Details for the LEGO Store Grand Opening Celebrations for the following four stores are now available at! During the weekend celebration, you can also help a LEGO Master Builder construct an 8 foot tall model of either a Spongebob, Buzz Lightyear or R2-D2 depending on your store. Participants will receive a free Certificate of Achievement.

LEGO Store Grand-Openings

  • April 27-29: Opry Mills Nashville, TN
  • April 27-29: Eastview Victor, NY
  • May 4-6: Oakridge Centre Vancouver, BC
  • May 11-13: Mayfair Wauwatosa, WI

LEGO Store Grand Opening Promotions

  • Friday: Free LEGO Minifigure T-Shirt with a $35 purchase!
  • Saturday: Free Limited-Edition LEGO Store Set with a $35 purchase!
  • Sunday: Free Exclusive Minfigure Set with a $35 purchase!

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