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    [REVIEW] UFO 6836 V-Wing Fighter

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    [REVIEW] UFO 6836 V-Wing Fighter

    Postby BobaFett2 » Fri Nov 26, 2010 6:50 am


    6836 V-Wing Fighter is a UFO (Space) set released in 1997, at a price of US $4.00. It came with one Red Android Minifigure (supposedly named Andy-Roid), and was small and very odd.
    6838 Front
    6838 Back
    6838 Bottom
    The V-Wing fighter is a small set, with only 40 parts. It is, however, an odd shape and build. There are three lasers, and on the bottom is a large radar dish for hovering. The thrusters are well done (there is one big one and two smaller ones). The wings are nice, although they do look odd on the ship. The color scheme sometimes seems to work, sometimes doesn't. The few trans neon orange go well with the trans neon green, although the dullness of gray doesn't go so well with neon colors, at least in this case. The black and red, however, go well with the gray. 3.5/5
    The only Minifigure in this set is a red UFO Android. I've heard that he is named Andy Roid and was a kidnapped Explorien (possibly this is from a comic-I do not remember where I heard it). Anyways, the Minifigure is spectacular. While the Blue Android has huge eyes that just don't look that good, this one has a visor. The rest of the face is great, although the mouth could be a better color. The rest of the Minifigure is great, with printing that befits a UFO Minifigure AND an android. 5/5
    The set has 40 parts and costs 4 dollars-exactly a 10 cents per part ratio. Pretty good price, and the set has quite a few useful/rare parts. The best are the two printed "wing" parts, which have two/three similar printed counterparts, but are unique to this set. There is also a 2x2 tile with a UFO face on it, and a 1x2 "control panel". The set contains one of the first cones with a 3x3 base and a 2x2 top. It also has a few SNOT bricks, and a lot of trans neon green. 4.5/5
    The set doesn't have much in the way of building. Very little technique, but it's better than many other similarly-sized sets. 3/5

    -Printed Parts
    -Trans neon green
    -10 cents per part
    -UFO Android
    -Boring Build
    -Gray is too dull for neon colors.

    Overall-3.5/5-It's a nice set, awesome Minifigure, good part value, but something is just missing...
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    Re: [REVIEW] UFO 6836 V-Wing Fighter

    Postby Mantisking » Fri Nov 26, 2010 3:05 pm

    I think it's a cool looking set. If I had been out of my dark ages I would have bought it when it was in retail circulation.
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    Re: [REVIEW] UFO 6836 V-Wing Fighter

    Postby Everybody » Fri Nov 26, 2010 3:08 pm

    This set is weird :?:. Good review.
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    Re: [REVIEW] UFO 6836 V-Wing Fighter

    Postby legitimatealex » Sat Nov 27, 2010 5:29 pm

    Fine set for the time. Find me here on the internet.

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