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    LEGO Ninjago Cases (Masters of Spinjitzu)

    Check out these new LEGO Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu Cases! These were found at Meijer USA for $6.99 from staff ncbarrett. Also had a Ninjago Work station for $59.99, similar to the regular one, except it had 3 red and 3 black cases and had 2 grey baseplates.

    LEGO Ninjago Cases

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    Planning to buy the new just released LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Video Game? now has them instock and there are some coupon codes you can use too. Both coupons are good for everything at GameStop except for Consoles and Gift Cards. Coupon expires in 3 days on November 15, 2011.

    • $15 off in-stock purchases of $89.99 or more. Use Code KODOS
    • $10 off in-stock purchases of $69.99 or more. Use Code KANG

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    [MOC] MOD Museum

    Check out this cool LEGO creation from forum member dho7622u! To submit your comments and to view additional pictures of this creation, please click here.

    Got an awesome LEGO MOC? Share it with us in the Cool Creations Forum!

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    The LEGO Group has decided to close their LEGO Design by Me customization service. Orders are accepted until January 16, 2012. The Hero Recon Team customization service for Hero Creator will continue to operate. Its rather unfortunate, but one of the reasons for the closure is that the LEGO Design by Me experience did not live up to the quality standards that LEGO wants. Below is the LEGO Press Release.

    Design byME to close in January

    The LEGO Group is closing that part of the Design byMe customization service that allows consumers to order digital models in real bricks. We will be accepting orders until January 16, 2012.

    Consumers will still be able to design what they want with LEGO Digital Designer and upload models into a public gallery as before. All existing models will be transferred to a new gallery on the LDD website. Consumers will also be able to download the instructions generated from LEGO Digital Designer.

    The HERO Recon Team Hero Creator will be unchanged and consumers will still be able to build and buy their own customized Hero. Bricks can be bought separately, using the Pick a Brick service.

    This is not the end of customization for the LEGO Group, but a revision. We believe in the future of customization, but the service we offer has to be right for our consumers and Design byME has proven to be too complex for children.

    The original Design byMe vision was for a unique customization service, where consumers could design whatever they imagined, display it and get the model sent to in their own LEGO box. Design byMe as a concept attracts several million people each year to build a huge range of amazing creations using the LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) software. Despite this success, the overall Design byMe experience has struggled to live up to the quality standards for a LEGO service.

    Over the years, we have also added other simpler customized building experiences like Hero Recon Team. However, the overall Design byMe experience has struggled to live up to the quality standards for a LEGO service. The feedback from Design byMe users has taught us that we would need to rebuild the entire setup of Design byMe to fix this. This would only make the service too expensive.

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    LEGO Bullseye Target Gift Card Review

    Forum member LegoBrandon shares a LEGO Review on the 3 in 1 LEGO Bullseye Target Gift Card set. If you are a forum member, don’t forget to submit your ratings!

    This is a very neat little set and its free when you buy a Target Gift Card in the United States. Essentially speaking, this is a 100% free LEGO set so there’s no reason not to get it.

    Write a Review and share it with us in the LEGO Reviews Forum!

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