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    Check out this cool LEGO creation from forum member yeti79! Got an awesome LEGO MOC? Share it with us in our LEGO Creations Forum.

    [MOC] Golden Crystal Temple

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    2014 LEGO X-Men Minifigures

    Van De Ven Jari from Belgium provided us an image of two LEGO X-Men 2014 Minifigures: Magneto and Storm. Although there’s only just an image of the minifigures, note that this could still be a rumor. However, there’s a good chance that we’ll get some LEGO X-Men sets soon considering that X-Men is part of Marvel (and LEGO currently has the Marvel license).

    LEGO X-Men Magneto & Storm Minifigures 2014 (Pre)

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    Forum member dehnehsu found an image of the 2014 McDonald’s LEGO Movie Happy Meal toys earlier this morning. These LEGO toys will be part of the next Happy Meal promotion. So it looks like we won’t be building anything with LEGO, but instead we get cups that have LEGO Movie Characters on them. There’s 8 cups in total for you to collect. From an adult’s perspective, these are probably way better than the other toys they give out as the cup is actually something useful. Their Happy Meals do make a nice complete snack when you crave some McDonald’s.

    If you live in Canada, Happy Meals are only $3.99 CAD and comes with choice of 4 pieces Nuggets, Chicken Wrap, Cheeseburger or Hamburger, Small Fries/Apple Slices, Yogurt, Child’s Drink and the Toy.

    The next Happy Meal toy will be Adventure Time and Paul Frank (January 17) and will then be followed by The LEGO Movie.

    McDonald's LEGO Movie Action Cups 2014 - Toysnbricks

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    Toys R Us Hong Kong has revealed a new LEGO Star Wars promo minifigure known as TC-4. The red droid will be part of a Toys R Us Hong Kong promotion where if you spend $1200 HKD or more on 2014 LEGO sets, you have the possibility of getting either a free White Boba Fett, Chrome Darth Vader or TC-4 (first 150 customers). The free minifigure will be random. Thanks to Eurobricks user bkctsang for the news.

    LEGO Star Wars TC-4 Minifigure 2014 Hong Kong Toys R Us

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    LEGO had sets and toys for girls in the past, (LEGO Belville) however, it was only really in 2012 when LEGO succeed in capturing more of the girls market. With better designs and sets that are desireable, LEGO Friends became one of the hottest toys and “must haves” for girls. This not only helped LEGO to continue its increasing popularity, but it also helped LEGO continue to expand its profits and business portfolios.

    Of course, a new launch is often times met with criticisms and challenges. There were issues with gender stereotypes, how LEGO Friends didn’t have the traditional LEGO minifigure and many more. In addition, many competitors seeing the significant popularity with LEGO Friends have made similar products such as Mega Bloks Barbie. LEGO though was able to overcome many of these issues through innovation and constant maintaining its highest quality standards from their toys to customer service.

    LEGO Disney Princess 41052 Ariel's Magical Kiss - Toysnbricks

    Beginning this year, LEGO has launched a new theme known as LEGO Disney Princess which primarily targets girls. More sets from the popular LEGO Friends line have also been released with focus on interior, allowing lots of playability.

    Disney Princess

    Six new LEGO Disney Licensed Princess sets have been released ranging from $12.99-$69.99. The sets are built with standard LEGO pieces like LEGO Friends, but you don’t get minifigures. Instead, you get mini LEGO dolls as “minifigures”. The sets are similar to LEGO Friends, but the theme is different as it focuses more on fantasy with princes and princesses. These new Disney sets certainly look promising and with 2 strong brands together, these sets would most likely sell well.

    LEGO Disney Princess Cinderella's Romantic Castle 41055 - Toysnbricks

    • 41055 Cinderella’s Romantic Castle
    • 41054 Rapunzel’s Creativity Tower
    • 41053 Cinderella’s Dream Carriage
    • 41052 Ariel’s Magical Kiss
    • 41051 Merida’s Highland Games
    • 41050 Ariel’s Amazing Treasures



    Unlike Disney Princess, LEGO Friends is based more on a typical City life. Eight brand-new LEGO Friends sets have been released in the January wave. All of them can be easily obtained from most of the big box retailers with the exception of 41056 Heartlake News Van. This set is only available at LEGO Shop at Home, LEGO Brand Stores and one big box retailer (either Toys R Us, Wal-Mart or Target). The largest set in this wave is Sunshine Ranch. However, we’ve received quite a few similar sets like this already including 3189 Heartlake Stables and Toys R Us’ exclusive 3185 Summer Riding Camp.

