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    Forum member echobanzai reports to us that he managed to pick up a couple of the new LEGO Star Wars A-Wing Pilot Minifigure polybag set at Toys R Us. They are priced at $4.99 each. Official release date is either October 27th or November 27th, 2016. However, forum member echobanzai was able to pick up a few of these little guys before the actual release date.

    LEGO Star Wars 2016 Rebel A-Wing Pilot Minifigure Polybag (Pre)

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    If you prefer to purchase all of the LEGO Micro Mighty Packs in one, Sam’s Club USA stores have them instock. You can buy 3 Mighty Packs in 1. Price is $24.99 each which would result $5 in savings compared to purchasing them individually (reg.$9.99 each). Thanks to forum member shaevitj for the news.

    66545 DC Comics Super Heroes Mighty Pack (3 in 1)
    -76061 Mighty Micros Batman vs Catwoman
    -76062 Mighty Micros Robin vs Bane
    -76063 Mighty Micros The Flash vs Captain Cold

    66544 Marvel Super Heroes Mighty Pack (3 in 1)
    -76066 Mighty Micros Hulk vs Ultron
    -76065 Mighty Micros Captain America vs Red Skull
    -76064 Mighty Micros Spider-Man vs Green Goblin


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    Barnes & Nobles stores are currently having many sets on clearance with savings up to 50% off. Members save an extra 10%. It may be worthwhile to drop by your local Barnes & Nobles stores to have a look. As usual, prices and selection may vary depending on location.

    Thanks to forum member minifigW for the news.


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    New Fall 2016 LEGO Star Wars Sets Now Available

    The next new wave of LEGO Star Wars Sets are now available for sale at LEGO Shop at Home (US | Canada | UK) and Amazon (US). Some sets are already on sale at Amazon including LEGO Star Wars 75153 AT-ST Walker for $32.82 (reg.$39.99).

    75156 Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle


    75155 Rebel U-Wing Fighter


    75154 TIE Striker (reg.$69.99)


    75153 AT-ST Walker (reg.$39.99)


    75152 Imperial Assault Hovertank (reg.$29.99)

    75119 Sergeant Jyn Erso (reg.$24.99)


    75120 K-2SO (reg.$24.99)


    75121 Imperial Death Trooper (reg.$24.99)


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    New Wave of LEGO Dimensions Packs Now Available

    A new wave of LEGO Dimensions Packs are now available for sale at Amazon America. There’s a few interesting themes ranging from Mission Impossible, Adventure Time and Ghostbusters. Don’t forget that they also have a new PS4 LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack featuring the exclusive Supergirl Minifigure! Thanks to Jeff for writing in with the news.

    71242 Ghostbusters Story Pack (reg.$49.99)
    LEGO Dimensions 71242 Ghostbusters Story Pack

    71245 Adventure Time Team Pack (reg.$29.99)
    LEGO Dimensions 71245 Adventure Time Level Pack - Toysnbricks

    71246 Adventure Time Team Pack (reg.$24.99)
    LEGO Dimensions 71246 Adventure Time Team Pack - Toysnbricks

    71247 Harry Potter Team Pack (reg.$24.99)
    LEGO Dimensions 71247 Harry Potter Team Pack - Toysnbricks

    71248 Mission Impossible Level Pack (reg.$29.99)
    LEGO Dimensions 71248 Mission Impossible Level Pack - Toysnbricks

    71251 A-Team Fun Pack (reg.$11.99)
    LEGO Dimensions 71251 A Team Fun Pack

    LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack PS4 – With exclusive Supergirl Minifigure

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    As advertised on the LEGO Brand Retail Store Calendar for November 2016, LEGO Brand Retail Stores and LEGO Shop at Home will be offering a unique gift for Brick Friday 2016! From November 25-28, you get this neat little looking Snowglobe LEGO set (#40223) when you spend $99 or more. The set includes a LEGO Santa Claus minifigure.

    Black Friday November 2016 LEGO 40223 Snowglobe Exclusive Gift


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    Target America stores are now carrying the mini LEGO Star Wars 30279 Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle polybag set. Price is $3.49 each. Makes a great stocking stuffer for Christmas! Thanks to forum member Morgan19 for the news.

