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    The LEGO Movie is officially out today! There are plenty of merchants you can choose to purchase your copy of the LEGO Movie and each offer different deals. After weeks of disputes with Warner Brothers, is now selling the LEGO Movie again. There’s Everything is Awesome for $34.96, 2-disk Blu-ray for $24.99, or 2-disk DVD for $14.99. With the Everything is Awesome package, you also get the exclusive Vitruvius minifigure and lots more bonus content!

    Thanks to forum member tremere for the news with Amazon and forum member Penguinomf for keeping us all up to date with all the deals below!

    Best Buy (from the ad for 6/15-6/21)
    Everything is Awesome combo – $34.99
    Blu-ray/DVD/UV – $17.99
    DVD – $14.99

    -Save $10 when you buy the movie and a LEGO Movie video game

    Target (from the ad for 6/15-6/21)
    EiA combo – $35.99
    BD/DVD/UV – $22.99 (exclusive activity book and cover)
    DVD – $14.99

    -Save $10 when you buy the Blu-ray and any shown set (Bad Cop Pursuit, Ice Cream Machine, or Trash Chomper (also on sale for $25)) or shown video game (LEGO Movie 360, PS3, or Wii U $39.99/3DS $19.99)
    -All LEGO Movie, Creator, and City sets will also be on sale

    US Amazon – Not currently available for preorder. Amazon is having contract negotiation disputes with Warner Bros.
    Canada Amazon – Preorder EiA – $29.97CDN, BD/DVD, $24.97CDN, DVD $18.99CDN

    Kmart (from the ad for 6/15-6/21)
    BD/DVD/UV – $22.99
    DVD – $16.99

    - Shop Your Way members get 20% back in points on City, Movie, and Superheroes sets
    - Free LEGO Movie companion book with any LEGO purchase. Limit 30 per store

    2014 The LEGO Movie Everything is Awesome DVD Blu-Ray - Toysnbricks

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    Paul writes in to inform us that Toys R Us America is now carrying the new LEGO City Repair Lift 30229 Polybag available for sale. Price is $3.49 and contains 40 pieces with 1 minifigure. They are also available in-store as Paul found some at a Toys R Us Store in America.

    LEGO City Repair Lift 30229 Polybag - Toysnbricks

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    If you still haven’t purchased your modular 10211 LEGO Grand Emporium building, you shouldn’t wait too long. The set was released back in Spring 2010 and is the oldest modular building still available for retail sale. The four retailers in America (Amazon, Toys R Us, Target, Wal-Mart) has had this item out of stock for quite some times already. Only retailer that still has it instock is LEGO Shop at Home.

    Its one of the corner buildings and is a really great set featuring a department store with 3 levels with brick built escalators. You definitely do not want to get this in the aftermarket as prices would become very high. These modular building sets will not have any sales nor will they be discounted as part of LEGO’s policy that was implement last fall. However, retailers like Amazon will still carry the LEGO exclusive sets at regular prices.

    Get your order in before June 15th and you’ll also get a free 40108 Balloon Cart LEGO polybag. Thanks to forum member vexxet for the reminder.

    Buy Now: $149.99 US | $199.99 Canada | £132.99 UK

    LEGO Creator 10211 Grand Emporium - Toysnbricks

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    The new LEGO Legends of Chima 30262 Gorzan’s Walker polybag was previously spotted at Toys R Us stores in Canada. Forum member lordoflego reports to us that now has it listed. Its not available online yet, but they are listed as “sold in stores”. Price is $3.99.

    30262 LEGO Legends of Chima Gorzan’s Walker Polybag - Toysnbricks

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    Starting now for 24 hours until tomorrow, Sunday at 9pm PST, TeeFury will be having a LEGO Shirt We are Star Stuff for sale. For the first 24 hours, it will be available for $11. After the first 24 hours, you can usually still get it, but the price will be higher.

    TeeFury LEGO Shirt We are Star Stuff June 2014

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    The LEGO Simpsons Minifigures are one of the most popular Series minifigures. LEGO Shop at Home now has them on backorder. Amazon (USA) had them for a while, but they were always above MSRP. Fortunately, they now have the Simpsons minifigures instock for $3.99 each. The Simpsons House is also back instock for $199.99 as well.

