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    A Fresh New Perspective.

    Update: April Fools.

    Mega Bloks and KRE-O Logo

    We believe that by providing a diversity of news on different building blocks, it would benefit the community as a whole. LEGO does not have many brands and many of them are quite similar. Many of these brands are also owned by the biggest toy companies in the world (Mega Bloks by Mattel and KRE-O by Hasbro) so there’s no reason why we should only report news on LEGO. There’s different price margins for different brands. For higher quality products, you can go for Mega Bloks or KRE-O. But if your on a tight budget, you can go for Best Lock.

    All of the bricks and pieces are compatible with each other and they all have very similar products such as Best Lock’s 33061 Holiday Cottage set vs LEGO’s 4996 Creator Beach House. Even better, all of the Best Lock’s products are based on set number of pieces (50, 80, 110, 160, 170,240, 330, 500, 750, 1000) making price comparison and set sizes even easier. LEGO has been around for a long time so its now time for a fresh new perspective in the building blocks industry. By providing news on other building block brands, we would be able to provide you with news from top Mega Bloks and KRE-O licenses like Hot Wheels, Barbie, Halo, Transformers and G.I. Joe. There will be a brand and a price range that everyone would like.

    • Primary Focus: Mega Bloks & KRE-O
    • Secondary Focus: K’nex, Best Lock and other brands

    We understand that you may have a difficult time transitioning from this. However, we are confident that your views will change once our full transition has been completed. We expect full transition to be completed by the end of this month. Your patience is much appreciated in this matter.

    Best Lock 33061 Holiday Cottage & LEGO 4996 Creator Beach House

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    This month, LEGOShop at Home (USA | Canada | UK) and select European countries will be offering DOUBLE VIP points from April 1-15. Great time to pick up some of the new sets including their exclusives! As always, you’ll get FREE Shipping on orders above $75 for North America and FREE Delivery on orders above £50 for Britain.

    Shop Now: USA | Canada | UK


    Other Regional Offers

    • North American Offer: FREE LEGO Friends Stephanie’s Bakery Stand with any LEGO Friends purchase
    • UK Offer: FREE LEGO DUPLO Apple with every LEGO DUPLO purchase (until April 21)

    2014 April New Product Launch

    Great time to pick up exclusives like The Simpsons House and The LEGO Movie Metalbeard’s Duel as its very hard to get these sets at a discounted price. See What’s NewUSCanada | UK

    LEGO The Simpsons House 71006 - Toysnbricks

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    London Drugs 20% off ALL LEGO This Week

    Until April 2, London Drugs stores in Canada will be offering 20% off ALL LEGO. Select items are discounted a bit more such as City Tanker Truck for $17 (reg.$24.99) and Lone Rangers Stagecoach Escape for $30 (reg.$49.99). Check their online site for store product availability and prices. Great time to pick up some of the newer small sets!

    Thanks to forum member Hoth-Wampa for the tip.

    LEGO Star Wars Battle on Saleucami 75037 - Toysnbricks

      0 Forum Comments currently has a few items on sale including LEGO Super Heroes Quinjet Aerial Battle for $48.99 (reg.$69.99). Plus, if you have Red card, you can save an additional 5% off and get free shipping as well. Thanks to forum member MagnusReign for the heads up.

    LEGO Superheroes 6869 Quinjet Aerial Battle - Toysnbricks

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    LEGO City 2012 Advent Calendar 4428 - Toysnbricks

    Amazon America currently has the 2012 LEGO City Advent Calendar on sale for $29.99 (reg.$39.99). The item is sold by a third party, but is fulfilled by a third party so you’ll receive free shipping from Amazon with orders over $35. The Lord of the Rings The Black Gate is also $44.99 (reg.$59.99) which works out to be 25% off as well. More of their hottest LEGO deals can be found here.

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    The annual May the 4th be with you LEGO Star Wars promotion has been revealed! Between May 3-5, you can receive a free 5002123 LEGO Star Wars Darth Revan Minifigure with a $75 LEGO Star Wars purchase at LEGO Shop at Home or LEGO Brand Stores. There’s no info regarding Europe yet, but chances are, you’ll have to spend an equivalent amount in Euros or pounds. Thanks to forum member Marcus70 for the heads up.

    No other info regarding the LEGO sales for May the Force be with you are available yet.

    2014 May 4th Promotion LEGO Star Wars Darth Revan Minifigure

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    This week from March 30 to April 5, Toys R Us USA stores and online will be offering 20% off your regular & sale-price purchase (with coupon below). Some items like the new micro LEGO Star Wars Tie Interceptor has not been marked up yet and is still priced at $9.99. Hopefully, some of their sale prices remains the same from last week.

    ToysRUs 20 off Friend & Family 2014 April LEGO Coupon

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    This week from March 28 to April 3, Toys R Us Canada will be offering 20% off select LEGO Star Wars, Castle, Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit building sets. Sets shown include Castle Forest Ambush, Dragon Mountain and Star wars A-Wing Starfighter. As always, you’ll get free shipping when you spend $25 or more for online purchases. LEGO Star Wars 75003 A-wing Starfighter - Toysnbricks

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    Check out this cool LEGO creation from forum member legodt! Got an awesome LEGO MOC? Share it with us in our LEGO Creations Forum.

    [MOC] Paris Opera at Palais Garnier

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    LEGO Star Wars Darth Revan, 5002123

    Czech Toy shop Legenio has reaveled an image of a 5002123 LEGO Star Wars Darth Revan minifigure. Price is 249 CZK which works out to be about $13 USD. This minifigure will most likely end up being a promotional minifigure in North America and the United Kingdom. Maybe this year’s May the fourth promotion? Thanks to Brickset for the news.

    LEGO Star Wars Darth Revan Minifigure 5002123

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    Target stores in Canada are now starting to carry the new LEGO Super Heroes 30300 The Batman Tumbler Polybag (USA stores had them a month earlier). These are currently being priced at $4.99 CAD each. Thanks to forum member darbee for the heads up.

    LEGO Super Heroes 30300 The Batman Tumbler Polybag

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    The popular 21104 LEGO Cuusoo NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover is now listed as “Call to check product availability”. It won’t let you add it to the shopping cart as they probably only have a few left instock. Visit the LEGO Customer Service Page for the designated phone number for your country. Thanks to forum member lordoflego for the heads up.

    21104 LEGO Cuusoo NASA Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover - Toysnbricks

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    The Simpsons LEGO Minifigures Series 13 (May 2014)

    The official pictures for the latest installment to the LEGO Minifigures Series has been published on LEGO’s Facebook page, as well as from Gizmodo. The Simpsons minifigures will be available for sale in May and will be priced at $4 USD each. This will probably be the hottest selling LEGO minifigures series to date. Thanks to everyone who contacted us with the news.

    LEGO The Simpsons Minifigures Series

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    Taking a break from some of the bigger LEGO Movie sets, we’ll be having a look at the three smallest LEGO Movie sets today. Check it out in the LEGO Reviews forum.

    • 30280 Piece of Resistance
    • 30281 Micro Manager Battle
    • 30282 Super Secret Police Enforcer

    LEGO Movie Polybags 30280 Piece of Resistance, 30281 Micro Manager Battle, 30282 Super Secret Police Enforcer

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    The LEGO Movie 30281 Micro Manager Battle set with Wildstyle minifigure is now available for sale at Meijer stores in United States. Thanks to forum member sketchman for the news.

    LEGO Movie 30281 Micro Manager Battle - Toysnbricks

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