    LEGO 30279 Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle


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    Three new LEGO Dimensions Packs will be released on February 10, 2017. These Dimensions Expansion LEGO Packs will be based on the upcoming the LEGO Batman Movie and Knight Rider. The Batman Movie Story Pack is now available for pre-order at Amazon USA. (via Brothers Brick)

    71264 LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack (Pre-order – reg.$49.99)


    71344 LEGO Excalibur Batman Fun Pack


    71286 LEGO Knight Rider Fun Pack



    LEGO® Dimensions™ Expansion Packs Based on The LEGO Batman Movie and Knight Rider Announced for February 2017 Release

    New Story Pack Lets Gamers Play LEGO Batman’s Big Screen Adventure


    Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today revealed details around three highly collectable expansion packs for LEGO® Dimensions™, the LEGO toy and videogame hybrid, that will be available on February 10, 2017. The LEGO® Batman Movie Story Pack, Excalibur Batman Fun Pack and Knight Rider Fun Pack will broaden the selection of the world’s most popular entertainment brands allowing players to customize their experience by mixing and matching favorite characters and universes with full compatibility.

    Coinciding with the release of the upcoming film on which it’s based, The LEGO Batman Movie Story Pack, will provide a deep, story-driven gameplay experience with iconic DC characters in six puzzle-packed levels and new LEGO Gateway bricks that allow players to build the Bat-Computer atop the LEGO Toy Pad. The pack comes with buildable Batgirl and Robin minifigures and the 3-in-1 buildable Batwing which can be rebuilt into The Black Thunder and Bat-Tank. Gamers can play the complete movie and band together with Batgirl and Robin to fight off the Joker and his team of villains. Batgirl’s batarang, glide and stealth abilities can reach areas with high security access and Robin’s agility and dive skills provide sneak access. Players can also transform Robin into the Nightwing, utilize his vine cut, and deflect moves for more crime-fighting adventures. Batgirl and Robin provide access to the new The LEGO Batman Movie Adventure World with its own unique Battle Arena with competitive split-screen local gameplay for up to four players.

    Batman fans can broaden their LEGO Dimensions gameplay with Excalibur Batman from The LEGO Batman Movie. The Fun Pack comes with a buildable Batman minifigure and a 3-in-1 buildable Bionic Steed which can be rebuilt into the Bat-Raptor and Ultrabat for additional in-game abilities. Players can use Batman’s Master Builder and Sword Switching abilities to solve puzzles and take down enemies. Batman also provides access to The LEGO Batman Movie Adventure World and Battle Arena. The Excalibur Batman Fun Pack will release in North America first at Target.

    Michael Knight and K.I.T.T. from the classic 80s TV series, Knight Rider, are also coming to LEGO Dimensions. Players can add the iconic duo with the Knight Rider Fun Pack featuring a buildable Michael Knight minifigure, and a rebuildable 3-in-1 K.I.T.T., that can be rebuilt into the K.I.T.T. Jet and Goliath Armored Semi for upgraded in-game powers.

    In the game, players can activate Michael Knight’s dodging and dash abilities to solve puzzles and overpower enemies or use his Wrist Watch to uncover secrets behind x-ray walls and outsmart enemies by hacking into terminals and following trails. Players can also fight crime on four wheels with K.I.T.T., the highly advanced, artificially intelligent robotic vehicle, to boost their gameplay. Michael Knight provides access to a new Knight Rider Adventure World with its own unique Battle Arena. The Knight Rider Fun Pack will release in North America first at GameStop.

    Players can continue to broaden and customize their experience with new expansion packs releasing this year. The Ghostbusters Story Pack, Adventure Time and Mission: Impossible Level Packs, Harry Potter and Adventure Time Team Packs, and The A-Team Fun Pack will be available on September 27 and the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Story Pack, Sonic The Hedgehog Level Pack, Gremlins Team Pack, and E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Adventure Time Fun Packs will be available on November 18.

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