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    October 2017 is now here! This month from September 22 to October 8, LEGO Brand Retail Stores will be offering a free exclusive LEGO Lloyd Minifigure with a purchase of $50 or more. From October 1-31, you can get a free mini LEGO Friends Keepsake box with a purchase of $25 or more.

    The most unique offer this month appears to be the free exclusive LEGO VIP set which you can get free when you spend $125 or more. In addition, there will also be double VIP Points from October 10-25. The exclusive VIP set is a LEGO Brand Retail Store containing a LEGO Brand Store Employee minifigure as well!

    Shop Now: US | Canada

    The full October 2017 LEGO Brand Retail Store Calendar can be found here.

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    The official press release for The Batman Movie 70922 The Joker Manor is here! It will be officially available at LEGO Brand Stores and LEGO Shop at Home beginning November 24, 2017. This set contains 10 minifigures and includes quite a few cool unique functions. Check out the press release below!

    70922 The Joker™ Manor

    Ages 14+. 3,444 pieces.

    US $269.99 – CA $349.99 – DE 269.99€ – UK £249.99 – DK 2299.00 DKK

    *Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit for regional pricing.

    Dare to enter The Joker™ Manor!

    Help Batman™, Barbara Gordon, Alfred Pennyworth™ (in his classic Batsuit) and Nightwing™ regain control of the jokerized Wayne Manor with this massive THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE set. The Joker™ Manor is packed with iconic details from the movie and cool functions, including a rollercoaster encircling the whole building, a huge buildable The Joker head with trapdoor and slide, punching boxing gloves, a rocking ‘The Joker’ sign and rotating ‘big eye’ tower. The interior includes a cinema room with a romantic DVD element, kitchen with buildable microwave plus lobster and lemon-slice decorated tile elements, living room with a buildable grand piano, fireplace and bust, swimming pool room, and a music studio with guitar element and buildable mixing desk and loudspeakers. Build this magnificent manor and then recreate your favorite scenes from the movie with 10 included minifigures.

    • Includes 10 minifigures: The Joker™, Batman™, Barbara Gordon, Harley Quinn™, Nightwing™, Alfred Pennyworth™ Classic Batsuit, Disco Batman™, Disco The Joker™, Disco Batgirl™ and Disco Robin™.
    • Features a grand entrance flanked by 2 buildable bombs with translucent spark-style elements, 2-level and 3-level towers with turrets and flag elements on top, a rollercoaster track and train with 3 cars (each with a minifigure seat), rotating ‘big eye’ tower with lever-operated iris to ‘look’ up and down, huge buildable The Joker™ head with trapdoor and slide, rocking ‘The Joker’ sign, ‘Ha! Ha!’ sign, 2 wheel-operated punching boxing gloves, plus many multicolored, translucent light-style decorative elements.
    • Activate the trapdoor to send a minifigure tumbling from the top of the The Joker™ head, down the slide and out through the mouth.
    • Interior includes an entrance hall with 4 plastic, bendy ‘mirror’ elements; living room with a buildable grand piano and stool, bust, and fireplace with translucent-red fire-style elements; cinema room with a screen, minifigure seat and assorted elements including a romantic DVD; kitchen with cup, pot and pan elements, and a buildable microwave with lobster, lemon and plate elements inside; music studio with a buildable mixing desk and loudspeakers, seat and a guitar element; swimming pool room with translucent-blue water-style elements; and an attic with 2 buildable boxes and a rat figure.
    • Weapons include Batman’s Batarang, Barbara Gordon’s revolver and Harley Quinn’s bat.
    • Disco Batman™, Disco The Joker™, Disco Batgirl™ and Disco Robin™ minifigures are new!
    • Recreate and reimagine memorable scenes from THE LEGO® BATMAN MOVIE.
    • The Joker™ Manor measures over 21” (55cm) high, 25” (66cm) wide and 10” (27cm) deep.
    • Rollercoaster train measures over 1” (3cm) high, 5” (15cm) long and 1” (3cm) wide.

