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    [TNB Review] 21031 Burj Khalifa

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    [TNB Review] 21031 Burj Khalifa

    Postby Brickbuilder0937 » Mon Mar 07, 2016 10:40 pm

    First I’d like to thank TLG for donating this set to review, and say that this review is based on my opinion (not TLG’s).

    Set#: 21031
    Name: Burj Khalifa
    Theme: Architecture
    Year: 2016
    Pieces: 333
    Minifigs: N/A
    Brick Seperator: Yes
    Price: US $39.99 / CAN $49.99 / UK £39,99

    The Box:

    The box is the same high quality and has the same design of all previous architecture sets.


    The Pieces:

    In the box there are two bags of pieces and the instructions.


    The instructions are in paperback book format and include several pages of facts about the Burj Khalifa. The information in the booklet is both in English and Arabic.
    The book format looks nice but makes it more difficult to build because it won’t stay open on it’s own. On the bright side my one handed building skill is improving. (I actually built the whole set with one hand.)


    Mostly gray with some tan and black pieces for the base. Only one printed piece with the name of the tower.


    The only parts that especially stood out to me were the dark red 1x1 round plates with hollow stud.


    The Build:

    The tower’s triangular shape is achieved with technic 3 way cross axles near the bottom and hinges higher up.


    The first part of the tower is pretty repetitive.


    Actually the second part of the tower is kind of repetitive too. But the end result is a nice looking tower.


    This version of the Burj Khalifa looks even nicer compared to the previous version.



    DESIGN 9/10 - A very accurate model with little room for improvement at this scale.

    BUILD 7/10 - Repetitive but still has some interesting techniques.

    PARTS 6/10 - mostly common pieces in common colors

    PRICE 6/10 - At 12 cent per piece it’s not the most expensive set, but for an Architecture set its about average.

    OVERALL 7/10 - I really like this set, it makes a nice display piece. But like most Architecture sets it’s a little pricey for its size and I would likely wait to see if I could get it on sale.

    Thanks for reading and don't forget to answer the poll.
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