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    Forum member soulless_minion informs us that the British Sun Newspaper LEGO promotion is back for 2013! However, it appears that the promotion isn’t as good as before as you now have to pay to them to ship you the prizes rather than redeeming them yourself at a local toy retailer like Tesco or Toys R Us.

    Basically, you have to collect 5 tokens between Saturday, February 23 and Sunday, March 2. Once you have collected 5 tokens, you send it to their address along with £2.20 postage stamps attached or a £3.99 cheque/credit card payment if you want them to do the shipping & packaging. Note that this is in addition to the postage that you need to have to ship the redemption form in the first place.

    More details about ““The Lucky Dip” can be found on The Sun Newspaper LEGO site.

    The Sun Newspaper LEGO UK

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    As a friendly reminder, the online exclusive LEGO 10232 Palace Cinema set is now available for early purchase. FREE Shipping will also be included for this item. Just remember to sign in first to access this LEGO VIP offer!

    Limit 2 per household, offer valid until February 28.  Official release date for non-VIP members will be on March 1st, 2013.

    Buy Now: $149.99 USA | $199.99 Canada | £119.99 UK

    LEGO Expert 10232 Palace Cinema - Toysnbricks

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    The remaining 2013 LEGO products including Legends of Chima and Duplo are now available at LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada | UK).  The Ninjago Golden Dragon set appears to be pretty popular as its sold out everywhere. Shop at Home seems to be the only place that has this set instock at the moment. Remember that if you spend $75 USD/CAD or £50 GBP or more, you can get a free LEGO Legends of Chima Ewar’s Acro-Fighter set. Available while supplies last.

    LEGO Ninjago The Golden Dragon 70503 - Toysnbricks

    New LEGO Products for 2013

    • Refreshes to lines such as Super Heroes, Friends, City, and Star Wars
    • New lines including Legends of Chima, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Galaxy Squad
    • New exclusives – 10937 Batman Arkham Asylum Breakout and 10233 Horizon Express
    • See What’s New: USA | Canada | UK
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    [Europe] LEGO Legends of Chima Now Available

    The full line of Legends of Chima products are now available for sale at LEGO Shop at Home UK and Europe. They are also available for sale at Amazon France. For folks living in North America, these sets will be released on January 1, 2013.

    LEGO Legends of Chima Cragger’s Command Ship 70006 - Toysnbricks

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    LEGO Minecraft Cuusoo Set Back Instock

    The LEGO Cuusoo Minecraft 21102 set is now back instock at all LEGO Shop at Home countries. Thanks to forum member harry99 for the heads up.

    Buy Now: $34.99 USA | $44.99 Canada | £34.99 UK

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    LEGO Cuusoo has recently announced that LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada |UK) will soon be getting a limited supply of the popular LEGO Minecraft Microworld set. However, they don’t have any word on the exact date so keep checking!

    The Cuusoo team also reports that various retailers including will be getting these sets as well so remember to check Amazon as well!

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    Forum member UnknownUser informs us that the LEGO Legends of Chima sets and Speedorz are now available for pre-order at Amazon France. Lots of high quality pictures there so if you want to get a closer look at some of the sets, nows the time! These sets will ship/dispatch when Amazon France gets them instock. The rumored official release date is December 26, 2012.

    Amazon France ships worldwide. If you are outside of Europe, remember that you can get 16.4% VAT  discount during checkout as you do not need to pay EURO tax.

    LEGO Craggers-Croc Boat 70006

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    LEGO The Hobbit Sets Now Officially Available

    The 6 new LEGO Hobbit sets (including the limited edition one) are now available for sale at LEGO Shop at Home (USA | Canada | UK). If you are from USA or Canada, spend $99 or more and your order ships for free. If you are from United Kingdom, spend £50 or more and you’ll get free delivery.

    Buy the LEGO Hobbit Sets: USA | Canada | UK

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    [UK] ToysRUs LEGO Hobbit Sets Now Available

    James writes in to inform us that his local Toys R Us in Warrington, England now has the LEGO Hobbit sets instock.

    Just been to Toys’r’us in Warrington (United kingdom). They had Hobbit sets:
    79003 79000 79001 79002
    All on the shelves for sale. Plenty of them as well.
    I think the prices had a slight mark up against what Amazon are going to list them for – but only a bit more.
    But they did have a ‘spend £75.00 and get a £20 voucher’ offer on all Lego.
    Did not have a camera on me to take a picture – sorry.

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    November 20 Update: Amazon US has “sold out” their pre-orders for the new Hobbit sets.

    The new LEGO Hobbit sets are now available for pre-order at Amazon US and Europe! Expected release date will be on December 1, 2012.

    United States

    Three of the new LEGO Hobbit sets are now available for pre-order at As always, free shipping on orders above $25 and no tax for most states.

