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    A well known italian site claims a new LEGO line – LEGO Atlantis ! Scheduled to be released in 2010, this theme will be very similar to Aqua Raiders. Butwe’ve still got no clue if this is real or just another rumour

    LEGO Atlantis Rumour 2010 sets (

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    Even though the Global Toy Market has declined for the first half of the year, LEGO still made an improvement ! LEGO Star Wars & LEGO City remains to be best seller and there has been improvement in all other LEGO themes. LEGO’s high quality toys provided them with huge demands from consumers worldwide ! More Details.

    LEGO City : 7641 City Corner (

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    Sale starts September 4 – 16.

    Get the LEGO 10185 Green Grocer at a sale price for only $119.99 USD ! This discount cannot be combined with any other offers. The code is 4588420. This applies to LEGO Stores in the USA and perhaps online at LEGO Shop @ Home website. From previous records of sales, Canadians may be able to receive this offer as well but at coverted currency.

    LEGO 10185 Green Grocer (

    Starts August 16 – 22.

    USA Target is having a 10% off ALL LEGO Star Wars and a 20% off the new 7748 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid ! *Note that the 10% off discount applies to only the 2009 Star Wars sets and the new summer sets that were recently released. UCS sets are excluded. You can shop online at Target or visit one of their stores.

    LEGO Star Wars : Clone Wars 7748 Corporate Alliance Tank Droid (

    Available in USA & Canada only.

    Check out the 8 new LEGO Racers Toys from Mcdonald’s ! Each racer features 3 pieces to put together and special stickers to apply to each racer. Note that quantites are limited depending on how fast your Mcdonald’s sells these toys. You can get these LEGO Racers toys with the purchase of a Happy Meal or you can just purchase the toy itself.

    Promotion starts August 14 – September 10.

    1. 6 x 2 Turbo         2. Rally Fire        3. Curve Cruiser

    4. Circuit Star          5. Lap Star        6. EZ Rally

    7. Curve Chase       8. Sport Racer

    LEGO Racers Mcdonald's 2009 Promotion (

    You could win a FREE Mcdonald’s 2009 Promotion #4 Circuit Star LEGO Racer and we’ll pay the shipping ! All you have to do is just be a beta tester for our upcoming forums. Post a comment on our featured article to let us know.