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    The LEGO Creator 40107 Holiday Part 2 Set for 2014 Christmas has been revealed, thanks to Brickset. Like previous years, the set would be a promotional item starting on Black Friday (November 28 22nd, 2014). It sure isn’t a “part 2″ of the current part 1 toy shop 40106 set being given away right now when you spend $99/€55 at LEGO Shop at Home & LEGO Brand Stores. Not an extension of the toy shop, but part 2 would be an ice rink with a slide.

    October Reminder Offers

    • Double LEGO VIP Points on all orders (Oct 1-31)
    • FREE Exclusive Holiday Set 1 of 2 Toy Shop 40106 with purchases of $99/€55 or more (North America: Oct 1-31; Europe: Oct 15-31)
    • Shop Now: USA | Canada


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    LEGO MUJI Japanese Animal Reindeer Set

    Jeff writes in to inform us of a eBay listing for the LEGO Muji Japanese Animal Holiday Reindeer set. There’s not much information regarding this set aside from the listing. Do you think this is indeed a real set? MUJI though however does have LEGO sets which uses a combination of artistic techniques with bricks and paper. The reindeer does look cute though!

    LEGO Muji Japanese Animal Holiday Reindeer Set eBay

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    Forum member gabriellee11 reports finding the new Holiday 2014 Christmas LEGO Snowman set at Barnes & Nobles. Set number is 30197 and is priced at $4.95. A bit pricey (and probably with a $1-1.5 markup), but it does look quite cute!

    LEGO 30197 Snowman 2014 Christmas Holiday Set

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    Forum member Bricks & Blue won a ticket to the event today and has some details regarding it:

    You are receiving this email as you have received an invitation to
    attend LEGO’s Invite Only BIONICLE panel at New York Comic Con on Thursday, October 9th 2014.

    In addition to the BIONICLE Panel at New York Comic Con you have also been selected to attend an invite only after-hours event at the new LEGO Store Flatiron District from 7:00 – 8:30 pm. At the event you’ll have a chance to meet members of the BIONICLE team, build with the new elements & see the models up close!

    murphquake has also posted this exclusive clear LEGO Bionicle Tahu mask. Apparently, they were being given out during the event.

    LEGO Tahu Mask Exclusive

    LEGO Bionicle Tahu Mask New York Comic Con 2014 Exclusive

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    LEGO Architecture fans would be happy to know that two new sets are coming this January! There will be the Lincoln Memorial from Washington DC, as well as the Flatiron Building from New York. Thanks to just2good for the images.

    21022 Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC

    2015 LEGO Architecture 21022 Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC
    21023 Flatiron Building, New York

    2015 LEGO Architecture 21023 Flatiron Building, New York

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    The 2015 January LEGO Friends set pictures are now here, courtesy of just2good. Looks like a pretty good wave!

    2015 January LEGO Friends Sets

    41085 Animal Care Clinic
    41086 Vet Ambulance
    41090 Olivia’s Garden Pool
    41092 Stephanie’s Pizzeria
    41093 Heartlake Hair Salon
    41094 Heartlake Lighthouse
    41095 Emma’s House
    41097 Heartlake Hot Air Balloon

    LEGO Friends Animals Pack Replacement

    41089 Foal Care Stable

    2015 LEGO Friends Set Pictures 41085 41086 41090 41092 41093 41094 41095 41097 41087 41088 41089

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    A Canadian eBay seller in Ontario is currently selling a LEGO Rocket Racoon Minifigure Polybag set. Its labeled as a Toys R Us exclusive with set number 5002145. The minifigure is from the Marvel Super Heroes Guardians of the Galaxy Movie. It should probably be available sometime soon at Toys R Us. (via The Brick Fan)

    5002145 LEGO Rocket Racoon Minifigure Set

    LEGO Rocket Racoon Minifigure Guardians of the Galaxy Super Heroes Marvel Polybag 5002145

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    just2good continues revealing more 2015 LEGO January sets. This time, he has revealed four of the six LEGO Elves set pictures.

    41071 Aira’s Creative Workshop
    41072 Naida’s Spa Secret
    41073 Naida’s Epic Adventure Ship
    41076 Fairan and the Crystal Hollow

    The other two sets that are missing are:

    41074 Azari and the Magical Bakery
    41075 The Elves Treetop Hideaway

    2015 LEGO Elves Set Pictures 41071 41072 41073 41076

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    Four out of the six January 2015 LEGO Creator sets has surfaced from one of the LEGO manuals. These sets are 3 in 1. (via Brickset)

    31030 Go-Kart
    31031 Parrot
    31032 Dragon
    31033 Car Transport

    Two other 2015 LEGO Creator sets would also be released. However, no official images has surfaced yet.

    • 31034 Robot
    • 31036 Toy and Grocery Shop – 3 minifigures, 3 in 1

    2015 January LEGO Creator Set Pictures 31030 31031 31032 31033

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    November 2014 LEGO Brand Store Calendar

    The November 2014 LEGO Retail Brand Store Calendar is now here! There are some pretty exciting things to lookout for next month and that would include Brick Friday Specials (Black Friday) starting on November 28! They’ll also have be offering a free exclusive 2015 LEGO Wall Calendar with purchase of $75 or more from November 1st-December 31st and the Holiday Part 2 set from November 28-December 1st. Quite a short time frame for Part 2 of the Holiday set isn’t it considering Part I is available for all month long from October 1-31st.

    Thanks to staff vynsane for the calendar link.


    • Catch the all-new Ninjago Special Event on Cartoon Network, coming in November
    • Nov 1st – Dec 31st: Free Exclusive 2015 LEGO Wall Calendar with purchase of $75 or more
    • 1st – 2nd: BrickFair LEGO Fan Festival, Somerset, NJ
    • 2nd: Tune in to a brand new LEGO Friends special at 9am/8c on Disney Channel
    • 7th – 9th: LEGO KidsFest
    • 10th: Get the new LEGO Late Holiday catalog
    • 17th: Get the new LEGO Duplo Holiday catalog
    • 21st: Follow us on Facebook to see the next exclusive LEGO set
    • 22nd: VIPs visit the LEGO Store for special Holiday offers
    • 23rd: All-new episode of The New Yoda Chronicles 12pm/11c
    • 28th: Shop early on “Brick Friday” to take advantage of special offers
    • Nov 28th – Dec. 1st: Free Exclusive Holiday Set with a purchase of $99 or more

    November 2014 LEGO Store Calendar

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