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    The LEGO Ideas Creations International Space Station has now reached 10 000 supporters. Congrats to XCLD for this accomplishment. Below is a description excerpt of the creation which you can view more of on LEGO Ideas.

    “I propose this model with is made of approx. 850 bricks (station: 650, shuttle: 50, support: 150) and fits in scale to the Space Shutte included in the Women of NASA ideas set 21312.

    It is as modular, as the original one: All modules can be seperately build and arranged in different ways, as it has been done up there over the years! Therefore future and past modules and spaceships can be added later on: There are enough docking ports left empty.”

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    The LEGO Ideas creation SpaceX Falcon Heavy has recently achieved 10 000 supporters. You can find out more about his creation over here.

    Congrats khehmeyer and good luck on the LEGO Reviews stage! Once a LEGO Creation project approaches 10 000 supporters, it goes to the LEGO Review Stage where LEGO determines whether the set is suitable to be made into an official LEGO set. Various factors and measures are used to determine suitability.

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    Brick Police has built and created a pair of Stockton Police Department Police Cars! These police cars look like they are ready to chase and lock away the crooks. (via Brick Police on Flickr)

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    Nathan Sawaya has created “Hugman” in LEGO form and is currently on LEGO Ideas gathering supporters. In addition, there are also a variety of books for kids aged 2-5. You can see below for more details:

    “After years of creating awe-inspiring artwork out of LEGO bricks, Nathan is launching a new series of imagination-inspiring children’s books and we’d like to see if you’d be interested in reviewing the first four books in the series.

    THE ADVENTURES OF HUGMAN books are timeless stories for kids ages 2 to 5 that follow a little brick buddy named Hugman as he and his friends think outside of the box to tackle problem solving, highlight the benefits of collaboration and teach important lessons of friendship, self-confidence and respect – all while exploring the endless possibilities and creativity with LEGO.

    Inspired by Nathan’s street art sculptures and illustrated by Maarten Lenoir, each hardcover book in the series is 32 pages of engaging artwork and is great for both read alouds and readers alike.” More details available on their website and LEGO Ideas.

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    There’s a relatively new LEGO Ideas creation and it has already gained quite a bit of supporters within the month. Please see below for details. You can show your support by voting for the creation on LEGO Ideas.

    “Valerie Roche, co-designer of the Lego Saturn V suggested I get in touch and let you know we’ve recently co-designed a new SpaceX set, which is now on Lego Ideas. This modular and detail packed set is 1:110 scale to match the Saturn V and includes:
    · Falcon 9 – New Block 5 Variant.
    · Falcon Heavy – With Tesla and satellite.
    · The TEL – Articulated and geared for launch release and tilt.

    This set includes 1,583 bricks and measures over 25″ (64cm) high and 11.8” (30 cm) wide.”

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