    Some of the hot releases and must haves for June include the following:

    LEGO Movie 70816 Benny’s Spaceship – $99.99

    *Other Movie sets: Super Secret Police Dropship and Emmet’s Construct-o-Mech

    LEGO Movie 70816 Benny's Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! - Toysnbricks

    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76022 X-Men vs. The Sentinel – $49.99

    *Other Guardian of the Galaxy sets: The Milano Spaceship Rescue, Knowhere Escape Mission and Starblaster Showdown

    76022 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes X-Men vs. The Sentinel - Toysnbricks

    LEGO Ninjago 70728 Battle for Ninjago City – $119.99

    *Other Ninjago set: X-1 Ninja Charger

    LEGO Ninjago Battle for Ninjago City 70728 - Toysnbricks

    *The summer 2014 LEGO City Arctic, Ultra Agents and Technic themes are not yet available for sale at Amazon. They do however have the new LEGO Hero Factory sets.

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    Unique New LEGO Sets for June 2014

    Aside from the regular new theme releases like Friends Series 5 Pets, Agents, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ninjago, Technic, City Artic & Trains, there’s also a bunch of other new unique products at LEGO Shop at Home. Until June 15, 2014 (or June 30th for Europe/UK), you can also get a free exclusive 40108 LEGO Balloon Cart Polybag when you spend $75/£50. The set goes great with the new Fairground Mixer exclusive set.

    40112 Friends Model Catwalk

    • $14.99 US / $17.99 Canada / £10.99 UK
    • This set can apparently even hold onto your cellphone. There’s a stand at the back which fits perfectly for playing music!

    LEGO Friends 40112 Model Catwalk - Toysnbricks


    31026 Bike Shop & Cafe

    • $89.99 US / $109.99 Canada / £64.99 UK
    • If your looking for a smaller alternative to modular buildings, this set may just be for you! With plenty of details, this is one of the better Creator sets that was released this year

    Creator 31026 LEGO Bike Shop and Café - Toysnbricks

    2000414 Serious Play Starter Kit

    • $36.99 US  / $36.99 Canada / £23.99 UK
    • One of the new products LEGO has to offer, this set features a random selection of pieces. A perfect gift for people new to LEGO or just about any LEGO fan!

    2000414 LEGO Serious Play Starter Kit - Toysnbricks

    5002916 THE LEGO MOVIE Unikitty Key Light

    • $13.99 US / $16.99 Canada / £7.99 UK
    • There’s a variety of these new lights ranging from headlamps and keychains and you can choose from Super Man, Batman or Cat woman

    5002916 THE LEGO MOVIE Unikitty Key Light - Toysnbricks


    40118 Buildable Brick Box 2×2

    • $16.99 US / $19.99 Canada / £12.99 UK
    • Perfect for storing little items and accessories. There’s even a little minifigure doing a painting!

    LEGO 40118 Buildable Brick Box 2x2 - Toysnbricks


    Of course, there are also lots of new LEGO product collections ranging from Creator, City Arctic, Technic and Minecraft. Unfortunately, there’s not much incentives to get them as you don’t really get any discount. Hopefully as time passes, LEGO will add a freebie into these collections like they did when they added a watch for some of the older LEGO Star Wars bundles.

    5004191 Marvel Super Heroes LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy Collection 76021 76022 76020 76019 - Toysnbricks

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    If you prefer to order from Amazon, both and have some of the new Summer sets (Movie, Super Heroes and more) available for immediate dispatch. Free shipping thresholds are lower at Amazon ($35 for USA, free for UK, £25 for Europe) compared to LEGO Shop at Home ($75 for USA or £49 for UK) and you also get no tax for some states in America.

    The trade off is that if you spend $75/£49 or more, you won’t get the FREE Creator LEGO Balloon Cart polybag set. Also, you get VIP points (about 5% cash back in redemption for LEGO) from LEGO Shop and LEGO Brand Stores.

    Other big box and toy retailers should also be carrying most of these new June 2014 sets as well.

    LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters Ecto-1 21108 - Toysnbricks

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    June 2014 New LEGO Products Launch

    Welcome to June! The first of the month always include loads of new releases, particularly in the summer months. Lots of new products are now available including LEGO Mixel Series 2, City Trains, Movie, Ninjago, Super Heroes and lots more! Plus, don’t forget about the new exclusives including 21108 Ghostbusters, 21107 Micro World The End and 10244 Fairground Mixer. See What’s New: US | Canada | UK

    Until June 30th 2014, you can also get a free LEGOLAND ticket offer with any purchase. The offer is good for one free ticket with any full paid ticket to LEGOLAND Parks or LEGOLAND Discover Centers.

