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    Starts May 6-12. Here are the 4 items of whats on sale this week from LEGO Shop Phone Specials: All prices are in USD* (Canadians will still receive these sales but prices will be converted to CAD)

    -10177 Boeing 787 Dreamliner $59.98 (reg. $79.99)

    Its better to order online for this item as its only $49.98 in

    -Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures (Wii)  $9.98 (reg.$49.99)

    -Club T-Shirt  $9.98 (reg.$14.99)

    -Holiday Greeting Cards  $0.98 (reg. $2.99)

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    Star Wars Shop also have the following sets on sale:

    *All prices are in USD

    -AT-TE “non-mint” condition $69.99 (MSRP: $89.99)

    -AT-TE “mint” condition $87.99

    Sold AS-IS due to the fact that this product is in “non-mint” condition. In otherwords, product is in good condition but box may be dent/scratched etc.

    -Luke Skywalker Maquette $19.99

    -Rogue Shadow $41.99 (MSRP: $49.99)

    -Republic Attack Shuttle $54.99 (MSRP: $59.99)

    -V-19 Torrent $48.99 (MSRP: $54.99)

    -Indiana Jones Temple of Crystal Skull $74.99 (MSRP: $79.99)

    NEW addition to star wars shop:

    -Retired Boba Fett Maquette $74.99

    -Shanghai Chase $31.99

    Armored Assault Tank $49.99

    EDIT: This set is now unavailable/sold out.

    #7655 Retired Droid Battle Pack Available again !

    Star Wars Shop currently has the 7655 droid battle pack with 102 pieces (perfect for building your separatist army) available at the retail price of $9.99 USD. This set has been retired almost a year now and if you didn’t had a chance to purchase it, go purchase it NOW as quantites are extremely limited.

    Star Wars 7654 Droid Battle Pack (

    All New LEGO City Summer Sets are now and only available in all ToysRUs stores in the uK (United Kingdom). They can also be ordered online now at ToysRUs.  These are probably early releases by ToysRUs and is not even available on legoshop website. Personally, i find the 7641 city corner pretty appealling and well done.

    These sets will most likely be officially released this summer !

    *All prices are in British Pounds from ToysRUs uK.

    7638 Tow Truck($8.99)  7639 Camper($14.99)  8402 Sports Car($6.99)

    7638 City Tow Truck ( City Camper ( City Sports Car (

    7641 City Corner ($44.99)    7686 Helicopter Transporter ($29.99)

    7641 City Corner ( City Helicopter Transporter (

    7642 Garage ($64.99)                                                           

    7642 City Garage (

    LEGO Shop Update

    -FREE Star Wars Poster sold out halfway through the day on may 4th

    Heres what it looks like in semi-high resolution for fans who were unable to order or outside of USA and Canada.

    10th Anniversary LEGO Star Wars Minifigures Poster

    -Entries for the UCS millennium falcon is now closed

    -the anniversary offer pushed 10186 General Grievous to be sold out at $29.99 USD / $39.99 CAD after being on the sales and deals page for more than a month

    10186 General Grievous

    -UCS Millennium Falcon is still at discounted price for limited time

    $374.99 USD / $509.99 CAD

    -If you are in Canada and have previously ordered a UCS Falcon at $0.00, they will offer it to you for 25% off. We have received reports that if you talk to them about the error and how “unfair” the discount is available to the public as well, they might offer you FREE shipping depending on the customer rep.

    Chrome Vader News (United Kingdom)

    We have reports that the chrome vader may be available to uK coming this june ! More details to come soon ! However, it will most likely be buy a certain amount of LEGO and receive the chrome vader. Stay tuned to receive the latest news on this.

    Limited Edition Chrome Vader 10th Anniversary

    This super LEGO set contains 3 sets and includes a total of 9 minifigures with 414 pieces !

    – 7667 Imperial Dropship (3 Stormtroopers, 1 Shadow Stormtrooper)

       $9.99 USD / $12.99 CAD

    – 7668 Rebel Scout Speeder (4 Rebel Troopers)

       $9.99 USD / $12.99 CAD

    – 8017 Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter (Darth Vader with Lightsaber)

       $29.99 USD / $39.99 CAD

    This has a $50 USD / $ 66 CAD value if you purchased these sets separately.

    We are not sure of how much this entire 3 in 1 super pack set would cost as this is a special promotion.

    LEGO fans claims they have found this set in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden toy stores. Not available in USA or Canada.

    LEGO Star Wars 66308 Exclusive Super Pack (

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