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    Apparently, the LEGO Star Wars 10198 Tantive IV may not be an exclusive item to LEGO as its available for pre-order from Target. Target also offers FREE Shipping to this set as well ! Its kind of strange how this set is listed as “exclusive to LEGO” when its actually available from other retail stores. Keep in mind that LEGO exclusives also tends to be available to most retail stores after a certain period of time such as the 10188 Death Star.

    LEGO Shop product description

    10198 – Tantive IV
    Ages 14+.  1,408 pieces.
    US $149.99 CAN $199.99 UK £ 97.86

    LEGO Star Wars 10198 Rebel Tantive IV (

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    Thanks to Amazon Germany, we now know the set names for the next wave of LEGO Star Wars 2010 sets ! These sets will most likely be released this upcoming December.

    LEGO Star Wars 8083 Rebel Trooper Battle Pack (~$10-15 USD)

    LEGO Star Wars 8084 Snowtrooper Battle Pack (~$10-15 USD)

    LEGO Star Wars 8085 Freeco Speeder (~$20-$30 USD)

    LEGO Star Wars 8086 Droid Tri-Fighter (~$30-40 USD)

    LEGO Star Wars 8087 Tie Defender (~$40-60 USD)

    LEGO Star Wars 8088 Arc-170 Starfighter (~$60-80 USD)

    LEGO Star Wars 8092 Luke’s Landspeeder (~$15-$30 USD)

    The sets on the right  are most likely the new 2010 hoth battle packs. These pictures were from the background of a previous interview for the ToysRUs exclusive 7754 Mon-Calamari Star Cruiser.

    LEGO Star Wars 2010 sets blury images

    We’ll keep you informed – Guarantee !

    Check us back often to be the first to receive more updates regarding these new LEGO Star Wars 2010 sets !

    Toys N Bricks (

    Check out these new images for the upcoming LEGO 10199 Winter Toy Shop ! This set has 815 pieces and includes a light up brick. Also features 8 cool minifigures including a snowman, 2 skiers, 2 carol singers, and 3 other minifigures. With this high piece count, it looks like the price will not be as low as we expected. (~$100 USD)

    LEGO 10199 Christmas Winter Toy Shop (

    This set is sure to be a hit this holiday season with 2 all new carol singers minifigures and a detailed christmas tree with presents !

    LEGO 10199 Christmas Tree Winter Toy Shop ( 10199 Winter Toy Shop Carol Singers (

    USA now has the hardcover Visual dictionary available for pre-order at a sale price of $14 ! They also have the V-19 torrent for sale at $46.83 and the UCS Darth Vader’s Tie Advanced Fighter for $79 !

    LEGO Star Wars : Clone Wars 7674 V-19 Torrent ( Star Wars 2009 Visual Dictionary & Luke Skywalker (

    And they are also selling the LEGO Star Wars 10195 Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker online as well. A big hint that this set is no longer an exclusive set to LEGO as its also available from ToysRUs as well.

    [USA & CAN] LEGO Star Wars Limited Edition sets now available

    -all the limited edition sets can now be ordered from LEGO Shop such as the 7754 Mon Calamari Star Cruiser

    [USA & CAN] Indiana Jones Peril in Peru ON SALE !

    -now on sale for only $34.98 USD and $48.98 CAD !

    [USA & CAN] LEGO Architecture sets now available

    -all the newest LEGO Architecture sets can now be purchased from LEGO Shop

    [USA & CAN] LEGO Shop Phone Specials / Sales

    -6 items from LEGO Shop @ Home are on sale if you order by phone

    [USA] Borders 40% off any 1 item and 20% off ALL Toys

    -check out their LEGO selection all priced at MSRP and be sure to use their 40% off coupon

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