    If you missed the FREE Exclusive Creator LEGO Balloon Cart with every Creator Fairground Mixer Set earlier (for VIPs), they are offering the same freebie again. However, you just need to spend $75 or more and you’ll get the set. Offer is valid from June 1-15. Shop Now: US | Canada | UK

    *Don’t forget to check out this month’s LEGO Store Calendar for LEGO Brand Store events and more!

    LEGO City 60052 Cargo Train - Toysnbricks

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    A few Kmart stores in America have escalated their LEGO clearance discount range to 50% off now. Most stores may still have them at 30% off. Check your local store for details. Thanks to forum members Penguinomf, Nepenthe7 and everyone else for the heads up.

    LEGO Star Wars Z-95 Headhunter 75004 - Toysnbricks

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    The new Marvel Super Heroes LEGO Guardian of the Galaxy sets are now available for sale at Toys R Us stores in USA. This includes the X-Men set too! The movie will be officially released on August 1st, 2014. Thanks to forum member njdion and pumbaugh for the heads up.

    Guardian of the Galaxy LEGO Sets

    • 76019 LEGO Starblaster Showdown
    • 76020 LEGO Knowhere Escape Mission
    • 76021 LEGO The Milano Spaceship Rescue
    • 76022 LEGO X-Men vs The Sentinel

    LEGO Super Heroes X-Men vs. The Sentinel 76022 - Toysnbricks

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    New sets have been added this morning at LEGO Shop at Home. The newly added Summer 2014 themes include LEGO Ultra Agents, City Arctic, Creator, Ninjago, Technic, Duplo and Juniors. Plus, until June 30th 2014, you can also get a free LEGOLAND ticket offer with any purchase. The offer  is good for one free ticket with any full paid ticket to LEGOLAND Parks or LEGOLAND Discover Centers.

    Check them all out here: USA  | Canada

    LEGO Shop May 2014 New Summer Sets

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    LEGO Friends Dolphin Keychain 851324

    Like the LEGO Dolphins? Well, now you can carry it everywhere with you! Staff atmail35 reports that her local LEGO Brand Store is now carrying the 851324 LEGO Friends Dolphin Keychain. Price is $4.99 USD. A great cute little gift!

    851324 LEGO Friends Dolphin Keychain

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    Summer is officially here and of course, that also means new LEGO polybags! Most of these sets are priced at $3.99 each while Toys R Us tends to charge somewhere between $3.99-$5.49. These polybags can usually be found near the checkout aisles or in the Toys department. Thanks to everyone that reported their finds in the LEGO Polybags Availability Forum.

    Chima LEGO 30263 Spider Crawler

    • $3.99 at Meijer stores

    LEGO 30263 Chima Spider Crawler Polybag - Toysnbricks

    Star Wars LEGO 30244 Mini Anakin’s Jedi Interceptor

    • $3.99 at Toys R Us stores

    LEGO 30244 Star Wars Anakin's Jedi Interceptor Mini Polybag - Toysnbricks

    Super Heroes Marvel LEGO 30302 Spider-Man Glider

    • $3.99 at Toys R Us stores

    LEGO 30302 Super Heroes Spider-Man Glider Polybag - Toysnbricks

    Movie LEGO 30282 Super Secret Police Enforcer

    • $3.99 at Target stores
    • $4.99-$5.49 at Toys R Us stores

    LEGO 30282 Movie Super Secret Police Enforcer Polybag - Toysnbricks

    Update: Use promo code (stormcast) for an extra 10% off. Thanks to forum member ricefields for the heads up!
    LEGO Minecraft Micro World The End 21107

    J!NX is now selling the new 21107 LEGO Minecraft Microworld The End set. It is available for $34.99. Limit 6 per customer. We’ve seen an image of this before, but we now have the official images for this set. Official release date is in June 2014. (via Brickfan)

    21107 LEGO Product Description

    Once you’ve equipped yourself for the ultimate battle, you’re ready to enter The End. The Ender Dragon is a fearsome foe, and you’d better be prepared for anything when you enter his domain. Now you can relive the adventure of The End with this LEGO micro-world set. The set also includes the Buildable Ender Dragon and Enderman Micromob figures.

    • New version of LEGO Minecraft featuring The End.
    • Featuring new Micromobs: Endermen & Ender Dragon
    • Ages 10+; 440 pieces

    21107 LEGO Minecraft Micro World The End

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