    We also get a cool 41035 Heartlake Juice Bar building which would complement existing sets like City Park Café and Downtown Bakery sets. Like previous waves, LEGO has once again produced 3 standard $/£9.99 sets featuring one minifigure. Amazon has them marked up to $11.99, so if you want one of these small sets, your best bet would be to get it directly from LEGO and other retailers.

    The best set out of this wave appears to be 41037 Stephanie’s Beach House. Priced at $39.99, you get a two story building with lots of play functions. You also get a windsurfer! This would definitely go well with the Dolphin Cruiser.

    LEGO 41037 Friends Stephanie's Beach House - Toysnbricks
    *2014 January LEGO Friends and Disney Princess sets are also now available for sale at and

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    The new LEGO Movie: The Essential Guide book from DK is now available for sale at Amazon: $9.35 USA | $12.09 Canada | £7.19 UK | €14.2 France. Its also available for sale at the big box book retailers including Barnes & Nobles (USA) and Chapters (Canada). There’s 64 pages which provides information regarding The LEGO Movie and the different sets.

    LEGO Movie Book DK Description

    When an ordinary LEGO(R) minifigure discovers he is the only one who can stop an evil LEGO tyrant from ending the world as he knows it, he embarks on an all-new, all-LEGO adventure. This fully illustrated guide to the upcoming “The LEGO(R) Movie” explores the characters and locations of this long-awaited film with profiles, location spreads, and behind-the-scenes information about how the movie was made. “The LEGO(R) Movie: The Essential Guide” would not be complete without fun and interesting facts and coll movie stills.

    The LEGO Movie The Essential Guide DK Book - Toysnbricks

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    2014 Summer looks like a promising summer. The same Hungarian Toy Shop has also revealed sets for LEGO Friends, LEGO City and the new LEGO City Arctic theme. We’ll be getting three new LEGO City Train sets, which would most likely replaced the current existing Train sets.

    All of these sets should be available sometime this summer. No pictures are available yet. Thanks to forum member Brickfan for the news.


    • Olivia’s Ice Cream Cycle 41030
    • Andrea’s Mountain Hut 41031
    • First Aid Jungle Bike 41032
    • Jungle Waterfall Rescue 41033
    • Summer Caravan 41034
    • Save the Jungle Bridge 41036
    • Rescue Base in the Jungle 41038
    • Friends 2014 Advent Calendar 41040
    • Seal on a Rock 41047
    • Whelp the Savannah 41048
    • Bamboo Panda 41049
    • Heartlake Shopping Center 41058

    Arctic LEGO 2014 Sets

    • Arctic Polar Snowmobile 60032
    • Arctic Polar Tracked Vehicle 60033
    • Arctic Polar Lift Helicopter 60034
    • Arctic Polar Research Station 60035
    • Arctic Polar Base Camp 60036

    LEGO Trains 2014 City Sets

    • Railway Station 60050
    • High-Speed Passenger Train 60051
    • Cargo Train 60052

    LEGO City Logo - Toys N Bricks
    Friends discussion here. For LEGO City and LEGO Arctic City discussions, click on the forum comments link below.

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    Hungarian Toy Shop has revealed a list of some of the 2014 Summer Star Wars sets. The list is a rumor and prices are only estimates. A good chunk of the sets are remakes, but most of them were produced quite a while ago except the AT-AT (8129 AT-AT Walker from 2010). Nothing too exciting with another Snowspeeder since we’ve got several of those in Hoth Rebel Base, Wampa Cave and Battle of Hoth already. However, its nice to see remakes of Mos Eisley Cantina and Imperial Star Destroyer as its been a long time since we’ve had that. Quite a good wave for the summer. What do you think of these new sets? (via FBTB and Groove Bricks)

    • 75048 – Phantom ~20-30 EUR
    • 75049 – Snowspeeder 278 pieces ~30-40 EUR
    • 75050 – B-wing 448 pieces ~50-60 EUR
    • 75051 – Jedi Hunter 490 pieces ~60-70 EUR
    • 75052 – Mos Eisley Cantina   615 pieces ~70-80 EUR
    • 75053 – The Ghost piece number unknown yet ~90-100 EUR
    • 75054 – AT-AT  1138 pieces ~110EUR
    • 75055 – Imperial Star Destroyer ~120EUR

    Shown below is the 2006 Version of the 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer. Hopefully with this new version, they will fix up the stability of the bottom of the ship (which they did in the 2009 Venator class Republic Attack Cruiser). Quite an optimistic wave for the summer. What do you think of these new sets?

