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    Amazon America currently has LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76016 Spider-Helicopter Rescue on sale for $34.39 (reg.$44.99). Savings work out to be 24% off. LEGO City Arctic Base Camp is also down to $69.9 (reg.$89.99) which works out to be 22% off.

    LEGO Super Heroes Spider Man 76016 Spider-Helicopter Rescue - Toysnbricks

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    The first image for the upcoming 2016 LEGO 71011 Series 15 Collectable Minifigures has surfaced online. Looks like we will have some pretty interesting minifigures and animals. The skunk is definitely pretty cool. What do you think of this new series? (via Eurobricks)

    LEGO 71011 Series 15 Collectable Minifigures

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    Target stores in America are now carrying the new LEGO Star Wars 30276 polybag set. This is the first North America sighting of the new LEGO Star Wars First Order Tie Fighter polybag set!

    As advertised on this week’s weekly ad, the polybag is free when you make a $24.99 LEGO Star Wars purchase or more. It is available also by itself for $3.99 each.

    Thanks to forum member poniemomo for the news.

    30276 LEGO Star Wars First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter Mini Polybag - Toysnbricks

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    Chegiochi, an Italian toy shop has listed many new upcoming 2016 sets. This includes their images. As we have seen some of the images and sets already, for your convenience, only the ones that we have not posted about in the past will be shown below. Thanks to Jonathan for the tip.

    LEGO Architecture 21031 Burj Khalifa

    LEGO Architecture 21031 Burj Khalifa (Pre)

    LEGO City 60108 Fire Response Unit

    LEGO City 60108 Fire Response Unit

    LEGO Creator Theme Sets

    LEGO 31048 Lakeside Lodge
    LEGO 31047 Propeller Plane

    2016 LEGO Creator Theme Sets 31048 31047

    LEGO Nexo Knights Theme Sets

    LEGO 70310 Knighton Battle Blaster – 76 pieces
    LEGO 70311 Chaos Catapult – 93 pieces
    LEGO 70312 Lance’s Mecha House – 237 pieces
    LEGO 70313 Moltor’s Lava Smasher – 187 pieces
    LEGO 70314 Beast Master’s Chaos Chariot – 314 pieces
    LEGO 70315 Clay’s Rumble Blade – 367 pieces
    LEGO 70316 Jestro’s Evil Mobile – 658 pieces
    LEGO 70317 The Fortrox – 1140 pieces

    2016 January LEGO Nexo Knights Sets 70310 70311 70312 70313 70314 70315 70316 70317

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    Chegiochi, an Italian toy shop has listed many 2016 LEGO licensed theme sets and images as well. There are also some better resolution ones from Brothersbrick and Brickfan. We have listed all the images that have never been seen before, or those where the quality is better. Check it out below!

    LEGO 76049 Avenjet Space Mission

    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76049 Avenjet Space Mission (Pre2)

    2016 LEGO Star Wars Sets

    LEGO 75135 Obi-Wan’s Jedi Interceptor
    LEGO 75136 Droid Escape Pod
    LEGO 75137 Carbon-Freezing Chamber
    LEGO 75138 Hoth Attack

    2016 LEGO Star Wars Battle Packs

    LEGO 75134 The Galactic Empire
    LEGO 75133 The Rebel Alliance
    LEGO 75132 The First Order
    LEGO 75131 The Resistance

    LEGO Star Wars Series 3 Microfighters

    LEGO 75125 Resistance X-Wing Fighter
    LEGO 75126 Firstorder Snowspeeder

    2016 LEGO Star Wars 75135 75136 75137 75138 75134 75133 75132 75131 Sets

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