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    LEGO Store Calendar November 2013

    The November 2013 LEGO Brand Store Calendar is now out. There’s not too much going on, but on November 29, there will be special giveaways. You’ll also get a chance to win an on the spot shopping spree of $1000 at your local LEGO Brand Store. Thanks to John for scanning the calendar for us.

    LEGO Events November 2013

    • November 5: Free Monthly Mini Model Build (LEGO Tractor)
    • November 8-10 LEGO Master Builder Event at Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida
    • November 29:”Surprise Deals”
    • November 29-December 2: FREE Exclusive Holiday Set with $99 purchase

     November 2013 LEGO Store Calendar (Front)November 2013 LEGO Store Calendar (Back)

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    This month’s mini model build is a LEGO Witch! This event is Tuesday, October 1st, beginning at 5pm at your local LEGO Brand Store.  Event is open to children aged 6-14 and only while supplies last. This is a FREE event and no purchase is necessary. *Date and schedule is for USA and Canada LEGO Brand Stores.

    LEGO Witch

    LEGO OctoberCal_Witch_tout

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    BAM (Books a Million) stores will be having a LEGO Building Event today at 2pm. They have stores in 30 states (mainly Middle & Eastern states). Thanks to forum member GuaranteedUnity for the news.

    BAM September 2013 LEGO Building Event (USA)

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    If you registered for a LEGO Friends Club Meeting, this is just a reminder that it will be occurring tomorrow on Saturday, September 28. For the meeting, you will receive a LEGO Friends T-Shirt. If you have not registered yet, you can still try and see if your local LEGO Brand retail store still have spaces left.

    LEGO Club meetings occur an hour prior to store opening. Cost is $25 (max 20 per store) and kids can participate in building activities and receive gifts such as the LEGO Friends T-Shirt.

    LEGO Friends T-Shirt

    LEGO Friends T-Shirt Club Meeting September 2013 - Toysnbricks

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    Visit your local TRU for a Free Friends Picture Frame Build on Saturday, September 28th from 12-2PM.

    Contact your local TRU to verify they are participating.


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    Forum member legohunter provided us a scan with some of the details of this year’s Bricktober 2013 events at Toys R Us Canada. On October 19, there will be a minifigure trade-in event (similar to the one earlier this month). From 11am-1pm on October 26, you can get participate in a free LEGO S-shield build. After completion, you can take it home.

    LEGO Bricktober 2013 at ToysRUs Canada

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    The 7th LEGO Brand Store in Canada (2nd store in BC) is having its grand opening celebration next weekend! The LEGO Store at Guildford Town Centre will have a building event where you can help a real LEGO Master Builder construct an 8-foot tall model of the Hulk. Participants will receive a free Certificate of Achievement. Join them at the Centre Court from September 20-22.

    Special Promos (for the first 300 people each day)

    • Friday (September 20): FREE Collectible LEGO T-Shirt with a $50 Purchase!
    • Saturday (September 21) FREE Limited-Edition LEGO Store Set with a $75 Purchase!
    • Sunday (September 22): Free Exclusive LEGO Minifigure Set with a $50 Purchase!
    LEGO Brand Store - Toys N Bricks
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    On Thursday, September 12th, visit your local LEGO Brand Store starting at 5PM for a FREE Castle Mini Model Build.  Children aged 6-14 can receive the elements to build a Castle turret.  Quantities are limited to approximately 150 per store.


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    The Home Depot has Kids Workshops that occur every 1st Saturday of each month from 9-12pm. Next Saturday on October 5, The Home Depot USA will be offering a free LEGO City 30221 Fire Car polybag set, as well as Fire Safety Tips for kids. Thanks to DmChylde for contacting us with the tip.

    Home Depot LEGO October 2013 City Fire Car Promotion

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    This month’s mini model build is a LEGO Pirate! This event is Tuesday, September 3rd, beginning at 5pm at your local LEGO Brand Store.  Event is open to children aged 6-14 and only while supplies last. This is a FREE event and no purchase is necessary. *Date and schedule is for USA and Canada LEGO Brand Stores

    LEGO Pirate

    LEGO Pirate

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    LEGO Store Calendar September 2013

    The September 2013 LEGO Brand Store Calendar is now out! Highlights include a free exclusive mini Volkswagen T1 Camper Van with purchases of $75 or more. In addition, you could also get a free exclusive Star Wars Clone Trooper Lieutenant minifigure with LEGO Star Wars purchases of $50 or more.

    Other interesting events to note include a LEGO Pirate Model (free monthly mini model build) on September 3rd and a free Castle Turret Mini Build on September 12. Thanks to forum member Eek for the news.

    September 2013 LEGO Store Calendar - Toysnbricks

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    LEGO Friends Jewelry Box August 2013 - Toysnbricks

    On Thursday, August 1st at 5pm, you can build a free LEGO Friends Jewelry Box at your local LEGO Brand Store! Event  is open only for children (6-14). Models are not for sale and are only while supplies last..

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    Check online or your local store to see if they are holding this event.  For teens and up.  Sign up may be required.


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    Looks like TRU is having another building event.  Saturday July 27th from 12-2 PM.  Call your local store before heading out.

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    BrickFete 2013 LEGO Event in Canada

    Living around the Toronto, Canada area? If so, you may be interested in this annual LEGO event that will be happening on July 13th & 14th, 2013 from 10am until 3pm.

    BrickFete LogoThe public is invited to view the awesome LEGO Creations on display and we can not wait to show you what we have built. You may see things like a huge Serenity ship, large working amusement park ride, massive train/monorail layouts, classic space layout with working lights, funky art sculptures and mosaics, classic city, castle, pirate and viking creations, elaborate war dioramas, various scaled pieces of architecture, working robots and more!!! You will not believe your eyes when you see what our exhibitors can make from LEGO. There is even a brick building area for the kids and you never know when a special character might show up, from Darth Vader to Billy Blue Brick. Tickets sold online here. Tickets Parking & Venue info here.

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