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    The Toys R Us Canada Holiday Toy Book is now out. Sale runs from November 7-20, 2014. Like previous years, they have lots of LEGO advertised. However, it seems like there aren’t really any sales this year except for LEGO Video Games. Instead of the usual 20% off sales, Toys R Us is now going with Air Miles just like what happened during Bricktober. Would this be the end of LEGO sales at Toys R Us now?

    -10x more Air Miles when you spend $30 or more on SELECT LEGO City, Technic, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Super Heroes, Star Wars and Basics Building sets
    -10x more Air Miles when you spend $30 or more on ANY LEGO Friends, Movie, Agents or Chima Building sets
    -FREE LEGO Movie Watch when you spend $75 or more on any LEGO Building sets
    -FREE LEGO Joker Minifigure Keychain with purchase of LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Video Game
    -$10 off ALL LEGO Video Games (excluding Batman 3)

    ToysRUs Canada Holiday 2014 Toy Book LEGO Video Games Sale

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    Sponsored Links currently has a couple of the LEGO Chima Speedorz on clearance at pretty decent prices! For the Chima Sky Joust set, its one of those starter speedorz kits and are normally priced at $19.99. For only $6.98 and with 2 minifigures, speedorz, game cards and 117 pieces, its a great deal. Plus, for the holidays, you can get free shipping! If you have a Red Card or Target MasterCard, you can save an additional 5% off.

    65% off – 70114 Sky Joust $6.98 (reg.$19.99) – 2 minifigure, 117 pieces
    58% off – 70100 Ring of Fire $6.28 (reg.$14.99) – 1 minifigure, 83 pieces
    54% off – 70111 Swamp Jump $6.85 (reg.$14.99) – 1 minifigure, 91 pieces

    Thanks to forum member mattlee1965 for the heads up!

    LEGO Chima 70114 Sky Joust Starter Set - Toysnbricks

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    The Disney Store Online currently has a coupon for 25% off. Use coupon code DISNEYPAL to redeem this offer. If you are from America and have spent $75 or more, shipping is free. They don’t really have a selection, but they do have a few Star Wars and Super Heroes sets.

    Note that the items have been marked up by $5-10 so potential savings are less than 25% off. The best deal would probably be The Milano Spaceship Rescue as that is priced at $79.99 (reg.$74.99) which has a $5 markup. With the 25% off, it’ll bring it down to $60 which works out to be 20% off (and that’s probably better than the other sets with the 25% off).

    Thanks to forum member grymg for the tip.

    LEGO Super Heroes 76021 The Milano Spaceship Rescue (Pre)

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    LEGO 41037 Friends Stephanie's Beach House - Toysnbricks

    Amazon America currently has LEGO Friends Stephanie’s Beach House on sale for $29.99 (reg.$39.99). Savings work out to be 25% off. LEGO Ninjago Epic Dragon Battle is also down to $81.99 (reg.$119.99) which works out to be 32% off.

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    The next two LEGO Ideas sets have just been announced! They will be The Big Bang Theory by Alatariel and collaborator GlenBricker as well as The Bird Project by DeTomaso. Congrats!

    The LEGO Review Board is still evaluating the two Doctor Who concepts and will update us soon whether they will be made into official LEGO Ideas sets.  All other projects (Back to the Future Train and Modular Apple Store) from the first 2014 LEGO Review period will not be produced into official LEGO sets. Full details available at LEGO Ideas Blog.

    First 2014 LEGO Ideas Review Results - Bird Project & Big Bang Theory

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    LEGO Store Calendar December 2014

    The LEGO Brand Store Calendar for December 2014 is now available. There’s not much happening for December, but there are some last minute reminders including free gifts for Brick Friday. For the November 2014 LEGO Store Calendar, you can check it out in the LEGO Forums. Thanks to staff vynsane for the news.


    • Create a Minifigure version of your family’s holiday card at
    • Nov 1st – Dec 31st: Free Exclusive 2015 LEGO Wall Calendar with purchase of $75 or more
    • Nov 28th – Dec. 1st: Free Exclusive Holiday Set with a purchase of $99 or more
    • 1st: Last chance for “Brick Friday” weekend deals!
    • 5th – 7th: LEGO Creativity Tour (Powered by LEGO KidsFest) Premieres at the Mississippi Coast Convention Center in Biloxi,
    • 16th: Place your order by noon EST to receive it in time for Christmas!

    December 2014 LEGO Store Calendar

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    Forum member gabriellee11 reports to us that Target stores in America are now carrying two new LEGO polybags. LEGO Chima 30264 Frax Phoenix Flyer and 30115 Friends Jungle Boat are both available for $3.99 USD each.

    LEGO Chima 30264 Frax’ Phoenix Flyer

    LEGO Chima 30264 Frax Phoenix Flyer Polybag - Toysnbricks

    LEGO Friends 30115 Jungle Boat

    LEGO Friends 30115 Jungle Boat - Toysnbricks

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    The Big European LEGO Sale at Amazon UK

    LEGO Star Wars AT-AT 75054 - Toysnbricks

    Its that time of the year again and Amazon Europe UK once again has many items heavily discounted. This is one of the greatest time to purchase LEGO as they have lots of items ranging from 27-35% off. Free delivery with no minimum purchase for the United Kingdom. As always, prices include VAT already.

    International Shipping Available

    Select items can be shipped internationally. If you are living outside of Europe, remember that you can get an additional 16.7% off as you do not need to pay for EURO British tax as European price tags have tax included (can be seen at final stage of checkout). Remember that no matter where you are from, you still save on shipping when you order more!

    Great Buys

    34% off – City Police Station £52.99 (reg.£79.99)
    34% off – City Arctic Base Camp  £46.2 (reg.£69.99)
    34% off – Star Wars AT-AT Walker £72.99(reg.£102.99)
    32% off – Star Wars B-Wing £33.99 (reg.£49.99)
    32% off – City Flexible Tracks £10.89 (reg.£15.99)
    29% off – Star Wars Mos Eisley Catina £45.99 (reg.£69.99)
    29% off – Castle King’s Castle £57.99 (reg.£79.99)
    28% off – Mos Eisley Cantina £46.99 (reg.£64.99)
    27% off – Ninjago Sir Fangar’s Saber-Tooth Walker £25.43 (reg.£34.99)
    27% off – Star Wars Snowspeeder £25.43 (reg.$34.99)
    27% off – Star Wars Jedi Interceptor £14.53 (reg.£19.99)
    27% off – City Advent Calendar £14.53 (reg.£19.99)
    27% off – Star Wars Advent Calendar £18.16 (reg.£24.99)
    27% off – Friends Jungle Bridge Rescue £18.16 (reg.£24.99)
    21% off – Technic Remote-Controlled Volvo L350F Wheel Load £133.99 (reg.£169.99)

    Plus many more deals! Check it all out here.

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