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    The September 2017 Monthly Mini Model Build instructions are now available! If you are unable to attend the mini model build session, you can use your own personal pieces to recreate your own Mini LEGO Dinosaur. Looks like there’s quite a bit of green pieces in this Dinosaur. ( :

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    LEGO Collection Stolen

    Brian Richards, a LEGO fan recently has his LEGO Collection stolen. Its very unfortunate that there are people out there that steals people’s LEGO collections. ) :

    We ask the LEGO Community to be on the lookout. To learn more about his LEGO collection and how you can help, please read below and visit his site. Hopefully, he is able to get his LEGO collection back. Thanks to forum member Jeffery for alerting us regarding this.

    When did this happen?

    Sometime after 12:00am ET on Aug 28 (when I got into bed) and 9:00am ET on Aug 28 (when I returned to my basement office) some person(s) invaded my home and relieved our basement of practically every piece of LEGO. And that’s it. None of our expensive electronics (computers, monitors, microphones, etc.), none of my expensive camera equipment (body, lenses, lighting, etc.), none of my woodworking tools (table saw, mitre saw, drill press, router table, etc), or any other things of any kind.

    My office, stripped of LEGO

    How can someone help?

    Our collective hunch is that the sets are being sold off individually and the rest of the pieces sold in one or many bulk lots. The best way you can help is to keep your eyes peeled for used LEGO that’s up for sale. Maybe via Craigslist, maybe via Facebook, maybe via ebay, or pawn shops, or elsewhere. The seller is probably going to list them within a couple hundred miles of Grandville, MI (49418).

    Please either contact the Grandville Police directly via 616-538-6110 or or email me privately. My email address is my first name at this domain.

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    The LEGO Group has announced that its revenue has declined by 5% for the first half of 2017. Future plans from LEGO include a smaller and simpler organization. LEGO is also planning to reducing its total global workforce by 8% by the end of 2017 which would eliminate about 1400 positions. Currently, there are about 18,200 employees.

    2017 First Half Financial Highlights (compared to first half 2016)

    • Revenue down 5 percent to DKK 14.9 billion compared with DKK 15.7 billion
    • Operating profit down 6 percent to DKK 4.4 billion compared with DKK 4.7 billion
    • Net profit down 3 percent at DKK 3.4 billion compared with DKK 3.5 billion
    • Cash flow from operating activities was DKK 4.6 billion compared with DKK 3.9 billion

    Plan for smaller and simpler organisation

    Knudstorp said: “In the process, we have added complexity into the organisation which now in turn makes it harder for us to grow further. As a result, we have now pressed the reset-button for the entire Group. This means we will build a smaller and less complex organisation than we have today, which will simplify our business model in order to reach more children. It will also impact our costs. Finally, in some markets the reset entails addressing a clean-up of inventories across the entire value chain. The work is well under way.”

    As a consequence of the plans, the LEGO Group believes it would need to reduce its total global workforce by around eight per cent. This would impact approximately 1,400 positions, the majority before the end of 2017.  Currently the LEGO Group employs approximately 18,200 people.

    *The full press release is available here.

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    LEGO Bricktober Minifigures 2017 Revealed!

    The Bricktober 2017 LEGO Minifigures have been revealed. This poster was from a Toys R Us Store in Austria where they will be for sale from September 4 to October 1 2017 at 14,99 EURO. A new set will be available each week. For those living in North America, they should be available starting in October (via BrickSamurai and thebrickfan).

