reg. $79.99) 40% off
    • Hobbit 79010 The Goblin King Battle $99.87 (reg. $129.99) 23% off

    In addition, they also have the online exclusive LEGO 10218 Pet Shop on sale for $159.97 (reg.$199.99) which works out to be 20% off. This particular sale price is for a limited time offer only so act fast if you want one. Thanks to forum member swills for the news.

    LEGO Star Wars Palpatine's Arrest 9526 - Toysnbricks

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    The new LEGO Friends Series 2 Collectible Animal sets are now available for sale at Target USA stores. Thanks to forum member Brthorsen for the news.

    LEGO 41022 Bunny’s Hutch

    LEGO Friends Series 2 Bunny's Hutch 41022

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    Another set image for the DC Man of Steel Superman Movie has been revealed! This time, its 76009 Superman Black Zero Escape. The set will contain 168 pieces and 3 minifigures including Lois Lane, General Zod and of course, Superman. Thanks to forum member legohunter for the news. (via whung at Eurobricks)

    76009 Superman Black Zero Escape Box Art

    LEGO 76009 Superman Black Zero Escape DC Superheroes

    76009 Superman Black Zero Escape Functions

    LEGO Black Zero Escape Superman 76009 DC Superheroes

    In addition, the new Man of Steel Movie Trailer has also been released. In theaters June 14th, 2013. Looks like a pretty good movie so that will definitely help boost the sales for these new Superman Man of Steel LEGO sets!

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    Forum member wilandirene informs us that Amazon Europe (UK) currently has LEGO City 7938 Passenger Train on sale for £66.99 (reg.£102.99). In addition, they also have the companion set City 7937 Train Station for £26.25  (reg.£35.99). Finally, for folks living in North America, they can still purchase the European exclusive (not available for sale in North America) LEGO Games: Star Wars Battle of Hoth for £16.48.

    Free delivery with no minimum purchase for the United Kingdom and free delivery with orders above £25 for Europe. As always, prices include VAT already. More of their hottest LEGO deals can be found here.

    International Shipping Available

    The LEGO City Passenger Train set can be shipped internationally. Select items are also eligible to be shipped internationally as well. If you are living outside of Europe, remember that you can get an additional 16.7% off as you do not need to pay for EURO tax (can be seen at final stage of checkout). Finally, remember that no matter where you are from, you still save on shipping when you order more.

    Price for a Passenger Train set

    • United States/Canada: £55.83 + £4.95 shipping = £60.78 (~$93 based on 1.53 exchange rate)
    • Outside of Europe: £55.83 + £26.9 shipping = £82.73
    • Europe: £66.99 + Base price 1-2% VAT difference + Free delivery
    • UK: £66.99 + Free delivery

    *Works out to be 29% off for USA price (reg.$129.99) or 45% off for Canadian price (reg.$169.99)

    LEGO City 7938 Passenger Train - Toys N Bricks

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    More LEGO Friends 2013 Summer pictures have surfaced from This includes the highly anticipated and sought after LEGO Friends Dolphin Cruiser and Downtown Bakery! The other sets are the smaller ones and should be priced at $9.99 USD / $12.99 CAD / £9.99 GBP. (via Eurobricks)

    LEGO 41015 Dolphin Cruiser

    LEGO 41015 Dolphin Cruiser Friends - Toysnbricks

    LEGO 41013 Emma’s Sports Car

    LEGO 41013 Emma's Sports Car Friends - Toysnbricks

    LEGO 41010 Olivia’s Beach Buggy

    LEGO 41010 Olivia's Beach Buggy Friends - Toysnbricks

    LEGO 41009 Andrea’s Bedroom


    LEGO 41009 Andrea's Bedroom Friends - Toysnbricks

    LEGO 41006 Downtown Bakery

    LEGO 41006 Downtown Bakery Friends - Toysnbricks

    LEGO 41005 Heartlake High School

    LEGO Friends 41005 Heartlake High School 2013 Summer

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    Update: The US eBay listing has ended now. Sold at $500.

    An eBay listing has revealed the first images of the highly anticipated LEGO Mr.Gold Minifigure from the new LEGO 71001 Series 10. The German seller has the price listed as EUR 999.00 ($1300). Number 865. Thanks to Jonathan and forum members BrickWild and lordbrick for the news.

    LEGO Mr.Gold Minifigure 71001 Series 10

    Another eBay listing also shows another picture of Mr.Gold. This US seller has it listed at $3000 or best offer. Number 4628. The seller’s location is in Portland, Oregon where it is one of the States that Fred Meyer stores are located (their stores are now carrying Series 10 minifigures).

    LEGO Mr.Gold Minifigure 71001 Series 10

    With only 5000 of these minifigures released worldwide, this obviously is going to result in a shortage. I’m sure that after we see more of these listings (and they go off via auction), we’ll see the real market equilibrium price. Back in 2007, something similar happened when LEGO randomly inserted 10 000 Gold-plated C-3PO minifigure in 2007 LEGO Star Wars sets. When they first started appearing, prices were very high. As more of them started appearing, the prices for these minifigures went to about $100 on eBay.

    If you really want one of these Mr.Gold minifigures and planning to fork out this much money, we would advise finding it yourself first. If you do some simple math, you can already buy 433 Series 10 minifigures already (7 boxes) with $1300. For the $3000 price tag, you can get 1000 Series 10 minifigures (16 boxes).

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    Forum member hatcher shares withus a review on the new LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 79100 Kraang Lab Escape set. This is currently the smallest set in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line and is priced at $12.99 USD | $17.99 USD | £9.99 GBP. If you are a forum member, don’t forget to submit your ratings!

    LEGO Kraang Lab Escape 79100 Review

    LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 79100 Kraang Lab Escape - Toysnbricks

    Write a Review and share it with us in the LEGO Reviews Forum!

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