    LEGO Star Wars 6211 Imperial Star Destroyer - Toysnbricks

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    A picture of a new LEGO Movie set was posted by Eurobricks user Carlos S. LEGO 70810 MetalBeard’s Sea Cow contains 2741 pieces which will make it one of the biggest LEGO Movie set so far. No price point or any other info has been released yet, but with the number of pieces, you can probably expect this to be around the $249.99-$349.99 USD range. Thanks to Patrick and Legolas for the news.

    LEGO Movie 70810 MetalBeard's Sea Cow (Pre)

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    LEGO Shop at Home at Home now has many 2014 January LEGO products available for sale. Their January freebie promotions are also new 2014 polybags. As always, you’ll get FREE Shipping on orders above $75/£50.

    2014 January Promotions

    • USA & Canada: FREE LEGO City Police ATV polybag* with purchases above $50, FREE LEGO The Movie Poster with ANY purchase (new one each week!)
    • Europe/Oceania countries: FREE LEGO Friends Stephanie’s Bakery Stand with £50 purchase (valid December 27, 2013 to January 31, 2014)

    *City Police ATV polybag also comes with a free LEGOLAND Child Ticket offer

    New 2014 January Product Launch Highlights

    • 10241 Maersk Line Triple-E
    • 10243 Parisian Restaurant
    • 21104 CUUSOO NASA Mars Curiosity Rover
    • 21019 Architecture Eiffel Tower
    • New Creator, Duplo, Friends, Princess, City and Movie sets
    • New Batman, Chima, Star Wars, Technic sets (available worldwide except USA and Canada)
    • See What’s New: US | Canada | UK

    LEGO Creator Parisian Restaurant 10243 - Toysnbricks

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    LEGO Superheroes 76006 Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle - Toysnbricks

    Amazon America currently has LEGO Iron Man Extremis Sea Port Battle on sale for $14.39 (reg.$19.99). As always, free shipping and no tax for most states on orders above $35. More of their hottest LEGO deals can be found here.

    Other Deals

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    The new “The LEGO Movie” Building Sets are now officially available for sale in all LEGO Shop at Home countries. As always, remember that LEGO Shop offers free shipping on orders above $75/£50/€55. New LEGO Products LinkUSCanada | UK

    Most of these sets are also now available at big box retailers including Target, Wal-Mart and Toys R Us stores.

    *If you are from Britain/Europe or Australia/New Zealand, remember that you can also get a FREE LEGO Friends Stephanie’s Bakery Stand with £50 purchase (valid December 27, 2013 to January 31, 2014)

    The LEGO Movie Lord Business' Evil Lair 70809 - Toysnbricks

      7 Forum Comments currently has an extra 20% off Clearance toys with coupon code TOYSALE20. Couple of sets worthy of mention include Jabba’s Sail Barge $99.99 + Extra 20% off, Galaxy Squad Galactic Titan $69.99 + Extra 20% off and Lone Rangers Silver Mine Shootout $49.99 + Extra 20% off. Not bad in terms of prices! Thanks to forum member willb2064 for the news.

    LEGO Castle Gold Getaway 70401 - Toysnbricks

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    Until January 1st, 2014, Toys R Us America will be offering BOGO 40% off ALL LEGO Star Wars, Chima and Technic building sets. Excludes Hard to Find and Hot price items. Thanks to forum member Sofronitsky for the news.

    LEGO Chima 70014 The Croc Swamp Hideout - Toysnbricks

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    Tomorrow is the infamous Shopping Holiday in Commonwealth nations (known as Boxing Day) and many also refer it to the year end or new years sale. LEGO Brand Stores and LEGOShop (USA | Canada) will most likely be offering discounts on many sets.

    • PST time zone (San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Vancouver): Sale starts at 9pm tonight
    • UTC time zone (Chicago, Milwaukee): Sale starts at 11pm tonight
    • EST time zone (New York, Boston, Toronto): Sale starts at 12am tonight

    *United Kingdom, Europe and Australia offer details are available on this post.

    2013 Year End / Boxing Day LEGO Sales

    • FREE Shipping on orders above $75
    • Sales & Deals Page: USA | Canada


    New 2014 January Product Launch Highlights

    • 10241 Maersk Line Triple-E
    • 10243 Parisian Restaurant
    • 21104 CUUSOO NASA Mars Curiosity Rover
    • Plus new products in various themes including LEGO Movies!
    • See What’s New: USCanada
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