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Range Rover Evoque SUV with air ride

PostPosted: Wed Dec 28, 2016 11:03 am
by loxlego

For my final post of this year, I am proud to introduce the Range Rover Evoque with air ride.
Thanks to all for the comments and suggestions in my WIP thread to create a better SUV.
The car was too black so I added white, it was too low so I raised it a stud and the hood wasn't
slanted enough so I re-created the front of the vehicle. I reduced the weight to 6.3 pounds (2850g)

The car funtions really well, I highly suggest using an S-brick for this car as the receivers are hidden
behind the seats. This car has  4wd, air ride, torsion bar suspension, 2 XL motors for drive, 2 m motors for lift, V8,
servo for steering, gear shifter turns on the lights. The car is finally to a perfect scale. The hard parts of this
build was the air ride, torsion bar and having the doors start low at the front and higher at the back. I bought a pair of custom chrome exhaust pipes for this built.

Video: [youtube][/youtube]



Framework video: [youtube][/youtube]