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    Check out these upcoming LEGO sets including the LEGO 852753 Vintage Minifigures Collection Volume 4 and the LEGO Pirates 852747 Battle Pack !

    LEGO 852753 Vintage Minifigures Collection Volume 4 (

    The new Vintage Minifigures Collection includes a 1st generation classic castle soldier from 1978, a Santa Claus and much more ! The Pirates battle pack is a great addition for building up your army against the royal soldiers !

    LEGO Pirates 852747 Battle Pack (

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    A new Tic Tac Toe will soon be available for sale in Canada and USA ! This new LEGO Pirates 852750 Tic Tac Toe game includes 90 pieces with 10 different minifigures. Its currently listed as “unavailable” at the LEGO website.

    LEGO Pirates 852750 Tic Tac Toe Box (

    LEGO Pirates 852750 Tic Tac Toe (

    Check out the upcoming LEGO power miners set – the 8708 Cave Crusher. Judging the box size, we estimate that this set will most likely be around the $50-70 USD range.

    LEGO Power Miners 8708 Cave Crusher (

    The Limited Edition LEGO Star Wars 7753 Pirate Tank is now listed as available for pre-order at the Target website for $39.99 USD. Also, the highly sought after 7679 Republic Fighter Tank will make another appearance again ! So if you missed out, not to worry. Both these sets are available to ship in 2-4 weeks. Right now at the Target website, if you purchase 2 or more LEGO sets, you can receive a 10% off discount on most of them.

    LEGO Star Wars : Clone Wars 7753 Pirate Tank ( Star Wars : Clone Wars 7679 Republic Fighter Tank (

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