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    The new LEGO Minifigures Series 12 are now available for sale at various retailers in the United States. There are reports from Wal-Mart, Target and Walgreens. All three retailers are selling the minifigures for $3.99 each. We thought that the $1 markup from $2.99 was only for The Simpsons Minifigures because of the license. Turns out now that the $3.99 pricing is here to stay!

    Thanks to forum member dehnehsu, ammes7 and poniemomo for the report.

    71007 Series 12 LEGO Minifigures (Pre)

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    The new exclusive LEGO Winter Holiday set is now available for early release. If you are a LEGO VIP, you can now purchase LEGO 10245 Santa’s Workshop. Just make sure to sign in first so you can add the set. The set will be officially available to the public in October. Be sure to check out our featured review for this set if you haven’t done so yet!

    Buy Now: USA $69.99 | Canada $89.99 | UK £59.99 | AU $119.99 | DE €69.99 | DK 649.00 DKK *Euro pricing varies by country

    LEGO 10245 Creator Expert Santa's Workshop - Toysnbricks

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    Forum member starfire2 sent in an image of the LEGO 79016 Attack on Lake Town set. She found this at her local Toys R Us store in Phoenix, AZ. Price is $39.99. Other Toys R Us stores should be putting this set for sale along with the other Hobbit sets soon.

    *Images for these sets were revealed earlier last month, but they had to be removed due to license agreements

    2014 LEGO Fall Hobbit Sets

    • 79015 Witch-King Battle
    • 79016 Attack on Lake-Town (shown below)
    • 79017 The Battle of Five Armies

    LEGO 79016 Attack on Lake-Town at ToysRUs

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    The four new LEGO Bricktober 2014 Mini Modular building sets are apparently now being put on the shelves at Toys R Us for direct sale. Forum member byobu found LEGO 40182 Bricktober Fire Station for $19.99 USD at his local Toys R Us store in America. Although the set is close to the 200 piece range making it the “golden ratio” of $0.1 per piece, the set is actually small and looks more like a $10 set.

    • 40180 LEGO Bricktober Theatre
    • 40181 LEGO Bricktober Pizza Parlour
    • 40182 LEGO Bricktober Fire Station
    • 40183 LEGO Bricktober Town Hall

    LEGO 40182 Fire Station ToysRUs USA
    In the past, these Bricktober exclusives are usually free with LEGO purchases of $60 for USA or $75 for Canada. Do you prefer the new way where Toys R Us now directly sell these sets or do you prefer the old ways where they give them away when you meet a certain spending threshold?

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    The new LEGO City 30310 Arctic Scout and Super Heroes 30301 Batwing polybags are now available for sale at Target stores in America. As reported earlier 2 months ago, the LEGO City Arctic Scout polybag is also available for sale at Toys R Us for $4.99. At Target, the Arctic Scout polybag is priced at $3.49 while the Batwing polybag is priced at $3.99.

    Thanks to forum members Mantisking and ncbarrett for the news.

    LEGO 30301 Super Heroes Mini Batwing Polybag - Toysnbricks

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    Both LEGO Ideas set, the Research Institute and Exo-Suit sets are now instock and available for sale at 21109 Exo-Suit is probably a little easier to find nowadays. 21110 Research Institute on the other hand had been quite difficult to obtain. It also created further difficulties when LEGO Shop at Home listed it as not being available for sale online and caused some worried fans regarding the limited availability at LEGO Brand Stores.

    LEGO 21110 Research Institute (reg.$24.99)

    21110 LEGO Ideas Research Institute - Toysnbricks

    Its definitely good news that Toys R Us is now carrying Research Institute. So far, they’re the first retailer that is not LEGO to be selling the research institute set. This means that LEGO is no longer the exclusive holder for this Ideas set. Hopefully, other retailers in the world would start carrying this set soon. Thanks to Kateryna for writing in with the tip!

    LEGO 21109 Exo-Suit (reg.$44.99)

    LEGO Ideas 21109 Exo-Suit - Toysnbricks

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    5002144 LEGO Ninjago Dareth & Nindroid Polybag

    A new LEGO Ninjago Dareth & Nindroid Polybag (set#5002144) has been spotted at Toys R Us in the United Kingdom. Price is £4.99 and contains 10 pieces. Basically, its just 2 minifigures, Dareth and Nindroid. (via Brickset)

    LEGO Ninjago 5002144 Dareth vs. Nindroid Polybag ToysRUs 2014 (Pre)

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    Update: This appears to be the same T-shirt that was released 6 months ago for $11. However, it is now available for purchase again after the limited time run if you missed it earlier. (thanks gev)

    TeeFury has added a new LEGO T-Shirt on their gallery. It is a black T-Shirt titled as “Brick in the Wall”. Designed by moysche, the shirt is available for purchase at $18 anytime with no time limits.

    LEGO Teefury Brick in the Wall T-Shirt

    LEGO T-Shirt Brick in the Wall Teefury September 2014

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    LEGO Shop at Home has recently just updated the availability status of the popular 21110 LEGO Research Institute set.

    We apologize, but this item is no longer available on Limited quantities may be available in LEGO Store.

    The set will no longer be available for sale online and you’ll most likely have to visit your LEGO Brand Retail store to obtain a copy. Forum member omalak reports from the Fairview Mall LEGO Store in Toronto, Ontario that the employee also mentioned that the stores are expecting to receive stock for the set. Unfortunately, this is going to be difficult for those that don’t live near a LEGO store. Thanks to forum member Marcus70 for the tip.

    21110 LEGO Ideas Research Institute - Toysnbricks

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    The new 2014 LEGO Advent Calendars are now available for sale at Amazon. Free shipping on orders above $35.

    76056 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (reg.$39.99)

    2014 LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 75056 Box - Toysnbricks

    41040 LEGO Friends Advent Calendar (reg.$29.99)

    LEGO Friends Advent Calendar 41040 - Toysnbricks

    60063 LEGO City Advent Calendar (reg.$29.99)

    2014 LEGO City Advent Calendar 60063 - Toysnbricks

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