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    The new LEGO summer sets are soon to be released in europe & uK ! All these new sets can now been seen as unavailable at the LegoShop website for europe & uK except indiana jones and star wars. These themes includes agents, city, castle and much more ! (power miners are not there yet)

    *Canada & USA already has these new sets available for sale at LegoShop.

     7642 City Garage (

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    The 852553 Star Wars Magnet Set is now available at in Europe and the uK. This new magnet set includes a rebel y-wing pilot, an AT-ST pilot and a stormtrooper. This set is not available in Canada and USA but will most likely be in the future. LEGO Star Wars 852553 Magnet Set Stormtrooper 2009 (

    LEGO Indiana Jones 2 Video Game is set to be released this Fall 2009 and is currently being developed by Traveller’s Tales and will be published by LucasArts.

    Based on the following 4 Indiana Jones Movies:

    -Raiders of the Lost Ark                         -Temple of Doom

    -Kingdom of the Crystal Skull                -Last Crusade 

    LEGO Indiana Jones 2:The Adventure Continues (

    This time, added features includes creating your own levels, share them with your friends or adding them to existing ones in the game ! Theres also all new animations and much more !


    Learn more about it here.

    ToysRUs Canada is having 20% off ALL* LEGO Bionicle, Agents and Creator theme sets !   

    *excludes clearances                                      

    LEGO Agents 8971 Aerial Defense Unit (

     LEGO Creator 4996 Beach House ( Bionicle Vorox 8983 (

    Another item on discount is $30 off the ToysRUs Exclusive LEGO Star Wars 7680 The Twilight.

    Reg. $119.99         NOW: $89.97

    LEGO Star Wars 7680 The Twilight (

    Sale Starts Friday May 29 to Thursday June 4.

    ToysRUs USA is having a Lego Bionicle Sale of buy 1 get 1 50% off. 2nd item must be of equal or lesser value. To maximize your discount, we recommend you purchase 2 items at the same price to get 25% off each set.

    This ToysRUs USA sale ends May 30.