    -Bricktober The LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures – 21 pieces
    -Bricktober LEGO City Minifigures – 21 pieces
    -Bricktober LEGO Character Minifigures  – 18 pieces
    -Bricktober LEGO Ninjago Minifigures – 29 pieces

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    Force Friday starts from September 1-3 at LEGO Brand Stores and LEGO Shop at Home! Some of the new LEGO Star Wars Episode 8 sets will be available for purchase as well. For three days only, there will be the following offers:

    North America
    -free exclusive Scarif Stormtrooper Minifigure with LEGO Star Wars Purchase of $50 or more
    -free exclusive LEGO Star Wars poster (a different poster will be offered each day)
    -Double VIP Points on all LEGO Star Wars items
    -select LEGO Star Wars items are on sale
    Shop Now: US | Canada

    United Kingdom/Europe
    -FREE Mini First Order Heavy Assault Walker when you spend 60 GBP or more
    -free exclusive LEGO Star Wars poster (a different poster will be offered each day)
    -Triple VIP Points on all LEGO Star Wars items
    -select LEGO Star Wars items are on sale
    Shop Now: UK

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    The official press release for LEGO 75192 UCS millennium Falcon is now here! The set will be officially available beginning October 1st. For LEGO VIPs, you can get early access starting on September 14. The set will be on display at LEGO Brand Retail Stores beginning on September 1 (not for sale though).

    75192 Millennium Falcon™

    Ages 16+. 7,541 pieces.

    US $799.99 – CA $899.99 – DE 799.99€ – UK £649.99 – DK 6999.00 DKK

    *Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit for regional pricing.

    Travel the LEGO® galaxy in the ultimate Millennium Falcon!

    Welcome to the largest, most detailed LEGO® Star Wars Millennium Falcon model we’ve ever created—in fact, with over 7,500 pieces it is the biggest LEGO model ever sold! This amazing LEGO interpretation of Han Solo’s unforgettable Corellian freighter has all the details that Star Wars fans of any age could wish for, including intricate exterior detailing, upper and lower quad laser cannons, landing legs, lowering boarding ramp and a 4-minifigure cockpit with detachable canopy. Remove individual hull plates to reveal the highly detailed main hold, rear compartment and gunnery station. This amazing model also features interchangeable sensor dishes and crew, so you decide whether to play out classic LEGO Star Wars adventures with Han, Leia, Chewbacca and C-3PO, or enter the world of Episode VII and VIII with older Han, Rey, Finn and BB-8!

    • Includes 4 classic crew minifigures: Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia and C-3PO.
    • Also includes 3 Episode VII/VIII crew minifigures: Older Han Solo, Rey and Finn.
    • Figures include a BB-8 droid, 2 buildable Porgs and a buildable Mynock.
    • Exterior features include intricately detailed and removable hull panels, a lowering boarding ramp, concealed blaster cannon, 4-minifigure cockpit with detachable canopy, interchangeable round/rectangular sensor dishes, upper and lower quad laser cannons, and 7 landing legs.
    • Main hold features a seating area, Dejarik holographic game, combat remote training helmet, engineering station with turning minifigure seat and a doorway build with passageway decoration.
    • Rear compartment features the engine room with hyperdrive and console, 2 doorways, hidden floor compartment, 2 escape pod hatches, engineering console and an access ladder to the gunnery station.
    • Gunnery station features a minifigure gunner’s seat and detachable hull panel with fully rotating quad laser cannon. An additional quad laser cannon is also mounted on the underside.

    • Also includes an informational fact plaque.
    • Features a new cockpit canopy element.
    • Classic crew weapons include Han’s blaster pistol and Chewbacca’s stud-firing bowcaster.
    • Episode VII/VIII crew weapons include Han’s blaster, Rey’s small silver blaster and Finn’s medium blaster rifle.
    • Change out the features and crew characters to switch between classic and Episode VII/VIII versions of the Millennium Falcon!
    • Open individual hull panels to access the detailed interior while retaining the overall exterior appearance.
    • Slide the panel to reveal the concealed blaster cannon.
    • Turn classic Leia’s and Han’s head to reveal their breathing mask decoration.
    • Makes the perfect intergalactic toy or flagship display model.
    • Measures over 8” (21cm) high, 33” (84cm) long and 22” (56cm) wide.

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