    Europe and Britain

    Five of the new LEGO Hobbit sets are now available for pre-order at and some of them have been discounted already! As always, free delivery with no minimum purchase for the United Kingdom and free delivery with orders above £25 for Europe.

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    October 30 Update: Price has went up by £2 to £17.99. thanks hatcher

    Amazon United Kingdom currently has LEGO Friends 2012 Advent Calendar on sale for £15.99. After factoring 16.7% Europe tax discount and shipping, this works out to be £18.28 for North America. Based on 1.6 exchange rate, this works out to be $29.24 USD. As the set retails for $34.99 US / $39.99 CA, this works out to be 17% off for US or 27% off for Canada.

    The LEGO Friends Advent Calendar has very limited availability in North America. If you missed out picking it up at your local LEGO Brand Store, this may be your last chance!

    We would also note that the Fire Temple deal we reported last week is no longer available for international shipping. As there’s no telling when Amazon UK will put on shipping limitations, you should not wait too long to pick up the Friends Advent Calendar if you want this highly sought after set for Christmas.

    Price for a Friends Advent Calendar Set

    • USA/Canada: £13.33 + £4.95 shipping = £18.28
    • Outside of Europe: £29.17 + £22.58 shipping = £35.91
    • Europe: Base price 1-2% VAT difference + Free delivery
    • UK: £15.99 + Free delivery

    Don’t forget that each additional item only cost an extra £1-2 for shipping. If you are outside of Europe, we would definately recommend buying more than just 1 item as shipping for the first item is very expensive (especially if its not North America)! More of their hottest LEGO deals can be found here.

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    LEGO Ninjago Character Encyclopedia Raffle

    On Monday, October 29, DK Publishing and the LEGO Group will welcome brave Ninja to a world full of adventure, danger, epic battles with the release of the Ninjago Character Encyclopedia which includes exclusive minifigure Green Ninja ZX.

    The book is now available for pre-order at Amazon discounted by about 30% off regular price: $12.91 USA | $15.15 Canada |  £10.49 UK | €14,81 France

    Win the Book for Free!

    Get the book before anyone else! DK Publishing and The LEGO Group will be sponsoring two Ninjago Character Encyclopedia. Fill out our raffle form with your name and country of residence in your email if you would like a chance to win one of these books. Raffle runs until October 17 at 21:00 PST. Like all other contests and raffles, Standard Rules apply. Raffle is open to all countries worldwide except where prohibited.

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    The previously sold out LEGO Cuusoo Minecraft 21102 set is now back instock at LEGO Shop at Home. Price is $34.99 USA | $34.99 Canada | £34.99 UK. Limit 1 per customer. Don’t forget the other LEGO promotions going for this month (shown below)! Thanks to forum member zak001 for the news.

    North America (USA | Canada)

    • Double VIP points on all purchases
    • Free Reusable LEGO Tote Bag with any LEGO Duplo Purchase
    • Free TC-14 Minifigure with purchase of 10227 B-wing Starfighter
    • Free Shipping on orders of $99 or more (October 15-31 only)

    Great BritainUK (select offers for EU/AU)

    • Double VIP points on all purchases
    • Free TC-14 Minifigure with LEGO Star Wars Purchase of £50 or more
    • Free LEGO Birthday Cake Set with any purchase of £25 or more (use Toys N Bricks exclusive code CAKE)
    • Free Delivery on orders of £50 or more (October 16-31 only)
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    Update: Sold out now.

    Barnes & Nobles online still has LEGO Kingdoms King’s Castle 7946 instock for the regular retail price of $99.99 USD. This is not really a sale, but considering that the Kingdoms line has been discontinued for quite some time, its a surprise to still see this set available. Thanks to forum member MarkV for the heads sup.

    BN Shipping Charges

    • United States (Non-Members): FREE Shipping on orders above $25
    • United States (Members): FREE Express Shipping with no minimum
    • Canada: First Item $6.48, Additional Items $2.49 each
    • International: First Item $12.98, Additional Items $5.49 each

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    Get it before everyone else! LEGO VIPs are now being given the change to purchase the LEGO 10229 Winter Village Cottage. Official release date is September 30. Like all other VIP exclusive offers, remember that you need to sign in first. Remember that if you order before September 30, you can get a free Exclusive Moster Fighters Zombie Car set with purchases of $75 or more.

    You can purchase your Winter Village Cottage at LEGO Shop at Home: $99.99 USA | $129.99 Canada | £89.99 UK

    To wait or not to wait?

    Double VIP points means you get 99 extra points ($4.95 reward) for the Winter Village Cottage. If you like to think about it this way… Would you prefer to get the Winter Village Cottage 7 days early and use the $4.95 reward for the Monster Fighers Zombie car set or would you prefer to wait 7 days and use the $4.95 reward for future LEGO purchases?

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