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    Forum member Mantisking shares with us his LEGO creation of a Mobile Frame Zero Samurai Soldier. You can check out his creation along with many others in our LEGO Cool Creations Forum.

    “Once again I’ve reached into the past to finish the Attachments for an incomplete squad. I’m calling the Yellowish Green parts “Ghost Steel”.”

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    The LEGO Ideas creation Food Stand Diners by FrostBricks is approaching the 10 000 supporters mark. Currently, it has over 9100 supporters. Once 10 000 supporters have been reached, it goes on to the LEGO Reviews stage where it could potentially become the next official LEGO Ideas set. There are also other LEGO Ideas projects that are close to the 10 000 supporters mark as well as shown in the image below.

    LEGO Ideas First 2018 Review Results

    Projects that achieved 10 000 supporters between January to May 2018 have been reviewed! There were a total of 10 LEGO creations to be reviewed and 2 made it to the finals. Congrats to The Flintstones by Andrew Clark and Treehouse by Kevin Feeser! Both creations will be made into official LEGO Ideas sets and will include minifigures.

    LEGO Treehouse Ideas Creation

    LEGO The Flintstones Ideas Creation

    &nbA couple of LEGO Ideas projects are now approaching 10 000 supporters. These include LEGO Chemical Plant, LEOG FOod Stand Diners and Anatomini. You can support these creations so that it could potentially be made into a LEGO set!

    Once 10 000 supporters have been reached, these creations goes to the LEGO Review stage where it gets evaluated. The chosen set would then be made into an official LEGO Ideas set that would be for sale to the general public.

    The latest LEGO Ideas creation to reach 10 000 supporters is Dinosaurs Fossils Skeletons – Natural History Collection. Congrats to Mukkinn! You can find out more about the creation here.

    Project Description

    Did you ever dreamed to get your own Dinosaur Museum ?
    The collection “Natural History Museum” is giving you the chance to build and expose on your shelf the most famous and majestic creatures who walked on earth
    Don’t miss the opportunity to amaze your guests with these impressive and realistic reconstitutions of various Dinosaur species !

    Set features :

    Triceratops Fossil Skeleton and his exhibition base
    Stegosaurus Fossil Skeleton and his exhibition base
    Dilophosaurus Fossil Skeleton and his exhibition base
    Brachiosaurus Fossil Skeleton and his exhibition base
    Plesiosaurus Skeleton and his exhibition base