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    USA and Canadian customers are now able to order many of the new summer sets. This includes the themes of Agents, Castle, City, Power Miners, Space Police, Racers, Ferrari, Duplo Thomas & Friends. To view all the new LEGO sets, scroll down and click on our links provided !


    Blast off into space, fight the aliens and take back control with the all new LEGO space police collection !

    5969 Squidman Escape                                 5970 Freeze Ray Frenzy


    Ready for the next mission? With 5 new missions, agents is sure to be an explosive adventure !

    8971 Aerial Defense Unit


    Castle Fans will now be able to expand their castle world with these new sets !


    One of the coolest things about the new power miner sets is that they all include new and bigger rock monsters !


    The best set so far for the new city sets will be the 7641 City Corner featuring a bus which passengers can actually seat themselves and lots of details !


    Heres the list of all the NEW Summer Sets that are now available at the Official LEGO Shop Website.


    Agents 2.0

    8967 Gold Tooth’s Getaway

    8968 River Heist

    8969 4-Wheeling Pursuit

    8970 Robo Attack

    8971 Aerial Defense Unit



    7638 Tow Truck

    7639 Camper

    7641 City Corner

    7642 Garage

    7686 Helicopter Transporter



    7097 Troll’s Mountain Fortress

    7078 King’s Battle Chariot

    7079 Drawbridge Defense

    Power Miners

    8962 Crystal King

    8963 Rock Wrecker

    8964 Titanium Command Rig

    Space Police

    5969 Squidman Escape

    5970 Freeze Ray Frenzy

    5971 Gold Heist

    5972 Space Truck Getaway


    Thomas & Friends (DUPLO)

    5545 Stanley at Great Waterton

    5546 Thomas at Morgan’s Mine

    5547 James Celebrates Sodor Day

    Star Wars and Indiana Jones are not available at LEGOshop yet, but we have received reports that they have been found in certain ToysRUs in Germany.

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    Amazon Japan shows a upcoming LEGO 10199 Christmas Tree / House scheduled to be released this Ocotober 25 ! This set will most likely be retailed at around $49.99 USD / $64.99 CAD

    LEGO 10199 Christmas Tree (

    EDIT: The online store shows up as buy 2, get the 2nd lowest price item 15% off. Buy 3, get the 3rd lowest price item 25% off. This works out to only around 8% off each set.

    If you do it in-store, it will be 15 / 25% off your entire purchase and won’t be only the last item that will be discounted.

    ToysRUs Canada is going to have a sale from May 22 to May 28 for ALL

    -LEGO Pirates, City, Racers, Power Miners

    *The sale will be buy 2 & save 15% off, buy 3 & save 25% off.

    Plus ! Order online with an order of $49.99 or more and its free shipping !

    View ToysRUs Canada LEGO section here !

    New LEGO Creator Sets are to be released this summer ! Check out these images !

    6754 Family Home

    LEGO Creator 6754 Family Home (

    6753 Highway Transport

    LEGO Creator 6753 Highway Transport (

    6752 Fire Rescue

    LEGO Creator 6752 Fire Rescue (

    6751 Fiery Legend

    LEGO Creator 6751 Fiery Legend (

    Plus ! Here’s a sneak peek of the upcoming 7687 City Advent Calendar to be released this Christmas Season ! LEGO City 7687 Advent Calendar (

    Starts May 20 – June 3rd (2 weeks). Here are the 4 items of whats on sale this week from LEGO Shop @ Home Phone Specials: All prices are in USD* (Canadians will still receive these sales but prices will be converted to CAD) Availability is at the time they receive your call. So call LEGO now !

    -5615 Castle The Knight $1.98 (reg. $3.49)

    -7048 Troll Warship $59.98 (reg. $79.99)

    -Holiday Greeting Cards  $0.98 (reg. $2.99)

    -10177 Boeing 787 Dreamliner $49.98 (reg. $79.99)