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    LEGO Shop uK now has all the exclusive limited edition sets for sale including the pirate tank, the Mid-Scale Falcon, and the Home One Mon Calamari Cruiser.

    LEGO Star Wars 7754 Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser (

    *USA & Canada does not have these sets available yet. However, all the new summer Star Wars sets are now available and not on backorder anymore.

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    Update: Most of the good LEGO sets are now sold out in USA & Canada.

    LEGO Shop recently discounted several LEGO items including Indiana Jones, Agents and City. These items are all 30% off their regular prices. This includes the 7628 Peril in Peru, and 8632 Swamp Raid. The “Builder” is 50% off @ $2.49 each.

    *uK LEGO Shop also has a sale featuring different LEGO items.

    LEGO City 5610 Builder (

    After a recent release of the new LEGO Star Wars and Indiana Jones sets in USA and Canada, LEGO Shop continues to add more new LEGO sets including the exclusive 10196 Grand Carousel with power functions and music that is available only from LEGO ! This LEGO set features over 3200 pieces and is the 6th largest set !

    LEGO 10196 Grand Carousel -LEGO Exclusive (

    The Castle theme also received new battle packs including the troll warrior battle pack and the dwarf warrior battle pack.

    LEGO Castle 852702 Dwarf Warrior Battle Pack ( Castle 852701 Troll Warrior Battle Pack (

    Finally, indiana jones received additional accessories including Mutt Williams Keychain, Irina Spalko Keychain, Colonel Dovchenko Keychain, and a LEGO Indiana Jones Magnet Set which includes Indiana Jones, Irina Spalko and Mutt Williams.

    After being sold out for quite some time, the highly sought after limited edition LEGO Castle 7036 Dwarve’s Mine is available again at LEGO Shop for USA & Canada. Most likely, these may be in limited quantites. But for some reason, they do show this as a “new” item… But we still recommend you toorder one now as this may be your last chance to get it at the MSRP price.

    LEGO Castle 7036 Limited Edition Dwarves' Mine (

    LEGO Shop now has all the new summer sets including the Clone Wars, Star Wars Classic and the new Indiana Jones listed. However, some of these sets won’t be shipped till mid july.

    *There are still no signs of the new summer indiana jones sets in Europe.

    LEGO Indiana Jones 7199 The Temple of Doom (

    Weekly Featured News : June 13-19


    [USA & CAN] LEGO Star Wars 10th Anniversary Stormtrooper Magnet

    -Chrome Stormtrooper Magnet now available for sale at LEGO Shop

    [USA & CAN] NEW “Dark Side” Magnet Set Now Available

    -new magnet set featuring battle damaged darth vader, snowtrooper, and shadow stormtrooper now available

    Learn more about our weekly news here.

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    We’ve received word that the new LEGO Star Wars Summer Sets may soon be available for sale this July 1st for both Canada and USA ! Note that this came from an unconfirmed source that can be true.

    LEGO Star Wars 8038 The Battle of Endor (