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    LEGO Exo-Suit Giveaway Winner

    Thank you to everyone that entered our giveaway for the 21109 Exo-Suit and 6862 Superman vs Power Armor Lex. The raffle winner is SSchmidt. Congrats! The set appears to be a bit easier to find now as more stores seem to be carrying it now.

    Don’t forget that we also still currently have the Super Heroes contest running where you could win the brand-new UCS Tumbler set for free!

    LEGO Ideas 21109 Exo-Suit - Toysnbricks

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    LEGO September 2014 Sales & Promotions

    Happy Labor Day and welcome to the month of September! With a new month, LEGOShop at Home (USA | Canada | UK) will be offering the following sales and promotions listed below. For the full list of events and promotions, you can check out the September 2014 LEGO Store Calendar.

    September 2014 LEGO Sales & Promotions

    • FREE Worriz’ Fire Bike with purchases of $50 or more (August 25-September 14)
    • FREE exclusive Classic Spaceman Minifigure with purchases of $99 or more (September 1-14, LEGO VIPs only)
    • FREE Shipping on orders above $75 for North America, FREE Delivery on orders above £50 for Britain
    • Shop Now: USA | Canada

    2014 September New Product Launch

    New products are now available including Mixel Series 1, UCS 76023 The Tumbler and the new Junior sets. As always, remember that LEGO Shop offers free shipping on orders above $75/£50/€55. See What’s NewUSCanada | UK

    76023 LEGO UCS The Tumbler Super Heroes DC Comics Batman Box - Toysnbricks

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    [TNB Review] 76023 The Tumbler

    Today is the first time that The Tumbler is available to non VIPs. If you’re still not sure whether or not to buy it check out our review. Don’t forget that we also still currently have the Super Heroes contest running where you could win the brand-new UCS Tumbler set for free!

    LEGO DC Super Heroes 76023 Batman UCS The Tumbler - Toysnbricks

    Be sure to answer our poll and let us know what you think of this set.

    Read more reviews in our review forum.

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    These LEGO Minecraft pictures were released yesterday by another retailer, but was quickly removed. Today, it appears that another retailer, has posted the images. There will be a total of 6 LEGO Minecraft Microworld sets released. Two of them we have seen before, but there are 4 new ones! What do you think of these new upcoming LEGO Minecraft Microworld sets?

    2015 LEGO Minecraft Sets

    • LEGO 21117 The Ender Dragon €69,95
    • LEGO 21116 Creative Box €54,95
    • LEGO 21115 The First Night €39,95
    • LEGO 21118 The Mine €99,95

    Seen before

    • LEGO 21114 Minecraft Microworld The Farm €29,95
    • LEGO 21113 Minecraft Microworld The Cave €19,95

    LEGO Minecraft Microworld 2015 Sets 21117 The Ender Dragon, 21116 Creative Box, 21115 The First Night, 21118 The Mine, 21114 The Farm, 21113 The Cave

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    Swedish Toy Shop Max Bersigner AG has revealed many of the upcoming 2015 LEGO sets. Youtube user thethreevirtues has compiled a list of the Ninjago sets while other EB users translated some of the set names. Eurobricks user David Thomsen also posted more rumors including a new LEGO Elves theme.

    LEGO Ultra Agents 2015

    • LEGO 70166 Spyclops Infiltration
    • LEGO 70167 Invisible Gold Robbery
    • LEGO 70168 Drillex Diamond Theft
    • LEGO 70169
    • LEGO 70170 UltraCopter vs. AntiMatter

    LEGO Technic 2015

    • 42032 Compact Track Loaders
    • 42033 Action Rocket Car
    • 42034 Action Quad
    • 42035 Dump truck
    • 42036 Street Motorcycle
    • 42037 Formula Off-Roader
    • 42038 Arctic Tracked Vehicle
    • 42039 – Long-Distance Race Cars

    LEGO Ninjago 2015

    • 70745 – Anacondrai Crusher
    • 70746 – Anacondrai Copter
    • 70747 – Cole’s Rock Crusher
    • 70748 – Titan Dragon
    • 70749 – Temple of Anacondrai
    • 70750 – Mobile Ninja Base
    • 70751 – ?
    • 70752 – Jungle Trap
    • 70753 – Lava Falls
    • 70754 – Jay’s Electro-Mech
    • 70755 – Lloyd’s Jungle Predators

    LEGO Disney Princess (Frozen!)

    • LEGO 41060 Aurora’s Bedroom
    • LEGO 41061 Jasmine’s Exotic Adventure
    • LEGO 41062 Elsa’s Glittering Ice Palace
    • LEGO 41063 Ariel’s Underwater Castle

    There will also be a new rumored LEGO Elves theme

    LEGO Elves

    • 19.99 – Airas Creative Workshop
    • 24.99 – Farran & The Crystal Hollow
    • 39.99 – Naidas Spa Secret
    • 59.99 – Azari & The Magic Bakery
    • 99.99 – Treetop Hideaway

    LEGO Bionicle 2015

    LEGO Bionicle is also rumored to be making a return in 2015. Could this be a possibility that Hero Factory would be ending soon?

    • 19.99 – Protector of Earth
    • 19.99 – Protector of Fire
    • 19.99 – Protector of Ice
    • 19.99 – Protector of Jungle
    • 19.99 – Protector of Stone
    • 24.99 – Gali Master of Water

    *All prices are in New Zealand dollars

    LEGO Elves 2015 Theme

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    Amazon America currently has LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 79119 Mutation Chamber Unleashed on sale for $19.43 (reg.$24.99). Savings work out to be 22% off. LEGO Castle Dragon Mountain is also down to $36.97 (reg.$49.99) which works out to be 26% off.

    LEGO Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 79119 Mutation Chamber Unleashed (Pre)

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    LEGOKip has posted two new upcoming LEGO seasonal sets for 2014. There’s the Halloween LEGO 40090 Bat set with pumpkin and the Thanksgiving LEGO 40091 Turkey set. Both sets would be available in the next few months for purchase. (via Brickset)

    40090 LEGO Halloween 2014 Set

    LEGO Halloween 40090 Bat Set 2014 (Box Art)

    40091 LEGO Thanksgiving 2014 Set

    LEGO Thanksgiving 2014 Turkey 40091 Set Box

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    Toys R Us stores in Canada are now starting to carry the 2014 LEGO Advent Calendars. The LEGO City 60063 Advent Calendar is priced at $39.99 while the LEGO Star Wars  75056 Advent Calendar is priced at $49.99. To view pictures of the calendars including the LEGO Friends version, you can check out our post earlier.

    LEGO City 60063 Advent Calendar 2014 - Toysnbricks

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